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Feb 18, 2008 - Laos - Pak Lai - Elephant Festival

We got up really early (5:30am!!!) to get a speedboat to Pak Lai for the annual Laos Elephant Festival. However (yep, we seem to be good at however’s lately), when we got to the boat pier we discovered that the 4 hour boat trip didn’t cost $40 for the boat like we’d been told in town - it was $40 each or $200 for the whole boat. $160 was too steep for our travel budget so we headed to the bus station for the 7 hour, $10pp option instead. We got there one hour before the bus left and all the seats were already taken. But hey, this is Asia,...

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Sep 18, 2007 - The White Wat Floating to Chiang Mai

Work up this morning at 4am to thunder and rain. When I ventured out I found the hotel surrounded by water. Fortunately only our street was flooded and we made our way out of town. On the way to Chiang Mai we stopped at a beautiful wat. Wat Rong Khun. It is a contemporary wat and is wonderful. The artist has blended history with his own art. It is in Thai but click on the link and then click on some of the thai letters at the bottom of the page. http://www.watrongkhun.com/ We moved on to a hot spring, Mae Chedi. Sales women swarmed around...

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Mar 7, 2007 - Bus Trip To Luang Prabang

The bus to Luang Prabang left around 8:00 am for what should have been about an eight hour journey. Smart looking bus, see the pictures. Not so good in the reliability department. First 3 or 4 hours was fine, then we stopped and the traveling patch up man, got out and was laying under the bus tying up something with baling wire. We were off again in about 15 minutes. We stopped at a restaurant for a lunch break and here again Mr. Patch-up was again doing his baling wire act. Then he got out a wheel wrench and a long bar and went around...

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Feb 9, 2006 - Luang Prabang to Kasi

Well I thought I was cruising along quite well on the belly front, but Mariam started vomiting early in the morning, and a couple of hours later, after feeling sick all day, so did I. We missed the day bike trip that went to the waterfall near Luang Prabang and spent the day lying in bed and running to the bathroom. FUN. After sleeping on and off for nearly 24hours, we some how managed to get on our bikes the next day with the group and make our way to Kasi. I made a big effort that day in completing as many miles as possible and only...

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Dec 14, 2005 - Pak Lai

14 December - To Pak Lai The next main stop I want to make is Vientiane, the capital. To get there I could either take a boat back to Luang Prabang and then either a boat or bus, or go via Pak Lai by road and take a boat from there. I decided on the latter, although some people were saying the boat from Pak Lai to Vientiane was no longer running. When I checked at the 'bus station' (a small shack where lots of Lao men with nothing to do hung around and talked about the 'falang' - foreigner) with the help of a Canadian man called Jim who...

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Nov 23, 2005 - To Soppong and Cave Lodge

23 November - To Soppong and Cave Lodge Took the 0830 bus to Soppong. On the bus chatted to a nice English couple, Gabi and Engin who are travelling for up to one year and taking in South America, Japan and Australia, so quite a busy trip. Arrived at Soppong just after 1000, they were going on to Pai. I had decided to stop here as 8km away are some caves of interest, also another chance of doing some trekking. Near the caves is Cave Lodge - accommodation that my old company had used for family trips in Thailand, which sounded really nice,...

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Mar 5, 2005 - Thailand & Laos

When arriving in Bangkok I headed to the Koa San Road (madness), taking in the atmosphere and making a plan of where to go for Xmas. I meet up with friends from back home and some I meet traveling who had made there way around to Thailand the same time, the general idea was to hit the backpacker island Ko Pha Ngan, which should be a good base over the festive period with it's beaches and parties. It was quality spending Christmas in a tropical climate, still had a full roast dinner of course. Obviously the Tsunami hit the west coastline of...

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Where Is Woodzy?

Jan 23, 2005 - Doi Phu Kha, Thailand

From Nan we travelled north to the edge of Doi Phu Kha National Park, way up in the mountains near Laos. We found an amazing place to stay, called Bamboo Hut. The owner (William) was from the surrounding Luwa village and was the Mayor of a group of 13 villages. Our little hut was right on the edge of a mountain with spectacular views. There was no electricity, no showers (just a bucket of cold water!) and the owner cooked all our meals. At night we sat around a fire with the owner and learned all about the Luwa people and the political and...

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