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Jan 26, 2009 - Pakse

Hopped onto a local bus down to Pakse and checked into a cheap guesthouse for 25,000 kip. After checking in Jamie and I found a cheap restaurant with delicious Indian food. My lonely planet Laos book mentioned a hotel where you could get a workout in for 70 cents, so spent about an hour or 2 there followed by a 45 minute jog through town. As if my skinny ass needs to go running! Sorry guys no pictures for this spot. Just a stop over to catch a different bus and also to gather more info for other destinations.

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Jan 14, 2009 - S. Laos (Pakse, Champasak, Bolovan Plateau, 4,000 Islands)

The last couple of weeks have given us an opportunity to re-visit some of our favourite places in Southern Laos; Pakse and the ancient nearby Khmer ruins of Champasak (pre-Angkor 7th century), the fertile Boloven Plateau (famous for Lao coffee and numerous waterfalls), the usually-tranquil-but-not-this-time 4,000 Islands, and finishing off at the Kingfisher Eco-Lodge with marvellous views out across the wetlands populated by delicate white egrets perched on water buffalo, and village elephants lumbering slowly through the boggy grass as the...

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Jan 1, 2009 - Champasak

Champasak is a small town just a few hours South of Pakse and is famous for the ruins of Wat Phu Champasak - the former capital of the Lao kingdom and now a world heritage sight. We spent the morning exploring the small, but very impressive ruins set on a hillside overlooking the Mekong valley. Gave us a taste of what we can expect to see in Cambodia at Angkor Wat. So far we've avoided getting "watted out" and are still drinking it all in very happily.

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Dec 29, 2008 - Pakse

So, the overnight VIP sleeper bus was not too bad! Essentially bunk beds, instead of seats, set-up on a large bus. We were relieved to find that loud Karaoke was not a feature on this trip (although we were prepared with our earplugs) so we were actually able to get some sleep on the 10+ hour trip from Vientiane before arriving ~6am in Pakse. Found a new hotel in town for the bargain rate of $17 and enjoyed our three day stay. The town is set on the Mekong river and serves as a hub for travelers between Thailand and Vietnam, but most...

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Dec 13, 2008 - Pakse

As our day exploring Muang Champhone was cut short yesterday we decided to finish it off in the morning then head down Highway 13 to Pakse. We took our time to find the village of Nong Luang which is the home of some soft-shelled turtles and headed back to the main road via the monastary at That Ing Hang which we both thought was an interesting diversion. The road to Pakse was uneventful however finding accomodation proved to be a real challange. Unknown to us Laos was holding its own verion of the Olympic Games at Pakse and all...

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Where's Malcolm?

Oct 14, 2008 - Pakse for the afternoon

Stopped here for the afternoon between buses. The stop in Pakse was convenient to the centre of town. Nope you guessed it it was a sizeable tuk-tuk ride away. Thankfully I hooked up with 3 NZ jolly old boys and headed into town with a local girl who seemed to be travelling for free but she had agreed to be our guide for the afternoon. Seemed to keep the NZ "boys" amused anyway. We paid the tuk-tuk 50 Kip for the return trip but suddenly he had to go as his wife was having a baby, with no consideration that perhaps he had done half a job and...

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Apr 20, 2008 - Pakxe

Im Reisefuehrer steht zu Pakxe geschrieben "Ausser dem Ruf, im April mit Temparaturen von bis zu ueber 40 C der heisseste Ort von Laos zu sein, hat die 70.000 Einwohner zaehlende Stadt nicht viel zu bieten." Wir koennen es bestaetigen, es ist schweineheiss hier. Viel los ist hier auch nicht gerade, aber das soll uns nicht weiter stoeren. Wir haben schon ein ausserordentlich leckeres Mittagessen hinter uns und es gibt zahlreiche Internet Cafes, so dass wir endlich die Gelegenheit haben, die Ereignisse der vergangenen Woche ins Reisetagebuch...

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Apr 11, 2008 - Lao P.D.R (people's democratic republic a.k.a Please Don't Rush!)

After relaxing in lovely Luang Prabang, we got up pretty early on the 3rd and caught a bus to Van Vieng - apparently the town of dirty hippies and tubing down river with rope swings and beer lao. The bus ride was bearable, although very windy and the bus struggled uphill - it didn't break down, I have yet to experience this apparently frequent occurence in bus travel in Laos. We arrived in Van Vieng and walked to a guesthouse - were checked in to a room by owner Noi - a room with three beds, room seemed okay but we were hungry so dropped...

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Mar 28, 2008 - Tadlo

Had a nice night out with Gordin and Vanessa. We went to watch Lao Beets on the river front which is like a last chance summer dance type of thing. Had a great time with the two of them they are so nice. Vanessa is from Sweedin and Gordin form Canada. The show consisted of a lot of rap music and break dancing. I took some movie clips on my camera that turned out ok. I will try and put them on facebook. After the show we went out for some more drinks. Feeling pritty ruff right now because of it. We were going to go to a Buddha park today...

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Mar 1, 2008 - Pakxe

I had an overnight journey from Vientane to Pakxe in the south of Laos and so I soon found myself on a busy bus trying to adjust the seat back as far as possible and adjust my legs a certain way to try and get comfortable, but without much success. I really am much too tall for these things! It didnt help that the guy sitting next to me was slightly overweight and was sweating heavily. I was chatting to him and he was a really nice guy. He even apologised when he sat down about any smell but it still ultimately meant my spending a...

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Feb 23, 2008 - Savannakhet to Pakse, Laos

"I woke up at 7:00 in the morning and felt awful. Eventually I went into my mom and dad's room and threw up all over their bed. I took a shower and slept for another hour. Then I got up and we went to eat. I only took 2 bites. Then we packed and went to the bus station. We got on an overcrowded bus. They shoved a huge bag of garlic under my feet (it was the size of me). It made my feet stink. Then we had a 5-hour ride." -Vin "All I can say is, I'll never be able to look garlic in the eye again. But the bus ride was a good example of how...

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Feb 22, 2008 - Pakse, Laos

We've arrived in Laos, on our very own private jet. (Not that we actually thought it would be our private jet, but no one else was on the ever-popular Siem Reap to Pakse flight. There were more people working on the plane (4) than traveling on the plane (2, or us). We made friends with the crew, and will be sure to post some photos soon. They spoiled us rotten! Next time you are taking a plane, try and make it Bangkok Airways - and also try and be the only people on the plane. That helps in the spoiled rotten department. We had three full,...

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