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Nov 9, 2016 - A Lazy Day

Wednesday, November 9th: Another day in Paradise Weather: sunny 89F Route: to the pool Today was designated as a day of rest for the member couple. The three guests were happy to spend another relaxing day enjoying this luxurious resort. The members had an obligatory breakfast marketing meeting but were free by 10:00, in time to catch the last half of the stretching class. The three of us had already finished our aerobics of choice by then. Since we had all eaten a late, large breakfast, lunch was a late-afternoon grazing meal of tortilla...

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Nov 8, 2016 - Something for everyone

Tuesday, November 8th: Chillin' at Cabo Azul Weather: sunny and 89F with 29% humidity Route: room--> beach --> pool --> room --> supermarket --> room --> beach --> room Today the Diamond Resorts members elected to take advantage of a long all-day members-only bus tour to La Paz, including catamaran sailing and a shopping stop in Todos Santos on the way home. The only caveat was they must also attend a marketing breakfast tomorrow. Rather than plan excursions of our own, I and the two other guests chose to enjoy the many offerings of the...

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Nov 6, 2016 - Cabo Azul

Sunday, November 6th: The gang's all here Weather: high 80s and sunny with a light breeze Route: to the beach and to the supermarket Sis and her husband are members of the Diamond Resorts Timeshare. They used their points to reserve a two-bedroom suite that sleeps 6. The member couple claimed the master bedroom with the jacuzzi tub and private bathroom. The young couple (wife arriving today) took the remaining bedroom. Since I was the 5th wheel, I opted for the fold-out couch in the main kitchen, living and dining area of the suite. We...

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Nov 5, 2016 - Friends

Saturday, November 5th: Pittsburgh to San Jose del Cabo Weather: Crisp 58F to a humid 85F Route: PIT --> DFW --> SJD Friends are gifts, gifts which with a little nurturing become heirlooms. Best friends are valuable treasures, better than precious gems or riches. Best friends know about your bad habits, irritable moods, religious/political beliefs and are your friends all the same. Spending time with friends is joyous and relaxing. There are no thoughts of how long a visit should last before it is polite to make up an excuse to flee....

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Nov 27, 2010 - Mexican Arrival

Hola friends and families, We have recently rounded the tip of the Baja Peninsula and are snuggled into a fancy sports fishing marina to hide from the wind and fill our water tanks. Since our arrival in Mexico we have had excellent internet access from a stick in the side of the computer for 40 dollars a month, we can skype people from really small fishing villages supposedly since the owner of the communications company has a boat and puts up a tower wherever he can’t get a signal. Strange but it really is a good connection from inside the...

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Chirpy Ventures

Jan 24, 2008 - Puerto Los Cabos

With Cabo prohibitively expensive, and the engine in need of a permanent fix. We headed to La Paz, which is supposed to be the best place in Mexico for boat work. After checking the weather reports, we expected a 24+ hour run to go the 150 nm. However, the weather forecasts that we've heard in Mexico don't quite line up with local conditions. While attempting to round the east end of the Cape, we encountered 30 knt sustained winds, which are really not fun when trying to beat into them against 4-5ft steep swells. We found shelter to wait...

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