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Oct 20, 2016 - Traveling again

We had heard that Madagascar exports sapphires and today we saw people looking for them. It's as if they are panning for gold. It's a sad story, really. If/when these people find sapphire pieces, the sell them to a dealer. With their newfound money, they buy a car or TV or something like that. When the new to them purchase breaks, they have no more money to repair it, so they add to the junk pile. They are broke again and go back to the river to pan for more sapphire. We then drove through the desert in a van with no name except we didn't...

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Nov 8, 2006 - Ambositra to Toliara

Hi guys, can't do photos sadly, as the connections are a bit slow here. We left Ambosita at 6AM, well, we got on the taxi brousse at 6, they like to wait untill the buss is full before they leave, so we left at 8:45 in the end, which gave the local french speaking old man time to chat me up, ask for us to give him our baseball caps and tell us that to get to Toliara we had to change busses at Fiananrostra, and get a night bus taking 12 hours, going through the desert plains with no trees...we were sceptical, as we'd not really read the...

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Perrin's Big Trip

Sep 26, 2005 - The story continues

The day we reached the gorge everything changed. We heard an unusual noise that at first we thought was running water. Soon we had the horrible realization that it was fire. Not a wild fire but a fire that had been set by the local zebu farmer. Wealth in the Madagascar back country is measured in zebu, the burning of the undergrowth makes the following growth stronger and more plentiful. The problem? It also burns the trees and the wild animals habitat! Our guide was very discoraged because the burning in this area is senseless and we got...

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Apr 20, 2005 - Toliara , Madagascar

A small town, but the capitol of this area. They have moneychangers here. Not many banks around and no ATMS. You have to go to a private business to get a advance on your card. Only staying the night, then on to the National Parks that make Madagascar famous. The first park is like the Grand Canyon but with more green. The next is famous for its variety of Lemurs. Mora Mora!

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Apr 18, 2005 - Efaty, Madasgascar

Very remote fishing village on the west coast. The only transportation there is private. Taxi-brooise is what it is called. Mine was a mini truck loaded down with natives in the bed. I paid more so was able to sit up front with driver and two others. What luxory! Bad, bad dirt road and one hour, and two kidneys later. They kicked me off at the side of the road. Where to go? The place I wanted was closed, but had a cool crocodile pit. Swam there for a while but they got tired of me biting and kicked me out. Walked down the beach and found a...

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