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May 16, 2007 - Our trip North

Hi all. Just a short note to let you know where we are. We are currently in Puerto Escondido. We are here with our friends Pete and Marni on Two Pieces Of Eight. We had planned on taking a cab ti Loreto today, but as luck would have it we ran in to a friend on Frenchy whose friend has a car. Our friend Mike is going to take us, drop us off, and then go back and pick us up later. Another great fellow cruiser. This is such a nice tight knit community of REALLY great people. We left La Paz and went to Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida for two...

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May 11, 2007 - Day 6 - Loreto and Puerto Escondido

Day 6 started with a short leg to Punta Chivato where a quick fuel top off was made before heading down the relatively isolated Gulf coast on the East side of Bahia Concepcion. This is a beautiful, white sandy cove with just a few campers in front of the Posada de las Flores (Punta Chivato) Hotel. Flyers describing the missing aircraft were left with one of the relatively "permanent" campers on the beach. Crossing the bay at the mouth of the Bahia de Concepcion was magnificent with changes of water color from deep green to an almost an...

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Feb 10, 2007 - Loreto

It was a short 80 mile drive from Santispac to Loreto. It took a while to get us all unhooked and parked since the sites are close together and several of the bigger rigs had a problem. We got settled, enjoyed the view along our beach (some nice condos between us and the shore, but we had access) We are here for two days, tomorrow they are supposed to come and change our oil. Tonight we all get taxi'd to a local steak place for some filets, baked potatoes, and flan...oh yes, and margueritas. We spent Saturday waiting for the oil change, so...

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Trip Journal

Baja or Bust 2007

Feb 3, 2007 - Loreto

Mileage 15,990 Still further down the Golfo coast to Loreto. Loreto is a wonderfully vibrant town; the largest we've stayed in so far with a population of about 11,800. Their mission (Misión Nuestra Señora de Loreto - established in 1697) has a more ornate bell tower than others we have seen and a great museum attached. There is a wonderful malecón (waterfront promenade), good restaurants and glass repair. Somehow we got a chip in the RV windshield on the way down from Mulegé and after we were parked and settled I noticed that we had...

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May 28, 2006 - Bahia Marquer to Juncalito

5/13-5/27 From the Swab From 5/13 to 5/19 we anchored at Bahia Marquer of Isla Carmen. It's a wonderful anchorage with beautiful snorkeling ground. I was hyper-ventilating the first time I went into the water. It took Bev maybe 20 minutes to persuade me to let go of the ladder. I had life jacket on. Bev dug clams again. After swimming around her holding the clam bag I forgot that I was in 15 feet of water. I did better after that. The beauty and fun of snorkeling conquered my fear of water. There were so many tropical fishes. They just swim...

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May 5, 2006 - The Loreto Fest

The Loreto Fest 5/4-5/7 From the Swab Actually the Loreto Fest is not in Loreto but in Puerto Escondido, the huge natural protected bay few miles south of Loreto. The first time I heard the name Puerto Escondido was from the captain Crazy Cal of our sister boat "Desperado". It used to sound like a name in the fairy tale, way up there with unicorn and Prince Charming. I could not believe that we were actually here. It's like a dream come true. After we finally anchored and showed up at Sea-Tacean, two hours late, for Bev's wonderful chili....

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Feb 19, 2006 - C.D. Constitution to Loreto, Day 17

Sunday, 2/19/2006, Day 17 Due to a short run of 75 miles to the Loreto Shores RV Park, we departed 90 minutes later than usual. Because Manfred's RV Park had a narrow arched entrance gate through which we exited and because some rigs required more gas, we each departed individually over an hour period of time to meet about ten miles up the road. It seemed strange to drive on a highway here unsandwiched between other RVs in our caravan. We were totally alone. Just to see if our motorhome would still cruse at USA highway speeds, we took it up...

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Feb 10, 2006 - Santispac to Loreto, Day 8

Friday, 2/10/2006, Day 8 It was only 65 miles to Loreto and, therefore, Dick set a late departure time of 9:00 AM. He did not want us to get to Loreto too early because the RV park might not be able to accommodate us until closer to noon. We had to allow time for their guests to depart. This gave us time to wander the beach at Santispac. There were a number of rigs set up on the beach with their owners spending the winter away from their homes in the northern USA and Canada. We met a Canadian couple who had a popular hummingbird feeder that...

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Feb 1, 2006 - Loreto

We left Guerro Negro on our way to Santa Rosalia. We deviated in San Ignacio to see the old Spanish Jesuit Church and buy the best dates in the Baja (maybe the only dates in the Baja). The church you see us standing in front of is made of 4 foot thich lava blocks and has a golden altar piece. It was a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. Our final destination that day was Santa Rosalia (we are having trouble keeping track of dates and days). It is a French copper mining town discovered in 1868 and they have done little to rid the...

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Sep 27, 2005 - Isla Coronados to Puerto Escondido

We motored sailed from Isla Coronados to Puerto Escondido. We unfortunately were skunked on fishing again, since there would be few fishing opportunities over the next two weeks, which would include a planned trip to Los Angeles out of Loreto. We were happy to find friends on the boats Effie and Java moored near us -- both boats spent the summer in Puerto Escondido and watched each others boats during long trips back to the States. We also were moored near Savanah, a boat from Seattle that we had last seen in Santa Cruz, CA on our way down...

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Sep 24, 2005 - Caleta San Juanico to Isla Coronados

We had a nice journey from San Juanico to Isla Cornados, but skunked on the fishing again. Fortunately, not only is Isla Cornados very possibly the most beautiful anchorage we have been in, it has the really yummy little butter clams. We enjoyed our clams, which are quite beautiful as well as tasty. We entertained ourselves by putting our favorite and most beautiful clams on display for our enjoyment during dinner, before throwin them over the side. Yes, maybe we are weird, but we have a lot of time here and need some new entertainment...

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Sep 21, 2005 - Punto Santo Domingo to Caleta San Juanico

On September 21, we left Santo Domingo for Caleta San Juanico. Note that the pictured fishing village was not occupied when we had visited Bahia Conception in June. We had abandoned an attempted stop an San Juanico on our way north. The prevailing southerly winds resulted into waves rolling into the anchorage. This time, it was nice and calm, as the winds were out of a more northerly direction. We enjoyed several days of relaxing, beach combing, and looking at beautiful scenery in San Juanico.

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