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Oct 4, 2006 - How the other half live

Today we went to a infant school which dragoman has a schools project with that all their trucks stop there and do work ie building fences painting and donate $20 for the school fund. It was great fun white washing the classrooms and meeting the kids who thought we were the wierdest thing they had ever seen as they are only used to mzungus driving 4by4 and living in their posh houses behind razor wire not in their school covered in paint. we did really well and managed to paint 3 classrooms and clear the school yard of rubble in one...

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May 6, 2005 - Kenya - Lake Baringo and Lake Bagoria

After a 2hr drive we arrived in Baringo. A once, very small fishing village now dependant almost entirely on tourism. This is possibly the reason we paid $40 for a 2hr boat trip here, and that this is the only thing to do here. The water was incredibly muddy and not very inviting at all, and the time we spent viewing the small crocodiles and family of hippos that occasionally surfaced was very short. We circled an island, home to a bigamist, his three wives and 21 children (some of which were taking a bath in the lake) to see the fish eagle...

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