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Dec 3, 2015 - Catemaco to Isla Aguada

Catemaco to Villahermosa - 310 km (8:30-4:30); Quotas cost: 142 MX (11.5 CAD) After spending an overcast and drizzly day in Catemaco, we were looking forward to some heat in the state of Tabasco. Catemaco, at an elevation of around 1200 feet, is typically much cooler than any place at sea level along the Gulf Coast. We asked someone in Catemaco how hot it can get in Villahermosa (our next stop) and they said it can go up into the 40s in the summers. Yikes ... As we descended from Catemaco toward the BIG quota highway 145, we enjoyed the...

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Mar 12, 2012 - Isla Aguada

Travelled by bus today from Escarsega to Isa Aguada (Aguada Island). Although it is an island, it has bridges linking it to the mainland on both ends. On one side of the island is the Gulf of Mexico and on the other side is Laguna Terminos, a huge salt-water lagoon. It is really nice here but surprisingly expensive. We got a very nice hotel right on the beach but it cost 850 pesos (about $65) which is very expensive for a hotel in Mexico. Although there are some luxury hotels along the Mayan Riviera that are priced in the hundreds of...

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Feb 16, 2009 - A well deserved day off

The campground we are staying at is located right along the water and has 9 sites with full hookups ( 15 amp, water and sewer). These sites were given out by a lottery which we didn't win, bummer!! So we are parked along the back row which is only 65 yards from the water....not too bad. The town we are in, Isla Agauada, is a sleepy little fishing village. There isn't much to do here, which is just fine with us. We slept in (all the way to 8 am - it's interesting how quickly the body clock can reset itself), cooked breakfast and then went...

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Feb 15, 2009 - A long day on the road

Departure time - 0600 Arrival time - 1800 Distance traveled - 327 miles AVERAGE SPEED - 22.8 MPH!!!! Travel related expenses - tolls 689 pesos , fuel 1800 pesos In dollars that’s - 50.47 in tolls & 131.86 in fuel Weather - 90’s with high humidity Destination - Isla Aguada Staying at - Freedom Shores RV Park Amenities - 15 amp, water & sewer HOLY COW!!!! We can’t remember the last time we were up at 0500.….but we were today. We had a 327 mile travel day to get through and as you all are now aware, we don’t travel very quickly…..It actually...

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Feb 3, 2009 - Isla Aguada

Last night we had a potluck in the palapa on the shore. Originally this was to have happened in Villahermosa to get rid of food that could not be brought into Campeche state, and that would be taken away at the food inspection checkpoint. Here we have had 3 kinds of checkpoints, military (looking for documentation), police (maybe a hand out?) and agricultural (checking for fruit and meat that is not permitted in the area). We have only actually been stopped once, and the inspector looked in the refrigerator and freezer, then wished us a...

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Feb 2, 2009 - To The Beach

Our camp ground was so bad that the entire caravan voted to move on a day early. We were parked in so tight we had to wait for 3 units to move before we could. As quickly as we could attach the Jeep we were off. We met 2 others at the local Super Walmart, transferred to a free ride in the back of a pickup driven by an oil worker from Texas, and went to visit the Parque la Venta. The park is the home of the Olmec Heads, and other relics of the Olmec peoples, brought from the fields where they were collected to protect them from development...

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Jan 26, 2009 - Isla Aguada

Our drive today was a long one. 320 miles and 12 hours. The going is very slow as we travel via caravan through towns and over speed bumps. We have landed on a small island on the south side of the Gulf of Mexico and it is very beautiful and tropical here. We go exploring the town by rickshaw later.

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