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Feb 19, 2006 - We may leave La Paz, certainly by mid June.

This past October we met Susan and Dennis on the sailboat "Two Can Play" who had spent February and March 2005 on the mainland touring in their van. We asked if they would share their adventure and met at a local restaurant to poor over books and maps. They gave us a travel log appealing enough to stir the itch in even the most languid homebody. We put traveling in the mountains of the mainland on our list of things to do some summer in the future. We asked why they took a motor trip during the time that most folks are sailing the coast and...

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Feb 12, 2006 - Loreto to La Paz, Day 10

Sunday, 2/12/2006, Day 10 We awoke to the predawn crowing of roosters in the yard next to the RV park. We pulled out of Loreto on time plus 5 minutes, not at 7:00 but 6:55. Yep, we're still on Dick's time. We are considering setting our watches 5 minutes ahead so we are "on time." We've already checked our watches with Dick's and they are in sync. Today we travel 220 miles to La Paz and the Casa Blanca RV Park, where we will only have room for 16 rigs. Seven rigs will dry camp across the street in an empty parking lot. Good Sam makes...

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Feb 8, 2006 - Photos Los Muertos - Los Barriles - San Jose del Cabo - Todos Santos

Here are just a "few" photos of our great trip around the cape! What fun! P.S. Yes, just a couple of "things" came up and we had to delay our departure. Don't ever ask us about Chase Bank, their customer service and "policies". In addition, our computer was having a bad computer day. Oh well, we are retired and can delay a day or so before we depart. :) Enjoy the photos!

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Dec 6, 2005 - La Paz to Caleta Lobos

We managed to finally escape La Paz at around 10:15 a.m. We successfully navigated the channel, and headed into some choppy waves and north wind, for the 10 mile journey to Caleta Lobos, just north of La Paz. It was nice to get to a very quiet anchorage for the night, and be 10 miles closer to our next destination. We did little more than eat and sleep, and spent time putting things away.

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Oct 27, 2005 - Caleta Partida to La Paz

The only vegetable products on our boat were garlic and two cans of tomato sauce, so it was time to head into civilization! We made our way to La Paz late the morning of October 27th. We were waiting for the southwest wind to die, but it never did, so we just left anyway. Heavy boat traffic indicated the nearing city of around 150,000. We passed the primarily commercial area just north of the entrance channel. The entrance is interesting, as it passes right next to the fuel offloading area for Pemex, the Mexican governments fuel company...

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Oct 26, 2005 - Isla San Jose to Caleta Partida

We had a nice motor sail from Isla San Jose to Caleta Partida, between Islas Partida and Espiritu Santo just north of La Paz. It was slow at times due to currents and wind on the nose. We finally decided to take a few tacks instead of heading straight into the wind, which resulted in much better speed. On the way, Kevin greeted our friends on Spirit with a song via the VHF as we passed their anchorge, Ensenada Grande, on Isla Partida. They have the Wonder Dog Pancho and Bad Ass Billy the Cat on board, so they were also in the song. We...

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Jul 16, 2005 - June 22 - July 07 Sea of Cortez Part III Santo Domingo to La Paz

Wednesday, June 22nd, we got an early start to begin the journey back south to La Paz. It took us almost 12 hours to get from Santo Domingo to Caleta Ramada as the seas and winds were against us the entire day. At times we were traveling as slow as 1.8 knots! We were moving like a hobby horse, up one side of the wave and down the other side! The winds averaged 17 knots and the seas were 2-4 feet most of the day; however, as we rounded Punta Pulpito the winds were 20-25 knots and the seas 6-7 feet! Upon arrival we discovered the anchor...

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May 30, 2005 - La Paz: A memoryless visit

We fled Santa Rosalia by bus at midnight and arrived at La Paz at about 6:30AM. Dave caught a few z's but the seats (or anything else in Mexico) don't accomodate a 6'3" individual. Nonetheless we both entered La Paz red-eyed and bewildered by the most obvious things. For a brief moment, we had both believed the sun rises in the west (doesn't it)? At breakfast, Dave offered to pay for my ferry ride to the mainland. The one condition existed that I had to drink a bottle of ketchup. I put down about 5 gulps, gagged, and gave up. To his credit...

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Mar 16, 2005 - Back to the USofA

Tuesday March 15th Day 62 We left our boat and flew AeroCalifornia non-stop from La Paz to LAX. Wow is LAX noisy and busy with lots of folks. Our plans as of today (always subject to change since we are retired) are to pick up our boat parts (watermaker and auto pilot) and drive back down the Baja Peninsula to La Paz. We will keep you posted on our activities! Adios for now!

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Feb 17, 2005 - heading north

Relunctantly we left our idyllic campground in Cabo San Lucas and drove a scenic, winding, hilly path to La Paz. Although we only came 100 miles, it took us almost four hours. One of us broke down at the exit of the campground, preventing the rest of us from leaving, and worrying us greatly after we finally got under way. Luckily the owner was a skilled mechanic and he was able to catch up with us again before dark. As we drive through the countryside the goal is to stay close enough so we can see one another and to leave enough space for...

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Jun 3, 2004 - To La Paz to take the barge to the mainland of Mexico

From Baja Sur (Southern Baja) you have two choices. You can either drive up Northern Baja and drive into the mainland or take the barge from La Paz. It was here that I was asked for and required to have the customs warranty as mentioned previously. No form, no entry on the barge. Was not a problem except I had not heare of this form. The barge to take everything from 18 wheelers to bicycles departs from La Paz. So consequentially the barge is huge. I was very concerned when they directed me to take the bike down into the hold and tie down....

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