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Sep 21, 2005 - Penang

Costa Del Penang After a long journey from the Cameron Highlands, we eventually reached the Island of Penang. A well established western tourist trade and a rampant over 50's club makes Penang mirror the Costa Del Sol. We're staying in a nice four star beach hotel which we found on Expedia before we arrived. The heat is on. Even the over 50's club doesn't come out until after midday and then they still remain in the shade. Tomorrow we're heading somewhere in Thailand. ---

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Sep 10, 2005 - Georgetown, Malaysia

So I've arrived in Malaysia. I'm in Georgetown which, as you can probably guess from the name, is one of Britain's old colonial trading ports. Georgetown sits on the eastern coast of an island called Penang just off the northwest coast of Malaysia. It's a much bigger place than I expected, a real city with skyscrapers and the like. I don't know why but I was thinking it would be a bit less developed...must be the Thai influence. Things here are very different to where I've come from. Malaysia is a Muslim country and seems generally more...

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Sep 3, 2005 - Penang, Malaysia

Not much to say about this place. It's a bit rubbish really. Not much here. Few interesting lady boys though! Did visit a mosque though - had to wear the kit and everything to get in - looked rather cool! An American guy, recently converted to Muslim, guided us around - which was quite lucky actually as we learnt a lot more about it all. The Saturday night, however, was excellent. VERY FUNNY. We went to a bar to watch the England match. There was a band called the Mickyey Mouse band playing. They were excellent. I wish I took my digi cam...

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Jun 25, 2005 - Georgetown

Georgetown would have to be the first place that made us think "What the hell are we doing here"? When we arrived there was a heavy smoky haze hanging over the city, and it was incredibly hot - sweaty hot. Nothing seemed open and the streets were overly dirty. Not the best first impression!! Malaysia is so different than Thailand - we miss Thailand. In Malaysia there are three very distinct groups: Chinese, Muslim, and Indian. (None of which we fit into!) It's an interesting mix, but it seems to work for them. The best part about it would...

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May 4, 2005 - Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia

All right, I'll fess up. True, we went to Georgetown because the guidebook said that it is famuous for the quality and variety of food there. True, although since I (Charlie) am a creature of habits, got us to go for breakfast every day to a dim sum place where old ladies were pushing around the nicely stocked carts. Here is my question, though: why is that the old ladies at the Malaysian restaurant speak better English that those who work at a similar establishment in Boston????? (I am an immigrant myself and English is not my first...

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Feb 8, 2005 - Chinese New Year in George Town, Malaysia

Written by Karen and Ted: We spent two nights in George Town on Penang Island during the beginning of the Chinese New Year. We chose to go to George Town during this time because Ted had read in the Lonely Planet that Penang has one of the largest populations of ethnic Chinese in Malaysia, and they are more traditional than in big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. We took a bus there from Kuala Lumpur, and noticed as we left the city that cars going through the "Smart Tag" lane on the tollway received free newspapers and snack boxes....

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Feb 3, 2005 - No Seats just Beds - No Beds just Seats?!?!?!?

Our second train journey 12hours long (2nd class seats again!!) to the Oriental Pearl of Malaysia - Penang a small island off the west coast of Malaysia.... We are a little more prepared this time as we bought anti neck breaking pillows which strap to your head - I promise a photo will follow of this fine sight!!! Well the train journeys are not getting any better Mattys behavior on the train is gradually worsing by the hour!! I thought I'd seen him grumpy at his worst on flights however trains is a whole different ball game altogether!!!...

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Nov 30, 2004 - Georgetown Penang

I left the white sand beaches of Langkawi and took a ferry over to Penang. I met a couple of really interesting guys who are essentially professional travellers, one of whom has been to over 80 countries! Something to aim for I suppose. The 3 of us stayed at a guesthouse which was a converted colonial building and has loads of character, great pillars at the entrance and high ceilings. We spent the evening shopping (the guys stocked up on DVDs and computer software while I bought some nail varnish!) and had some great dim sum in China town....

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Our Big Adventure

Nov 15, 2004 - Georgetown (Penang)

We decided that it must be the law that every bus journey you take in Malaysia must take six hours and must be extremely uncomfortable! We arrived in Georgetown in Penang in the early afternoon of the 13th. We were immediately a little disappointed as we had expected Penang to be a small quiet traditional island and Georgetown to be a small quaint town, but instead it was another huge, busy, noisy city! After checking into our adequate hotel our first stop was Pizza Hut! The best thing about large cities is that you'll always find a...

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Nov 5, 2004 - Georgetown, Penang

The journey to Penang was pretty uneventful - a couple of hours on a boat with movies and refreshments - puts the British transport system to shame!! To be honest I slept most of the way - I seem to be becoming very adept at sleeping on public transport. As we arrived at the port, I saw a couple of English guys that Irecognised from out and about in Langkawi so I plucked up the courage to say 'Hi'. We ended up sharing a cab to the area where all the hostels are and staying at the same place which was really cool as I was so apprehensive...

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Mar 25, 2004 - Running for the Boarder

katrina - chris and i are in penang malaysia. we took a bus down from krabi thailand to get a 60 day thai visa. we got on a bus at 9am, standing room only. it was supposed to be air conditioned. little did we know that that simply means "cold" air blows on you from tiny little vents overhead. if you don't have a seat, you can't feel the cool air. after about 2 hours of standing with a bunch of men sweating all over us, a seat was available. thank goodness. i forgot to wear my tennis shoes and my flip flopped feet were begining to really...

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