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Feb 28, 2011 - Elvis& Brad´s Birthday In Barra!

Yesterday was hot and sunny as the norm here and in the evening we went to a rest bar and saw Elvis. It was a tun of fun and we had dinner first as Elvis sang and danced. Its funny as he is Spanish. He sounds like Elvis and acts like him as well. But sometimes he is himself, so his voice happening when he is wearing the cape is odd.. Feb 27 was my birthday so we planned a trip to Barra and took a small boat across to a rest on the beach. We had a large red snapper BBQ Mexican style. Had a few margs and called it my birthday. It was very...

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Feb 28, 2011 - We've Left Finally !!!!!

Buenos Dias! After being in Mazatlan tied to a dock for 8 months Babeeze is finally free. Back tracking a bit we returned to Edmonton for a cold snowy Christmas and enjoyed a wonderful time with family and friends. I had the second carpal tunnel surgery and Rene had some throat surgery. We remained in Canada until New Years Eve and then returned to Mazatlan. Though it was great to be back the weather was not all that balmy. The swimming pool was passed over and the hot tub became the hot ticket item. Long pants and sweaters had to be dug...

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Feb 26, 2011 - Live Transvestite Bar! @@

Last night we went to a live transvestite bar and watched them sing and dance. Very fun! I had to gulp one beer down to get up the nerve to head out. After the show we went for dinner and drinks with Paddy and Bill. After dinner we went to a beach bar and saw a live Jamacan band on the beach. Today there is a skim board tournament and then we are off to see the Elvis impersonator and dinner at Avis. Fun times Brad

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Feb 25, 2011 - Sun & Tacos

Yesterday we laid around the pool most of the day to keep on budget. Then we went next door to the University of Guadalajara to ask when the turtles would be hatching so we can help them get into the water safely. They may hatch this week, will be a neat thing to do! We putted around town and went to a few new shops and came home later to sit under the palm trees and look at the stars with a warm breeze. Yesterday it was over 40. Wow! Brad

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Feb 24, 2011 - Some Pics Around Melaque Am.

Up before Rox so I snuck down to the internet cafe and took a few pics. Hot and sunny already. Today will be a beach day. Keeping the cost down! Ps. Gary D. I just talked to Glen and Barb, they used to manage a pub in Ladysith and they say HI! (Small World) Brad

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Feb 23, 2011 - Today Bara De Navidad!

Yes its hot. I hear snow at home. Got out of Dodge in time. Thanx for the pic of the Malahat Erling! Had some fresh fruit and local coffee made by Rox. Went to the bank machine for the first draw, it worked yaaa! Then off to Bara De Navidad for drinks and general touring. It was very hot and called for a cervso for sure. Lots of Mahi Mahi fish being landed, so we ate some, yum my fav. fish. Funky bus ride to Bara....... Brad

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Feb 22, 2011 - Getting Set Up!

Up today at 900 am birds chirping loud, and waves breaking hard on the beach. I looked out our window, and surprise, looks like another bright hot sunny day! Rox is busy making her first homemade Melaque coffee. Breakfast is papaya with yogurt and granola on top. We also had some 3 milk cake that we picked up from the out door market last night. Very good, very creamy and rich. As we are eating our breakfast in our room with the door open a cute 14 year old girl shows up holding a large pretty tin box. We waved her in and Rox thought she...

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Feb 21, 2011 - Shopping & Settling In!

Last night finished up with a beer at the pool watching the almost full moon rise bright orange.. very cool. Waves bash in hard at night but nice to watch the tops of the waves sparkle in the moonlight as they crash on the beach. Today some more shopping for goods, plates, coffee, milk. Rox has now got her own coffee machine in the room and she will make full use of it I am sure. Started off with breakfast on the beach at Rosters Rest its owned by a fellow from Prince George. Lots of B.C. ites here! Some guy from the sixties was playing...

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Feb 20, 2011 - We Have Landed!

We had a brisk airport shuffle from 4 am. to 5 pm. late arrival in Melaque airport. Peeled off our clothes and worshipped the sun. Heat at last. Took a hair raising van cab ride with three other people to Bara and Melague. Boy did we get the cabie of the day. Ykes..... Bob who we had entrusted our money with was sitting waiting for us outside our hotel, old hippie with a small poney tail. What a sweet heart. Put beer in fidge, shared a beer with us and we watched the sunset and he gave us our Melaque info by the pool. Walked us through town...

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Feb 9, 2011 - Where We Will Be!

We are still packing but we do know somethings. We are staying at the Hotel Posada Pablo De Tarso San Patrico in Melaque Mexico. This is a half hour drive from the airport in Manzanillo. The phone # ( 315-355-5707 ) We will meet the fellow who booked our Hotel for us Bob Burton at the Posada Pablo Hotel. He is going to check us in and point out the good food and cold beer spots! Ya! Brad This is Bobs Travell site www.smalltownadventuresmexico.com This is the Hotels website posadapablodetarso.com This is a great Melaque website...

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Nov 7, 2010 - Were Back

Greetings one and all, No we haven't fallen off of the edge of the earth and I have finally shamed myself into bring you up to date . After much work preparing Babeeze for being in Mazatlan for the hot, humid, hurricane season we finally flew home to Edmonton on June 15th. To begin with we spent many, many days attending to doctor and dentist appointments but in the end we were able to look after a lot of our concerns. We finally found a family doctor so no more hours and hours waiting at a drop in clinic . So thank God for that we can...

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May 18, 2010 - It's FM3 time again

Dear Friends, May 18th After spending nearly 2 and 1/2 months at anchor it is great to once again be back in a marina. Oh the freedom to get off the boat when ever I want to,use as much water as I want and the Internet. The weather this season continues to be very different from last time around.Places we so enjoyed last year tend to grow old fast because of the constant strong afternoon winds and waves. Rene thinks the wind howling through the rigging sounds like a snow storm in Saskatchewan. Our travel day weather forecasts on more than...

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