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Feb 23, 2006 - Mulege to Santispac Beach, Day 21

Thursday, 2/23/2006, Day 21 This day's drive was just 13 miles south to Santispac Beach where we had dry camped for one night on the southbound portion of our trip down the Baja. We had been told then (by a Canadian who was camping for 6 weeks on the beach) that once you've seen the entire Baja, you come back here because it is the best place on the entire peninsula. Good Sam must think the same, because we have three full days here. Santispac Beach is comprised of three separate beach areas. Our leaders had been able to arrange things so...

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Feb 21, 2006 - Loreto to Mulege, Day 19

Tuesday, 2/21/2006, Day 19 Mulege is just 85 miles up the road from Loreto. We passed through, but did not stop, at this "riverfront" town on our way south. The town is on both banks of the Mulege River, the only 24/7 river on the Baja peninsula. Most "rivers" dry up during the hot summer months, despite being spring fed; this flows all year. The Mulege valley looks like a very large oasis with date and fan palms lining both plains on either side of the river. The river appears to be an estuary with a slow moving creek feeding it about a...

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Feb 9, 2006 - Guerrero Negro to Santispac, Day 7

Thursday, 2/9/2006, Day 7 It's 196 miles from Guerrero Negro to Santispac Beach, just below the town of Mulege on the Bahia Concepion. Today's route crosses the peninsula, from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California.) We were treated to rain last night with a great display of lightning and thunder. (This is why we RV and no longer tent camp.) Fortunatly, the neighboring rig's owner made enough noise to wake us up as he got his rig ready to hit the road at 7 AM. We are now in Mountain Time and we had not reset our alarm clock....

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Sep 20, 2005 - Santa Rosalia to Punto Santo Domingo

We left Santa Rosalia the morning of September 20, destination Punto Santo Domingo, on the north end of Bahia Conception. We had a nice motor sail. We caught a small dorado, which we threw back. Then, we caught a Sierra Mackerel, one of our favorites. That made a nice grilled dinner. We like to grill when we arrive at a new spot, because running the motor makes the boat even hotter than normal. Best not to cook if we can avoid it. We had the anchorage and the beautiful sunset to ourselves.

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Jul 14, 2005 - June 07 - June 21 Sea of Cortez Part II Agua Verde to Santo Domingo

We decided after 10 nights in Agua Verde that maybe we should head back out to the sea! However, the day before we left a young man came by on his surfboard. He had been out fishing on the board and offered us a fresh fish for 20 Pesos (less than $2.00 US), so we took him up on the offer and had a wonderful BBQ lunch! Yum! We also heard on the net radio that a brand new marina in La Paz (Costa Baja) was offering a great get acquainted special and the price sounded very tempting. We discussed this option with Amadeus and decided that we...

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Jun 19, 2005 - Bahia Coyote to Punta Santo Domingo

As soon as our provisioning was done, it was time to get out of Bahia Coyote -- way too hot! We know it will probably be this hot again later in the summer, but we would like to delay it as long as we can! We headed 10 miles north, to the Punta Santo Domingo, at the entrance to Bahia Conception. It is about 5 degrees cooler -- both the water temperature and the air temperature. It is a noticeable improvement! There are several other boats anchored here. Darryl on the s/v OverHeated took Kevin spear fishing, first time since he was in high...

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Jun 16, 2005 - La Ramada to Bahia Conception (Bahia Coyote)

We got a bit of a late start on our planned day-long journey to Bahia Conception, due to being up much of the night with our first experience with strong W winds off the Baja shore in the anchorage. There was no problem and our boat stayed anchored just fine. But, it made us nervous, and Kevin stayed up checking the position of the boat to make sure we were not dragging. We were underway by 7:15, which isn't too bad (we had planned a sunrise departure around 6:30). We motor sailed the entire way. There wasn't much wind. The batteries got...

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