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Mar 1, 2006 - Colonia Vincent Guerrero to Ensenada, Day 27

Wednesday, 3/1/2006, Day 27 We pulled out of the Posada don Diego RV Park at 6:45 AM so we could get to the next RV park in Ensenada early. Estero Beach, which is a 5 star (Mexican) resort and RV park, has full hookups, hot water showers, flush toilets, grass between rig sites, a superb restaurant, waterfront bay views, beautiful gardens, and many other amenities. All this, we presume, to start our re-acclimation to life back in the USA. The drive between Colonia Vincent Guerro and Ensenada was along the Pacific Ocean costal plain. It was...

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Feb 21, 2006 - We Have Crossed itno Mexico

Crossed into Mexico on Feb 21st at 1:15pm, held a little celebration with some tequila for us and for Neptune and then raised the Mexico courtesy flag. Viva Mexico!! Anchored that night at Isla Coronado Sur, but not in the cove we had planned, for we had a north on shore wind so we went around to the other side. On the east side we anchored among the fish farm. The fish farm is 100 foot hoops of floating pipe with nets hanging down to 90 feet, quite a navigational hazard! Needless to say we could not leave before daybreak for Ensenada for...

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Oct 4, 2005 - Mexico - Baja California

Bit of a change in our itinerary, as we decided to visit Mexico for a couple of days before flying to Tahiti, and found it so relaxing that we decided to stay a little longer and pospone our flight a few days. We're staying in a really quiet 12 bed hostel, and there are only a couple of Danes there, so we've got a private room for $15 a night - can't be bad. The buses run down the main road and you just flag them down and tell them where you want to go which is great. So far we've siesta'd far too much though, and have yet to journey too...

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May 26, 2005 - Marcos...drunkard/host

My oh my...were we unprepared for our trip. Andy, Justin, and I had been strolling about aimlessly in Ensenada when we happened upon a visitors' center. Casually talking to the woman behind the help-desk...she alerts me to the enterprise of getting a travelers' visa...a must for anyone travelling and not wanting to see the inside of a mexican prison. Oops! The next few hours were spent diligently and sometimes frantically making absolutely positive that all of these administrative tasks were completed. Shorty there-after, we stumbled...

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May 25, 2005 - Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

After riding in Justin's comfy little Ford Escape to the Mexican border, we managed to make it past border security and into the land of red, white and green. Justin debated on driving down to the tip of Baja, but opted against it after complications with Mexican car insurance. So, bus it we did. We are now taking care of the technicalities of travel such as migrtation papers, etc. Justin will be leaving us tomorrow, with which we lose our intimidating front man. I expect the muggings to follow shortly there-after. We have no pics of...

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Apr 13, 2005 - Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

Having lived and studied in Mexico, speaking fluent spanish and well and truly knowing his way around a mexican menu, who better to whisk us across the Mexican border than Reid, a friend of Becky's who we met last week. With tales of Tijuana horror resonating around the hostel it was with much relief that Reid drove us straight through the tourist traps of 'lookie lookie' men and down to the coastal town of Rosarita. The food was fantastic, as were the pina colada's and all at a fraction of the cost of similar on US soil. So with fresh...

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Trip Journal

David & M

Feb 25, 2005 - Ensenada

Ensenada is a city of 600,000 about fifity miles south of the US border. We know it as a stop for cruise ships on their way to Hawaii. This odd route is caused by an old law that does not allow a cruise ship not made in the US (and none have been for over fifty years) to travel between two US ports. Thus, cruises from Los Angleles or San Diego stop here first on their way to Honolulu. When we drove through town yesterday, a ship was in port and the place was buzzing, but today the town was quiet and we had the souvenir shops to...

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Nov 10, 2004 - Ensenada, Mexico!

We are in Mexico!!! We left one day later than planned due to yet another storm system out of the south. We had a pleasant overnight journey from San Diego to Ensenada, sailing very slowly for the first several hours, and then motoring all night. We arrived just before sunrise, and then waited just outside the harbor for sunrise and a barge to enter. As we approached, Bandido, who we had read about in our guidebook, raced over to us in his panga to offer us a mooring buoy. Since we knew their was also a fee for anchoring in the harbor, we...

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Jun 1, 1985 - Crossing the Border

I can remember driving through the border to Mexico. It was very similar to the Florida turnpike collection stops, only much bigger. I wish I had pictures of this. Mother tells me that we visited Escondida.

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