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Feb 24, 2007 - Guerrero Negro

Mileage 16,925 Guerrero Negro. I'm writing this a week later so I am able to be dispassionate about the events here. The city itself is a major salt producer, commercial and consumer, through a huge consortium between Mexico and Japan. And whales. This is one of the spots along the Mexican Pacific coast, (this one is the Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Lagoon of the Eye of the Jackrabbit)) to which the Grey Whales come to mate or give birth depending on which cycle the female is in. Gestation is 13 months for the Grey Whale. We took a rented ponga...

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Feb 7, 2007 - Guerrero Negro - Gray Whale watching

A third day of mountain driving. This didn't seem as bad, or maybe Rich is getting used to it. We stopped around 10 AM for Brunch at Maurico's. We had Heuvos Ranchero and Ham and cheese Quesidillas and got to know some of our fellow travelers better. There are 48 people on the trip and you only get to know a few at a time when you sit next to them at a meal or park next to them in camp. We crossed the border from the north into Baja California Sur. This entailed another military checkpoint We've been through several, but they haven't...

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Baja or Bust 2007

Mar 14, 2006 - Guerro Negro and Whale Watching

We left the beautiful beach and back over those damn mountains, destination Guerro Negro for some whale watching. We stayed at Mario's for the second time this trip. Did we mention the whole park is covered with sea shells? Makes for an interesting crunching sound. The dogs were not real wild about the sharp surface. This time around Mario managed to give us sporadic power. Not enough to power the coffee pot and toaster at the same time but it was an improvement. From the pictures you can see we saw a lot of whales in the bay. The story of...

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Feb 26, 2006 - Santispac to Guerrero Negro, Day 24

Sunday, 2/26/2006m Day 24 This morning's sunrise was one of the most spectacular, not just for color but because a sliver of a crescent moon was visible on the edge of the eastern horizon. We got off to an earlier start than usual without Bill & Reji who wanted to travel the 196 miles to the next RV park on their own at their own pace. The balance of the caravan left at 6:45 AM because of a non-scheduled stop at Santa Rosalia that Dick and Gus felt we could squeeze in. This is not only a unique town on the Baja, but is the family hometown...

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Feb 7, 2006 - Catavina to Guerrero Negro, Day 5

Tuesday, 2/7/2006. Day 5 Standard departure time for the caravan is 7:00 AM. This is fine with Steve as it matches his biological clock. The rigs start to queue up at 6:30. Dick and Alice are the lead drivers. They set the pace and advise the rest of us of road hazards and oncoming traffic, such as 18 wheelers, on our CBs which were mandatory for all participants. We all tune in to channel 13 and chit-chat is not permitted. We are noticing that some drivers like to be near the front and others prefer the tail end of the wagon train. We...

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Feb 21, 2005 - petting the whales

Just because you never heard of a spot, doesn't mean it isn't a pretty special place. We are in Guerrero Negro, on a well protected bay about half way up the Pacific side of the Baja. The town is here because the secluded bay was an easy place to evaporate sea water and produce salt. We are here because this is a great spot to watch gray whales. The whales are here because it is a safe spot to have their babies. They pig out on krill in the Alaskan waters and cruise 1200 miles south to give birth. The males stay in the mouth of the bay and...

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