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Dec 23, 2010 - Hell's Gate

There are many versions of hell in Africa: being stuck on a 5 hour bus ride sitting on a milk crate jammed into an narrow aisle of a northbound bus, wedged between large Kenyans (and their children, goats and chickens) while enjoying the smell of the stifling heat and absorbing the terrible fate of the Kenyan roads directly in my lumbar region. Or: being stuffed into a 11-person matutu (Peugot mini-van-shared-taxi) along with twenty-two (count 'em) other passengers, resulting in my buttocks being time-shared between two lucky African men;...

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Aug 13, 2010 - Kenya - Touring the Rift Valley

Leaving the others on Sunday, Agnes and I decided to head due west from Thika to Lake Naivasha. This involved us taking a "C-Road" about 90km across the mountains on roads so covered in potholes that the trip took us almost 3 hours ! Nevertheless, the route took us through some beautiful countryside full of coffee and tea plantations and though some Alpine forests at greater heights. On arriving at our preferred campsite where we were told that the cabins were sold out so we ended up having to drive through the dark to some others before...

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Mar 8, 2009 - Naivasha - Hell's Gate National Park

It was good to get back on the road after a couple of very relaxing days in Nairobi; I really feel like I'm in Africa now. We only got as far as the outskirts of Nairobi before we were pulled up at our first roadblock and had to pay a US$150 bribe, or stay put until the morning (as it was a Sunday), because we didn't have the local insurance for the vehicles as it couldn't be bought at the border post they'd entered Kenya at. I saw my first zebra on the drive to Naivasha, which was cool, though I'm told I'll soon be over it as there are so...

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Oct 27, 2008 - Mt Logonot - vulcanic crater in high heels

Well, neither of us but Sheila forgot her sneakers, so she had to climb in high heels. We are very impressed. Maciej reached the peak and we didn't - well we didn't try. It was so beautiful anyways. And we stayed overnight in Naivasha. A town known for its plentiful robberies and kidnappings. No need to say we stayed in in Naivasha

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