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Mar 6, 2011 - Tea and Scones

After the mammoth trek of yesterday we all decided it was time to take it easy.So , it was time for tea and scones.With much advice being given(all of it contradictory)we headed out and within no time we found our gem , a taxi driver who would take us all around for the day,at a fair price-excellent.No chance of getting lost. Destination- The Seung Lee Boh Tea Plantation, the most famous plantation in Malaysia. After a hair raising drive to the site you could understand why.Once into the valley the road curled this way and that, with our...

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Mar 5, 2011 - Cameron Highlands

After a long 8 hour drive, we were really pleased to arrive at the Cameron Highlands and meet up with Eva and John. So nice to see them and hear all about their adventures in India, also the temperature is cooler, in fact we've had to ask for another blanket as it's cold at night. Our first meal together involved all kinds of curry served upon a banana leaf-very tasty. Today we set off at 10 am to follow a trail into the mountains, aiming for about a 3 hour walk. 6 hours later we returned, exhausted to Tanah Rata, having got completley lost...

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Nov 5, 2010 - Cameron Highlands

Il n'y a aucun doute, la Malaisie est un pays chaud! Chaud et humide. Il nous faut maintenant un moment de pause de chaleur. Il y a pour cela les "Cameron Highlands", un endroit de montagne a 1500m d'altitude ou il fait frais. Quel bonheur, il fait si bon. Il nous faut même rajouter un pull. C'est dans cette partie de la Malaisie que la plupart des légumes du pays sont cultivés ainsi que les fameuse plantations de thé. A Tanah Rata, le petit village ou nous restons il n'y a pas grand chose a faire a part plusieurs ballades dans les...

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May 17, 2010 - Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands...the place to go for cooling down and relaxing...temperature between 10 and 20 degrees. u actually have to put on long pants and a jacket at night...awesome! no sweating for the next few days. father´s guesthouse is the place to be...a cosy communal area with couches, pillows, free wi-fi and dvds all day long. that is basically what we did all day...just relax!!! me and two girls (robin and corinna). went for a countryside tour on the first day...visiting a strawberry-farm, tea plantations and the factory, a butterfly and...

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Jan 28, 2010 - Cameron Highlands

It was time to escape the heat and head to the mountains. For those of you yet to visit Malaysia, that place is called the Cameron Highlands and our new home for the next few days was in the town of Tanah Rata (you can skip the town of Ringlet, but that's another story!). Besides having warm sunshine during the day, a late afternoon thunderstorm and gloriously cool evenings, it had the notoriety of have numerous "jungle walks" that are "poorly marked" - someone got lost in 1967 and was never found. Nowadays, it's a great selling strategy...

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Oct 6, 2009 - Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Oct 6-11th, 2009 Cameron Highlands. My favorite place thus far. Tea plantations, flower and strawberry farms blanket this area. Their economy is based on flower exports, tourism and tea exports. It's a cool area...no sweating continuously...which was nice. It has a peaceful vibe...very easy going...take a load off and have a cup of tea vibe. I stayed at this great place called Father's Guest House. It looked like an old colonial home on a hill. Down from the hill they had old English War Barraks...it was so cool. That's were I stayed...in...

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Aug 27, 2009 - Die Sintflut

Von KL gins mit dem Bus ins Hochland, die Cameron Highlands und der Reisetag war fuer meine Verhaeltnisse spektakulaer unspektakulaer. Aber waehrend der Fahrt hat man schon was von der ueberaus schoenen Landschaft gesehen. Das Guesthouse war, obwohl hoch gelobt, eher mittelmaessig. Das Dorm ist in einer Wellblechhuette und es gibt nur arschkalte Duschen, auch wenn sie behaupten da gabes warmes Wasser. So ne richtige idyllische Ferienlageratmosphaere, fehlte nur das Lagerfeuer. Allerdings die Leute, die da arbeiten sind unheimlich freundlich...

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Feb 12, 2009 - Enfin un peu d'air frais!

Je suis heureux d'avoir quitté la ville de Kuala Lumpur. Je ne m'y sentais pas très à l'aise et il faisait vraiment très chaud et c'était pas mal pollué. Le pire c'est que ce n'est pas la pire ville que je vais visiter. Peu importe, pour l'instant, je suis haut perché dans les montagnes à une hauteur de 1800 m environ dans un endroit appelé Cameron Highlands, plus précisemment dans la ville de Tanah Rata. Nous avons loué une chambre au Father's Guesthouse sur le sommet d'une colline qui surplombe la ville. Il s'agit d'une petite ville...

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Trip Journal

Petit tour d'Asie!!!

Feb 28, 2008 - Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands)

Getting the bus from Penang to Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands may well have been the worst journey on our trip so far. We were on an incredibly slow bus which really struggled to get up hills - not ideal for travelling up to the Highlands! When we stopped at a bus depot we thought something strange was going on when the driver shouted something in Malaysian and lots of male passengers hurriedly got off the bus. As we started packing up our stuff, the bus slowly started to move and we realised that the men were having to give it a push...

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Feb 26, 2008 - Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands The Cameron Highlands are in central Malaysia. The weather was perfect, nice and cool since the elevation is much higher. We really enjoyed our day trip out to the Rose Garden, the Butterfly and Insect Farm and the Tea Plantation. The mountains are beautiful and the tea fields are postcard perfect. We were planning on heading out to the Perentian Islands on the Northeast coast but the weather was awful so we made our way across the Thailand border instead. Happy trails!! D and T

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Feb 3, 2008 - More Tanah Rata, Malaysia with Travel Hints

Travel hints on the Cameron Highlands (based out of Tanah Rata) -If you are on a budget like us, stay the Father's Guesthouse. Regardless of what Lonely Planet says, it is NOT a party place. Most people were in their late 20's and above and the guesthouse does not tolerate any loud partying. Each evening 2 movies are played in the common room (one at 5:00, the other at 7:00). Our room cost RM 25 - with shared bath that is kind of like summer camp. -Do your laundry in Tanah Rate - 5 kg = RM 8. We used the place near the Travellers Bar, near...

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Jan 31, 2008 - Tanah Rata, the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

We arrived in Tanah Rata just as the torrential downpour was starting, which is a daily occurance high up in the mountains. It is a fantastic, laid back, and cool (both in temperment and temperature). We are staying at Father's Guest House, which is an excellent place to unwind, take in the hikes through the tea plantations, read, and catch up on internet. We will be sure to write about our adventures here in the Highlands. One includes a very wet hike from two days ago. Nick's favorite quote of the day? "Well we can't possibly get any...

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