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Feb 27, 2006 - Guerrero Negro to Catavina, Day 25

Monday, 2/27/2006, Day 25 Based on the success of Bill and Reji the previous day, others in our caravan (with the blessings of Dick and Gus) decided to go it on their own or in short convoys to the next RV park. Dick and Gus left Guerrero Negro with a small contingent and led them north the 144 miles to Catavina. We had all traveled this segment of the road so we were going from one familiar RV park the next. We were among those that decided to go it alone. This allowed us to stop where we wanted and to even slow to a crawl on the highway...

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Feb 6, 2006 - Colonia Vincente Guerrero to Catavina, Day 4

Monday, 2/6/2006, Day 4 We pulled out of our campground at 7:00 AM on the dot. Our first stop was at a beach to collect sand dollars. They were very abundant and no one left empty handed. We did, however, have a bit of an incentive, as Dick was not letting anyone back into the caravan without paying a fee of one sand dollar (or a US dollar, if their luck was not good.) The beach sand contained a dusting of pyrolite (fool's gold) flakes, which sparkled dramatically in the morning sun when waves washed over the sand. The caravan pulled out...

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