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Jun 30, 2016 - Kenya and LIberia

Hey Family, Long time since i"ve used this medium, but here I am! I wanted to just say a few words about these two visits before I leave tomorrow. Debbie wrote me saying it seemed to her I was more comfortable in Africa than in Asia. This is a fascinating perspective and I am dying to know more what she is picking up that indicates that. For me, I find this continent, the two countries I"ve visited anyway, very difficult. It seems more difficult than India etc, but it may be that I'm at the end of my trip, and my energy, and my enthusiasm....

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Apr 9, 2013 - Monrovia, Liberia

My last update mentioned that I was about to head South towards Conakry, so here's whats happened since then. We decided first of all to spend the day at the town/city of Kindia some 2 hours or so South of Dalaba on the road to Conakry. Once we struggled out of the bush taxi we reached for the guidebook to try and find a cheap hotel to stay. As we did this, 2 policemen approached us and asked to see our passports and medical vaccination records. Now, as sooon as they ask for your vaccinations record you know they are trying it on, because...

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Oct 24, 2012 - Pretty good day in Monrovia

Hello everyone, I had a great day today in Monrovia. I saw a lot of very cool sites and landmarks including Monrovian's West Side Market and a few of their beaches. I also met with a merchant named Stella Marichi and I traded some of my valuable cloth with him for a supply of abundant bread and 3 gallons of healthy drinking water. I was so glad I could do business with him and check off some of my necessities. The city of Monrovia was definitely thriving and filled with some great people.

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Oct 23, 2012 - Tough last few days on the ship

Hey everyone, It's been a hard last few days on the ship. I'm beginning to run low on supplies and the ship's taken some hard hits due to the rapid waves and dangerous conditions. Fortunately, I've had decent command and have followed my route precisely. Currently, I've stopped at Monrovia, Liberia and am docking my ship. I am going to search the city tomorrow to see if I can find anyone willing to trade so I can replenish my supplies.

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Sep 8, 2012 - My First Stop

Now, it is 9:00 P.M., and it's dark and gloomy. The sky doesn't have a pretty color, and I smell rain...which is not a good sign. :( Due to my prediction of rain on this journey, I have made a cover for my boat, and packed ropes, to keep my ship from floating away, across the ocean. In the picture I have posted, there is a man. His name is Alaba. His name means one person or an individual. He has helped me prepare a place to sleep, and fascinating African food to eat, along with meals I brought from home. It is now time for me to sleep,...

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Mar 29, 2009 - We made it to the interior and back!!

Hello Everyone!!! ugh...I just wrote a novel of our last week and lost it all : ( Oh well....I will just have to sum it up again. We have had a busy but good week. We made it to the interior! We caught a ride in a PMU (Pentacostal Mission Union) land cruiser to Voinjama which is approx. 8hr drive on some VERY rough african roads. Reminded me a bit of the road to Kilangala. The interior of Liberia is very tropical. Lots of palm trees and a few rubber plantations. On our arrival to Voinjama we stayed at the PMU office. Again no electricity or...

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Mar 21, 2009 - Plan to travel to the Interior

Hello Again Everyone! We have had another good week in Liberia. Jerome and I are getting used to cooking water leaf, casava and bean stews. We are also getting used to shopping in the overcrowded markets for our daily meals. P.A.C work has been going well. We have been making some contacts with PMU (Pentacostal Missions Union) who may help us with a car and accomodations in order to travel into the interior of Liberia on monday. PMU is a swedish organization that helps set up clinics and churches. We have been invited by the Makona River...

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Mar 14, 2009 - a saturday morning in Monrovia

Hello all! For your information, it's Jerome writing! I haven't contributed as much as Robin to this site so I felt I should maybe put in my two cents. Robin and I found a pizza place with free wireless internet this week and decided to check it out today. So we loaded up our backpack with the laptops this morning, walked down to the market and hopped on a sweet old Hyundai van. We payed a guy L$10(roughly US15 cents) to find us a van and to make sure we got loaded on. Public transport is very difficult to find here so we've been paying...

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Mar 10, 2009 - workshop week in Liberia

Well a lot has happened in the last week. And we have now been in Liberia for 1 month. Jerome and I both completed our workshops. Jerome worked with an education administrator Mr. Ballah to build a workshop on lesson planning/presentation. About 25 teachers from 12 schools participated. Schools run very differently here, there are many but they are not very functional. Many of the teachers do not even have a 12th grade education themselves and they are teaching a Gr. 10 class. They have many problems when it comes to teachers copying...

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Feb 28, 2009 - A few weeks in Liberia : )

Hi again everyone, So we live in Pipeline area approx 1hr drive into Monrovia. To catch a taxi is quite a process too. There are so many people here and not many cars. They are small cars and they are allowed to carry 4 passangers in the back seat so driving into monrovia is always a sweaty adventure. But an adventure just the same! We have been following up with requests for supports for a vocational training centre at PAC. Agencies through the UN provide contracts to schools such as building a house, bridge etc which in turn provides jobs...

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Feb 23, 2009 - hey

Hello All! Again thanks for the excellent information you people have supplied us with. We've got plenty for now so thank you! Robin and I are going through with these workshops even though we feel we do not really have the right to speak on some of the issues. By no means are we experts on the fields we were asked to speak on... oh well, we'll power through the first workshop but may call it quits after that. We kind of feel like we can put more focus on other projects. For example, we would like to work on getting a water well for the...

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Feb 19, 2009 - Update

Hello again everyone, So it is 8am and I came to the internet cafe early to get some research done as the computers are much quicker in the morning. Jerome took a motorbike with another school teacher to see some of the schools. Thank you everyone for the sites, they are all really helpful and it is some what coming together. Yesterday we visited life water international (their primary sponsor is from Canada). We have noticed that there are not many canadian organizations here. Mostly american, german, etc. Anyway, PAC does not have access...

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