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Apr 6, 2018 - Revisiting Francophone Martinique

Encouraged by our success in Antigua, we disembarked early in Fort-de-France, Martinique. Our plan was to take a bus north to see a museum devoted to Paul Gauguin, or maybe do a tour of the fort and the town. NOPE! Apparently, there was a bus strike going on. Apparently, the tourist office happened not to be open today. Apparently, the fort was also closed today due to military reasons. We could maybe try to get to the museum by rentined a car. Sigh. Considering so many things were randomly closed, including a History and Ethnography Museum...

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Feb 8, 2012 - Martinique: From 'Paris of the West Indies' to 'Little Pompeii' in a matter of minutes

I quicken my step as I walk along the rue Bouillé. It is almost 11 a.m. and suddenly I am worried that I may be too late for a spot on the morning run of Le Petit Train. As I round the corner I see that I was right to be concerned, the train looks like it is already full and I join the small clump of people at the locomotive trying to convince the driver selling the tickets to let them on. The three ahead of me are out of luck, they will have to join the afternoon tour, but for me, being on my own, he still has one seat left. That the...

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Sep 8, 2011 - Martin-eeek!

I have officially been in Martinique for a week, but it feels like much longer! The plane ride over (and the many lay-overs that went along with it) went a lot smoother than I thought they would. It was my first time flying by myself, and my first time traveling abroad. The only thing that really made me nervous was getting into a jet plane the last leg of my flight from San Juan to Martinique... the plane was so small we had to enter up stairs from the ground! Definitely a cramped ride... This past week, I've just been trying to get used...

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Meg en Martinique

Nov 21, 2008 - Walls and Walkways

Unlike Robert Frost, something about me likes a wall. In 1971 I met an English professor in Macau whose hobby was photographing doors. At the time I thought Geoffrey was a tad eccentric. Look who’s talking now. The Caribbean has a plethora of great walls and walkways - complex textures composed of bricks which had been used as ballast on 17th century voyages from Europe mixed with sea-bred coral blocks and bound with a local cement using molasses and straw. Add a few hundred years of weathering, a touch of local vegetation, and you get a...

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Oct 13, 2004 - Rainy Martinique

Well i am now in rainy Martinique using a french keyboqrd zith letters qll in the wrong plqce so excuse the lqck of a's qnd m's with lots of q's insteqd! 5 weeks in dominicq was enough to cover the islqnd so time to move altho i will pop back as i hqve a return ferry ticket. feelin a little blue as i met a lovely mqn there and we are both getting q bit attqched so hqd to creqte some spqce as he has this concert to arrange which tqkes plqce on sundqy; so thqts whqt kept me there all this time. i mentioned his nqme in an earlier episode with...

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