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Feb 16, 2012 - Minibus to Sam Neua

Another long travel day, but this time a pleasant one! Despite the extremely windy and hilly (and narrow) road, the bus was surprisingly comfortable. Perhaps because I was in the very last row (and thus able to stretch out across many seats), I slept very comfortably and well from 8am (when we left Phonsavan) until noon, when we stopped for lunch in a small town. I then napped, knit, and enjoyed the scenery for the rest of the ride-- we got to Sam Neua at 5pm. Laos is a BEAUTIFUL country-- so mountainous, and so green, even in the dry...

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Feb 9, 2009 - Sam Nuea / LAOS

Hello, Nous passons la frontiere au Laos sans encombre le matin du 9/02. L'endroit est dessert. Vers 11h00 am, le seul moyen de transport jusqu'a la prochaine ville est un espece de mini camionette ammenagee en pick-up. Le trajet dure environ 3h30/4h00, la route tres serpentee traverse les montagnes du nord du Laos. Les payasages sont dignent d'un film fantastique de type "les seigneurs des anneaux". Sam Nuea est un village tres pauvre. La marche est la seule attraction. On y trouve toute sorte d'animaux en vente : rats, insectes, serpents...

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Nov 19, 2007 - Sam Neua

Well another long dusty bus ride! I can handle when I know it's going to be a 10 hour bus ride but when they tell you it's 7 and it turns into 10, it becomes a very long day. It's also a long day to be cramped into a mini bus that seats 20 with about 30 people, luggage and a live turkey. It was going to take us just as long to go back to Luang Prabang so we decided to come all the way out here to well, see what was out here! And when I read that 'anyone for the yen for the unspoilt' and 'intrepid travellers' I can't help but come check it...

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Oct 13, 2007 - Sam Xua

Travel buddies: Jess and Greg (New Mexico) An interesting place to which we arrived after midnight having experienced major breakdowns on the bus - including a break faliure. In the mountains it is a wet, muddy town where the sunday drinking of Lao Lao (rice whiskey) begins in the early morning with breakfast.

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Jun 16, 2007 - Sam Neua

Although Matt and I had been trying to get to Vieng Thong, our ultimate destination and that of our companions was Sam Neua, located in the Northeast of Laos. We were headed there on a whim; it was supposedly little traveled. Sophie, Daniel and Joni were simply passing through Sam Neua where they would spend a night before crossing the border into Vietnam. So, we all rode the bus the entire way to Sam Neua, finally arriving there the next morning around eleven hours later. I stiffly gathered my belongings (still wet but now smelly bag of...

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Apr 15, 2006 - Nam Noen

The bus that we had got on at midnight dropped us at the junction just north of Nam Noen at 8am. We sat and observed this town for three and 1/2 hours whilst waiting for the next bus. This small junction town is poor, with lots of children happily playing with whatever gadgets they can find - an old bike tire, sticks, knives, dogs etc. We talked to a lady at one of the little shops and a teenage girl who was interested in us. After a while people started coming up to us, to talk a little in Lao and have a look at us. We showed them our...

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Dec 28, 2005 - To Sam Neua

28 December - To Sam Neua Had breakfast - yes, at the Indian restaurant as they did fruit salad and yoghurt, but it was served on a bed of lettuce. A bus was due to leave for Sam Neua at 8am, but it had apparently broken down yesterday. I was told to get a songthaew to Nam Noen, roughly half way, and then should get a connection to Sam Neua from there. I went with another couple, Priyesh and Meera (they live in England but were originally from Kenya and are both dentists). As usual, we were packed into the songthaew and for most of the...

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Nov 25, 2004 - Nam Neun

Happy Thanksgiving...funny but this village had very little food to eat, we had sticky rice and some greens for the only meal...altho there were lots of turkeys running about who conversed well with Mari along the road...she seems to speak turkey in Lao, we have each tried and have had no success...Mari on the otherhand is able to get both Toms and Hens quite worked up to the amusement of the locals! Short stop here on a beautiful, picturesque river - village...lots of weavers(silk), and we got to see many ex-bombs...they were being...

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Nov 22, 2004 - Xiam Neua

Overnite bus was a bit traumatic since it was quite crowded and there were a couple of very old, sick men on it(thin to the point of emeciated/unable to eat), in addition, due to the condition of the roads - very steep hills, curvey, and bumpy - several passengers got quite ill. This is perhaps the 4 or 5th bus we have travelled on both here and in China where natives have gotten sick on rough, curvey roads - we fortunately have not had the same experience! Forgot to mention - our group is now down to five with the departure of Whitney in...

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