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Oct 27, 2015 - Burano

Went for an afternoon cruise to Burano, one of the islands of Venice. It is known for its fish. Tour included a meal at a local restaurant. (Fish of course). Began with pasta with clams, then whitefish, then salad then dessert and lots of wine again. Burano reminded me a lot of Nfld with the multi-coloured buildings but of course not nearly as modern. A beautiful full moon followed our cruise back to the hotel. Early to bed and off to Pisa and Florence tomorrow ...

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Oct 27, 2015 - Busy day in Venice

Began the day with a water bus to the Murano glass factory. There are only 68 glass masters left in the world. The young men train from the age of 12 to become a master. If in training, they go to school in the morning and train in the afternoon. The guy we had was fascinating to watch. He made a milk jug complete with fancy handle all from one wad of liquid glass and then did a standing horse statue as well. Of course you then wander around the factory showrooms where they display display their goods and they make you a few offers. Brian...

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Oct 26, 2015 - Venice

Arrived in Venice late afternoon. Long walk from the bus to catch a water taxi. Of course the bus couldn't take us to the hotel as there are no streets in Venice. It is entirely made up of canals. some of the group went on an optional dinner and entertainment tour tonight. We decided to wander around. Had a wonderful supper at the hotel. I wasn't very hungry so I had creamed cod on toast. Not what I expected but wonderful and Brian had a great pasta dish followed by duck. He said it was wonderful. Then we decided to split a dessert. We...

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Oct 2, 2015 - Lido & Museums

I should always remember to RTFM ...... our host prepared a sheet showing all of the best options for taking vaporretti to various locations so what did I do? I got us on the slowest, most crowded option for getting to the Lido of Venezia. This lovely town on the main barrier island which protects Venice from being washed away in an adriatic storm could have been reached in just 35 minutes on ferry no. 5 instead of twice as long using the stopping-all-stations ferry no.1 which I selected. Once there we took a leisurely stroll down to the...

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Oct 1, 2015 - Murano & Burano

Venice day 2 Today dawned overcast but the weather report is for a maximum of 19 and no rain so we took a punt and left the waterproof at home. Usual early start and caught the direct to Venice bus at 9:03. We quickly moved to the vaporetto terminal for the Murano ferry but I missed out on a seat due to the crowd already waiting. 25 minutes later we arraived on Murano, the spiritual home of Venetian glass. For the next two hours or so we wandered about this island, visiting shops selling all kinds of glassware form kitsch touristy...

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Sep 30, 2015 - Venice walkabout

Venice day 1. A leisurely continental breakfast was followed by a direct bus trip to Plaza di Roma the terninal in Venice. Here we purchased a 3-day pass for transport (not gondolas or water taxis) throughout the Venice - Mestre region. We caught the vaporetto to St Mark's Square and began our day of wandering down narrow streets and lanes crossing over canals on hump-back bridges. Everywhere we turned ther were amazing buildings, colourfully decorated and small open squres filled with cafes restaurants and souvenir shops. Sometimes we were...

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Sep 29, 2015 - Arrived in Venice

We never expected that our adventure would start with uncertainty. But, half an hour before we were due to set out for the airport a phone call came through from Qantas to say that our flight had been delayed until after 1am. As a consequence we would niss our connection to Venice. The thoughtful gent did say bthat Emirates, through whom we had booked our flights, had an earlier flight, leaving at 9:40 which seemed to have room and we should contact Emirates to get ourselves swapped over. As Sue drove us to the airport I contacted Emirates...

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Sep 24, 2015 - Venice, Italy

Sorry, I didn't update everyone yesterday! The house we stayed at only gets so much internet a day and uploading pics would have wiped them out! Today, we left bright and early and headed for Venice, Italy. It was rainy and cold. I didn't wear a coat and wished I had, because we drove through snow in the Austrian Alps. It was cold, but really pretty! We arrived in Venice about noon, but we are staying at a Marriott hotel and found out it was on a private island. We parked at the Piazzale Roma car terminal. They tell you what level to park...

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Aug 28, 2015 - Venice

The walk is done and now a little time for relaxing before flying to Uganda. I retraced my steps back into Slovenia for a few days then two days in the Dolomite Mountains which are in Northern Italy before finally Venice. A beautiful last stop in Europe. Mainly just have some photos to share. I enjoyed taking the local Venician ferry to both Lido and Burano.......islands very close to Venice. Enjoyed wonderful food and am putting on the few kilos I took off!

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Aug 15, 2015 - Tour day 8 - Venice

Well I am not sure I got any sleep at all last night. It was so noisy here that I saw every hour and every half hour pass by on the clock!! And to top it off we have a later start today so I could sleep in - but noooo so used to the time we are getting up that I was up and at em normal time. I was speaking to one of the young lads on the tour at breakfast (he is from Thailand). He was telling me that he nearly burnt down the hotel last night. He put a towel over the beside light as it was too bright - popped the tele on to watch and started...

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Trip Journal

Our European/UK Trip

Jul 24, 2015 - Venice

We decided to take the train to Venice from Bologna - I think Tomo was more excited about the train than Venice. Here is Tomo's Diary from our visit to Venice. Today we went on a bullet train. When the bullet train came we hoped on. I liked it because it went fast - 217kms. I coloured my book on the train. When we got there I was shocked that there were boats instead of cars. There were gondolas too. They were like kings seats. We went down a lot of dodgy streets. We had pizza for lunch. Then we saw this big square with a big giant...

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Jul 18, 2015 - Day Five: Venice

Just so you know my make shift curtain worked a treat, although I'm not sure it was as warm overnight/this morning as I needed something light to put over me. At 5am I toyed with moving the fan off me, but decided then I may get hot so I rummaged through my bag for my sarong. Thank goodness for labelled packing cells. Again we got up and slowly got ready, by the time we were ready to go it was 9:15am so we decided to head straight to St. Mark's Square as the Basilica opened at 9:30am. We arrived at 9:40am and the line was already long. We...

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