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May 20, 2014 - Disbelief turns to dismay

My morning gets off to a bit of a boring start, as I set off to find the bus station and check the timetables for my onward trips to Ohrid and Pristina. I'm finding Macedonia harder work than the preceding countries. For one, there's very little that isn't written in cyrillic, even less that is in English. The key words I had learnt by the time I left Serbia aren't helping me here either, and I struggle to make sense of the signs in the station. I eventually figure out enough to know there will be a bus for Ohrid at 1pm. Good enough for...

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May 19, 2014 - New depths to surreal

Flying back out of Belgrade, I'm slightly bemused by the "retro" departures board in the international flights hall. If it ain't broken, I guess... Who needs fancy computerised displays? Landing in Skopje, I'm not expecting any similarities with any of the countries I've already passed through. I know too that the bits of Serbian/Croatian I've picked up so far won't necessarily help me with the Macedonian language. Although Macedonian is written using cyrillic, so I'm glad to have had the chance to brush up on that while I was in Belgrade....

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Jul 15, 2013 - Macedonia

Macedonia 6-11th July Left Ioannina on a great, nearly empty, motorway that wound through the Pindos and Zagorian mountains via a dramatic series of tunnels and elevated sections. Moved across the border no problem, once we had found it! The complexities of Balkan politics seem to raise their heads at regular intervals. In this case Greece does not like Macedonia being called macedonia, as they have their own macedonian province (just across the border from Macedonia). They also feel that all of the 'macedonian' part of Macedonia should...

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Jan 21, 2011 - Skopje - Jan 19-21

January 19, 2011 We were woken up this morning at the border between Serbia and Macedonia at about 5am. We spent about an hour at the borders and once moving again we soon dozed off back to sleep before arriving in just before 7.30am. We were staying with Dave and Sabine who had offered us their spare room after we met them in Ljubljana. We decided to walk to their apartment but the lack or road signs didn’t make it easy! I had to guess which was we needed to leave the station and, thankfully, after asking a local or two, we appeared to be...

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Jul 9, 2010 - Skopje und andere Irrwege - Skopje and the Odyssey

Dass -auch geschichtlich bedingt- die Beziehungen zwischen Griechenland und Mazedonien nicht gerade gut sind, mussten wir heute spueren. Obwohl die mazedonische Grenze nur ca. 80km noerdl. von uns lag, wuerde es mit den Oeffis 2 tage dauern dort hin zu gelangen, also mussten wir den Umweg ueber Thessaloniki nehmen, wo wir durch die Strassen bummelten und uns ca. 6 Stunden ausruhten bis 17h nachmittags fuer die einzige Verbindung nach Mazedonien. Bulgarien waere nur mit Ankunft um 01h30 nachts moeglich und daher keine Option. Nach mind. 2h...

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Apr 11, 2009 - Thessaloniki to Skopje

We arrived into Thessaloniki around 5:00am. We have been to Thessaloniki on an earlier trip so decided to try and find a connection to Skopje. Waited around until the international train ticket office opened around 6:00am and bought two tickets to Skopje. The train didn't leave until 10:45am so we had some time to kill around the train station - not the most exciting place in Thessaloniki. Train, which consisted of three carriages and an electric engine eventually left at 11:05. It was a pleasant and smooth trip and the train stopped at a...

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Mar 17, 2009 - Former Yugoslavia Politics 101

3/17/09 Yugoslavia Politics 101 After easing our way into former Yugoslavia via Macedonia, we had to be quite judicious about planning our next route into Serbia and Kosovo. Perhaps now is a good time for a brief history lesson about Yugoslavia (Rick Steves does a nice job summarizing it in his Best of Eastern Europe book). With its access to the sea and strategic location between east and west, the area has always been a crossroads of cultures, with Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Slavs conquering and populating the area. With the demise...

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Mar 14, 2009 - A Post Man's Dream?

3/14/09 Could it be—a real bus station! A building, with places to sit, and posted schedules, and buses that leave from appointed times! Skopje had already exceeded expectations. Unfortunately, we had to struggle a bit to find an inexpensive place to stay, so tourism has a bit of a ways to go. Still, we enjoyed our time in Skopje. Unique to their now-mandatory old town with fortress and quaint cobbled streets, the Macedonians have revitalized their Turkish bath houses (hamans) making them into unique spaces to show their colorful and...

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Oct 10, 2008 - Macedonian Marvels

(To see these photos up close, run your mouse over the botton left corner of the slideshow and click on Macedonia. This will take you...

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Nov 25, 2007 - Skopje

I think Skopje may have been stolen from Belarus or maybe Stalin designed it for Tito before they fell out. What a grim, grey rundown city if ever there was one. OK it's late on a Sunday afternoon and misty but I realy can't see it being much brighter in the middle of a heatwave. Thankfully it's just a quick overnight stop on the way into Greece. They did serve up a decent Big Mac thought so definitely not the worst place I've ever been. How is it that the grim places are always the hardest to get out of? The train station and bus station...

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Jun 22, 2007 - Skopeji, Macedonia.

I must say things did not get off to a right start in this city. After arriving at the chaotic bus station I tried to inquire about a bus to my next destination Jump to full entry

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Sep 17, 2006 - Macedonia, and a second run for the border!

So, its been two days since we have slept... We have had 2 night busses in a row, one of which worked out successfully. We are cold, tired, bewildered, and off the game plan. No rest for the wicked... its time to get a move on. 6:30 AM and we catch our bus for Skopje, the capital of Macedonia from which we will launch our venture into Serbia once more. Now, we had investigated Macedonia in advance and were skipping it strictly because we need a Visa for about 12 US dollars which, why bother when we can go everywhere else around it for...

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