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Aug 6, 2013 - Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Famous for its great scenic beauty and abundant wildlife, this large park on the border with Tanzania is dominated by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. The 1,259 square mile Amboseli Park was recently granted National Park status, the result of long negotiations with the Maasai people who have traditionally used the park as grazing land for their cattle. The presence of permanent water guarantees an abundance of animals. Much of the park is thorn bush, and a network of roads and tracks in the eastern half of the park lead to a...

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Nov 21, 2009 - Amboseli - Full day

Another early morning in Kenya and today started with an insect surveillance. Our room seems to attract millipedes, spiders, beetles, crickets and the occasional gecko which still produced a scream from Dale as it scampered across the bathroom floor. We also had another game drive scheduled for 6:30 AM so we quickly dressed, had a quick cup of great Kenyan coffee and waited with all the other tourists in order to load the vans. As we were waiting, one of the Belgium tourists spotted a small black-faced monkey many yards away and was trying...

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Nov 20, 2009 - Amboseli via a flight to Nairobi

We had been planning this adventure for months and wanted to get the most out of our 28 days here. We carefully and strategically planned every minute of our time as we wanted to experience everything that was humanly possible in our month in Kenya. All of our plans were happening just as we expected until our guide mentioned to us about how much we were going to love traveling north to Sweetwaters, after Masai Mara. Neither of us is totally savvy with Kenyan geography so we asked him to repeat what he was saying, thinking it was just a...

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Sep 23, 2008 - Amboseli

Up at 620am to get ready for our morning game drive, at breakfast we had a fantastic view of Mount Kilimanjaro, the clouds always clear first thing on a morning and there are a few hours where you get a clear view, it was amazing, so huge at 5895 metres high, even a bit of snow on the top. Before our game drive we met a Masai warrier who walked us to his village which was overlooked by the mountain. We were greeted by the local people who sung and danced for us, we were then invited to join in. We were then shown their cattle, how they...

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Kenya 2008

Oct 2, 2005 - Elephants and Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Sunday - Tuesday, October 2-4, 2005. Amboseli National Park, Kenya. I did a three day safari to Amboseli National Park, about a four hour drive south east of Nairobi (Planet Safaris $70/day). Mary, an American producer for CNN International, and I were the only guests on this safari. Our guide and driver was Ben. Mount Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania rises above Amboseli. Amboseli is a lot flatter and has a lot less vegetation compared to Masai Mara. It also has some permanent swamps created from runoff from Mt. Kilimanjaro....

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Apr 30, 2005 - Kenya - Amboseli National Park

Between Nairobi and Mombassa lies Amboseli National Park which claims to offer the definitive Kenyan wildlife photograph, usually with large herds of elephants because of the spectacular backdrop of Africa's highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro. We booked onto a 3day 2night camping trip with a group, two stayed in lodges, one other camped with us, as well as our cook Tony and driver/guide Evans. Mt Kili was covered in cloud when we arrived until late evening when we got a glimpse before dark. The best view was the morning of the 3rd day when it was...

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