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Dec 29, 2009 - From Merida To Tulum

We had planned today to go to Tulum on the noon bus but when we got to the station at 11am we learned that the only bus that still had space available was at 5:45 pm. There were things in Merida that we still wanted to do, and Warner said that he wanted a day when we just hung out, so this unplanned delay worked out fine for us. We stored our suitcases and went to the 24-hour Café Habana to hang out for a while. After we’d spent as much time there as possible, we went off in search of the folk art museum, which one of the other hotel...

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Dec 20, 2009 - Sian ka'an bioreservaat

hi, 's Middags vertrekken we voor een namiddag birdwatchen in Sian Ka'an. Het weer is alweer niet op z'n best. Nog altijd wisselvallig, bewolkt en een beetje aan de frisse kant, voorlopig geen regen. We trekken eropuit met een privegids (toevallig hebben wij als enigen de tour geboekt). De gids laat ons kennismaken met de verschillende soorten mangrove en de fauna die hier leeft waaronder veel vogels, krokodillen, hagedissen, kleine zoogdieren, krabben (er zijn overal gaatjes in de grond, maar geen enkele krab te bespeuren, ze vluchten weg...

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Dec 19, 2009 - Zee en strand

Hallo allen, Uitgeslapen, klaar voor een dagje zon, zee en strand. Natuurlijk had het weer zich aangepast aan ons, Belgjes: bewolkt en een beetje wind. We beslissen toch naar het strand te gaan, nu we hier toch zijn, maar in plaats van een verfrissende duik in het water, wordt het een verfrissende duik in onze leesboekjes. We wagen ons nog aan wat pootje baden langs de waterlijn en spotten nog wat pelikanen en grappige kleine strandloopvogels. Later op de middag bezoeken we nog een "cenote" (een plaats waar de ondergrondse rivieren, die...

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Dec 18, 2009 - Vamos a la playa oh ohohoh oh

Ola Amigos, We hebben de jungle ingewisseld voor de Mangrovewouden aan de kust van Yucatan. Er waait een heerlijk briesje terwijl het toch nog lekker warm aanvoelt. Het Mexicaans eten is heel lekker, gevarieerd en goedkoop en overal verkrijgbaar: op elke straathoek staat er wel een eetkraampje. Tulum is echter wat meer gericht op de Westerse toerist: je kan hier al eens een biefstuk-friet op de kaart vinden, wat ons nu effe goed uitkomt... We hebben de namiddag gevuld met uitrusten op het witte zandstrand met helderblauw water van 23...

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Sep 19, 2009 - Borneo! Orangutans and Barracuda

This past September I met up with Nina in Malaysian Borneo to spend a few weeks checking out the wildlife both above and below water. I had been to Borneo before but on the west side near Kuchang, but I had to see first hand what many consider the best diving in the world: Sipadan! orangutans

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Trip Journal

Itchy Feet

Jun 30, 2009 - Tulum

Tulum was a really cool town the hostel was run down but really cool vibe total backpacker hang out and a good new crowd everyday, to be honest i could have stayed there for like a week or two and just relaxed and got drunk with othere travellers. the beaches were sweet and the ruins were near by, might have even rented a bungalow shack on the beach for next to nothing and played guitar for a week solid. it was hard to leave tulum and i totally think ill be back when i get a chance. Cass and i had an awesome time here and also managed to...

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Mar 27, 2009 - Mexico: Tulum

The last days before heading to Belize have been spent in Tulum, a small town on the Maya Riviera as it is called here. We have been staying in a cabana on a rocky area about 10 metres from the beach. The beach is beautiful however the howling winds which have blown constantly for the past few days have made it extremely difficult to enjoy the beach and the fantastic beds set up there due to sand in the face! Yesterday we visited the Mayan ruins here which sit on the edge of a cliff over the beach. While the area was scenic, the ruins...

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Mar 1, 2009 - Another day, Another EcoPark

After a wonderful day at Xcaret it was time to head on down the road .... a total of 24 miles!!! Our drive would take us just under 45 minutes, not bad by 'caravan' standards!! Once again we are staying overnite in the parking lot, which has proven to be very convenient. Xel Ha is a much smaller version of an EcoPark and we actuallly prefer it over Xcaret. The main focus here is the large lagoon and snorkeling. Our entry was all inclusive. We managed to get in quite a bit of snorkeling and taught a our fellow caravaner, Betty Johnson, the...

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Feb 20, 2009 - Xel Ha

As opposed to Xcaret, Xel Ha is a very natural lagoon that has grown a hospitality park around it. 5 rivers converge on the Caribbean Sea at this point. I don't know if you remember, but the Yucatan peninsula is a limestone cap that is not pierced by streams, but which drains by way of underground rivers. Here is the drain. The park surrounds a large lagoon, and utilizes the fresh water rivers for snorkeling and tubing. Linda and I took about 2 hours to snorkel from the place the river surfaces into the lagoon, watching a multitude of...

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Feb 19, 2009 - To Playa del Carmel

We delayed around camp til about noon, well after the rest of the troop left. Had lots of chores, and the road was one we have already traveled, so we were not in a big hurry. I got the water refilled, drained the waste water tanks, showered, worked on the internet and uploaded pictures (see Facebook album at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2016539&id=1337779260&l=c177f). The drive to Xel Ha followed the same route as we took in the bus to Xcaret. The drive was routine, and we pulled into the parking lot and joined a mess. The lot had...

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Feb 12, 2009 - Chetumal to Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

With my confidence in the bike somewhat restored we left Chetumal looking forward to a few days of beach time somewhere along the Riviera Maya, the stretch of coastline between Tulum and Cancun. We expected budget level lodgings might be pretty hard to find since the coast is lined with huge, all inclusive resorts. We were right. The stretch of highway between Chetumal and Cancun is a modern high speed, four-lane with much of it divided. From Chetumal to Tulum the road drifts away from the coast a little. Shortly after leaving Chetumal the...

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Jan 3, 2009 - Tulum, Mexico

I met up with a friend, Don, from Colorado in Cancun and we hopped a bus that took us past the tourist district’s seemingly endless stretch of resorts, t-shirt shops and clubs like “Senor Frog’s” and “Papa’s and Beer” and headed south toward Tulum. The reason for this excursion was to attend our friends’ wedding. We had little idea what to expect, though we knew it was set to occur on the beach. After checking into our hotels, we found the bride, groom, family and guests on the beach near where the wedding was to take place. Some were...

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