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Feb 16, 2007 - Los Barrilles ( Casa Albright )

This will be our home for the next week and a half. It's right on the beach with the sea of Cortez just outside our front door. It's really quiet here and the couple the own the house live upstairs. They seem very nice and very informative on the area. we only have 1 day to relax as roger's two kids ( Carly and Rory) come tomorrow so we have alot of things planned. This Casa is just over 1 hour away from Cabo San Lucas in a small town called Los Barriles. A few good resturants here and a bit off shopping.

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Mexico For 3

Feb 9, 2007 - Los Barriles

Mileage 16,275 We're on the East Cape of the Baja peninsula in Los Barriles. We have hit the northern edge of the tourist areas. Although this little town wasn't built for the tourist trade, as was Cancun, it has definitely adapted itself to the trend; maybe like Los Cabos was 20 years ago. But as of now, it is still a somewhat sleepy, dusty little village that just happens to have a number of multi-million dollar houses on the hills occupied by "ferners" - all of whom seem to be on the richer side, I suppose, and somewhat obnoxious. The...

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Jan 2, 2007 - Ensenada De Los Muertos

EEeeeehaaaaa. We finally made some Northward travel. We arehere looking there. I'm sitting in the cockpit of Dw enjoying the free connection. We hope to leave here tomorrow morning at o'dark Thirty. We really want to get to La Paz tomorrow come hell or high water. We spent New Years Eve here on DW with Andrew ( aboard Suzy), Bill and Norma ( Blue Chip), and Jer and Mike (Eva). We were proud that we stayed up til 9:00 then Jer said "Hey, we need to stay up til 10:00 cuz were on Mountain time". Well, we weren't going to have anything to do...

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Mar 27, 2006 - On route from La Paz to San Jose Del Cabo - a few photos from our last 24 hours in Baja

We left Isla Espiritu Santo late afternoon on the 27th, spent the night in La Paz, and headed southeast to Cabo Pulmo for our last night. After some nice hang time in Cabo Pulmo (which was good for me, as my back "went out" on the last day of sea kayaking, and by the 29th I was in a fair bit of pain), we heded for the airport and back to our respective homes. On route to Cabo Pulmo, we visited the town of El Triunfo, an old mining town. It was on one of the main roads in southern Baja, but definately not part of the tourist curcuit - it was...

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Mar 7, 2006 - We're BAACCK!!

We know it has been a LONG time since the last posting and we apologize. It seems that Mexico is very challenged as far as communication is concerned. We will try to catch you up a little at a time so we don't overload. So here goes: From Loreto we went to CD Constitucion and Palapa 206. CD is located in the center of the Baja with no water in sight. We stayed in a dust bowl!! There was dirt everywhere not to mention the peacocks, chickens and rotweillers. We were able to stock up on provisions because they had a decent grocery store. We...

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Dec 7, 2005 - Caleta Lobos to Ensenada de los Muertos

We left at sunrise for the 45 mile journey to Ensenada de los Muertos, around the hook in the Baja from Bahia La Paz. We motor sailed much of the way, and were able to sail about 1.5 hours. The seas were fairly bumpy, and it made us glad we were not heading north, as many boats were. We arrived after a fairly uneventful journey around 3 p.m. We were the first boat, but we were joined by 2 power boats and 7 sailboats by sunset. The 10 mile jump we got by stopping at Lobos put us in the lead over others from La Paz. Other boats came from Los...

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Mar 5, 2005 - North to Muertos

Up with the chickens today. We bid farewell to Amadeus, Spirit and Mixed Company as they headed out across the horizon toward Mazatlan and we headed up the coast to Bahia Muertos on our way to La Paz. Yes, thats right, La Paz. We have had a change of plans again and have decided to take care of gathering parts, fixing stuff etc. in La Paz. We will be out of the loop for a couple of months by the time we fly home to get stuff and visit relatives, then get back and do the installations. So, we decided that we might as well be in the Sea of...

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Aug 17, 2004 - La Playa in La Paz

A mooi mensen, mmm als ik naar buiten kijk, (op dit moment he) zie ik als eerst een .... deur maar daarachter ligt de blauwe zee met wit strand en een paar mexicaanse mannen die aan het vissen zijn. Het is 35 graden met een aangenaam briesje van de zee. Ik weet eigelijk niet meer zo goed welke dag het is, maar twee nachten geleden ben ik vertrokken uit het bergdorpje Creel waar het echt super vertoeven was. Samen met Suzie zijn we op zaterdagavond op strooptocht gegaan naar koffie. We kwamen in een achtergelegen barretje terecht waar een...

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