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Oct 13, 2006 - LAOS: Tha Kaek

After Dong Natad me, Megan, Lauren, Ray, and Kirsten (All American) from my trip all headed north together to Tha Kaek. Tha Kaek is a town with many surrounding caves to explore of all shapes and sizes. We hired a tuk-tuk and made a nice day of exploring which was fun. My photos are poor as I had no camera battery on the day!! Oooooooopsssss! Then to Ventianne on the local bus. We made our 2.5 hour wait and nightsleep more bearable by purchasing some Lao Lao (local whisky-type spirit) for the road!!!

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Jan 20, 2006 - THE LOOP 430km in motorcycle - day1&2

KONG LO cave : a 7km long cave in the middle of southern Laos which can only be crossed by pirogue. About 40km from Ban Na Hin, this exceptionnal site is quite difficult and time consuming to access by classic transport. On the other hand an even more "dificult" option is to make a huge 360km loop around the site before zooming on it, and that can only be done by motorcycle... Right, taking into account that Stephanie experience of motorcycle was to sit on the back of one on smooth Italian road, and mine was 2 days in Greece, back in 1986...

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Dec 27, 2005 - Lot Kong Lo and the River cave

Off the beaten track.... With the taste of adventure still on our lips and our confidence soaring, the road south proved to be the most amazing experience thus far. After Christmas in Phonsavan, we took an impressive 12-hour bus ride west to Vientaine, and then south to Paksan. Why so long? Well you need a Hummer to take the direct route that is show on the map. After a brief sleep we flagged a bus down on the side of the road which dropped us 2 hours south at some random road junction; we still have no idea where it is on the map. Our...

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Mar 22, 2005 - Tha Khek

We spent the 22nd and 23rd in Tha Khek. There was nothing to do and see in town but we spent a day visiting more caves. One cave was discovered only 6 months ago with a lot of Buddha replicas inside. It is unknown how or when they were placed there and the site has become a pilgrimage destination for Buddhist people. We also enjoyed a swim in the river and a coke at a small roadside stop while our driver tried to fix the tuk tuk for the 10th time!

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