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Feb 27, 2018 - Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico Feb 27 Mayan culture and archeology was the theme of our land discovery tour today. Bella, our guide, took us to the Izapa site with the background of a volcanic mountain. Dating back to 1500 BCE, Izapa was a center of trade for the Mayan culture and a leader in the production of cacao. It is also possible that the Mayan calendar may have had it origins here. We then traveled to Tapachula and the town square where we enjoyed a marimba band and a demonstration of traditional female clothing. Our last stop at the...

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Jan 31, 2017 - Puerto Chiapas, Mexico & Mangrove Boat Tour

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017 Puerto Chiapas, Mexico & Mangrove Boat Tour Today a tour is scheduled that Tom has been anticipating with excitement. We got up early to be ready for our exploration of the streams and mangroves along the coast of our first Mexican port. It was a relatively short bus ride to the start of the mangroves. The small boats had a capacity of only six (plus the boatman and the naturalist). The group split up and six boats headed down a narrow channel. The water is only a meter deep and the boatman poled us in silence along...

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Apr 26, 2014 - Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico was another small port, but it did have a local market which could be reached easily by walking. Most of our card playing group went ashore for a little shopping. The pictures tell the story, colorful, but very poor and very hot. So hot that Denise was sure she was melting away before finishing the “high end” shopping available. Jean found a wine bottle holder and I found a safari hat for $6. Not a lot more to say about this stop, so back to the boat where food and drink awaited.

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Dec 1, 2013 - High Life on the High Seas

1 DEC 13 – At Sea, Off the coast of Central America. Day 10. Another recovery day after two ports o’ call and a night of “rough” seas. Well, some thought the seas were rough, but all it felt like to us was a little more rocking to sleep. It certainly didn’t compare with the Drake Passage and the Star is well equipped to cope. We had breakfast in the Market Cafe, which is basically a rolling buffet catering to all meals of the day. The advantage is that we can just choose what we want and not feel constrained by a menu. At breakfast, we met...

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Nov 30, 2013 - An Unexpected Journey

30 NOV 13 – Puerto Chiapas, Mexico. Day 9. The peak of Tacana Volcano, one of two volcanos near the fishing village of Puerto Chiapas, rose out of the morning mist as we slowly approached the dock. We also had an escort into port – a tiny gunboat of the Mexican Navy, complete with armed sailors, followed along. I’m not sure what the purpose was, but we felt important! Thinking about it, we probably were important to the local economy. As we later discovered, Puerto Chiapas only has four to six cruise ships visit every month, so that is...

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Jan 6, 2010 - Puerto Chiapas, Mexico; January 06, 2010

Good afternoon from the hot, steamy city of Puerto Chiapas, near the town of Tapachula. It was so hot today as the sun climbed in the sky for this winter day in Mexico, that the girls stay on board ship and only went to the "Visitors Center" (called the Mottor Lodge-at least that is what the sign called the area that we visited 2 yrs ago) and did the tourist thing of watching entertainment and visiting the vendors stalls. I went into the town of Tapachula to see the sites "on my own." Not much to the town but in the area before the...

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