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Sep 20, 2006 - Tuscany

Days 1-10, Tuscany: We had such a good time in Tuscany during our honeymoon a few years ago that we allocated over a week to the region. During our honeymoon we did a pretty good job of canvassing northern Tuscany (the Chianti area, Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, etc.), so we opted instead to explore the southern area. Our first stop was the town of Montalcino, home of the highly regarded Brunello di Montalcino red wine. Montalcino, like many of its neighboring towns, is a small medieval city that sits on a hill overlooking vineyards and...

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Sep 7, 2006 - Siena

Arriving earlier than we thought we again tried to locate a free camp spot using the Sat Nav - again winding up in smaller streets than we preferred to be in! Getting out of there was job number one, finding another free place to park was job number two! We eventually found a suitable car park and we stocked up on some shopping at the nearby supermarket. The boys were desperate for a cold beer, but unfortunately it was to hot outside & the fridges just weren't cold enough to cool down the one's they'd just bought so they went without... The...

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Aug 23, 2006 - Sienna

The next day we caught the bus to Sienna, which cost more than the train for some reason. It was about 20 minutes faster, but was more cramped and bloody hot. Sienna was beautiful. A genuine preserved medieval town with its winding streets glowing in the Tuscan sun. The semicircular town piazza is fantastic, sloping down in a clam shape towards the town hall and bell tower. There was a massive queue to go up the tower so we gave it a miss and explored the town instead. Sienna has some fantastic traditions dating back for centuries where...

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Jul 5, 2006 - Siena

This morning after brekkie we catch a bus to Siena which is a medievel town about 70 klms from Florence. This is the town where they hold the Palio horse race twice a year. In fact one race was held last Sunday (the 2nd of July) which we watched on telly from Venice - it's prime time viewing. The next race is on the 16th August. The race dates back to the 1300's where the 11 districts from around Siena compete for winning the race for their district. Horses are chosen by ballot and before the race there are flag bearers decked out in the...

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Jun 27, 2006 - At the Jolly Hotel in Siena

Well, today was welcome day for all the EAP students. Interesting group of "young" students. They are ready to party. I, on the other hand, am ready to explore. I stayed at the Jolly Hotel--very nice! Had a magnificent breakfast in a beautifully styled restaurant. Italians are full of style. The crowd was mostly elderly Americans. I was, or a change the youngest in the crowd, with the exception of the waitresses. Siena is a beautiful city and I am just beginning to explore it. Ciao for now, Maria

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Jun 12, 2006 - Siena - June 10-12

Siena - June 10-12 All in all - not a bad bus ride. Thought it would be much worse. We got to Siena around 6:30p. Siena is a medieval town - walled and made all of stone including the streets - cobbles all round. Everything is centered around this one half-moon shaped piazza - Piazza del Campo. There are loads of tiny streets radiating from the square. We stayed at the Piccolo Hotel - on one of the side streets. So, from the bus stations the hotel is about a 15 min walk - give or take depending on your maneuverability with pack and around...

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Jerretta's Journey

May 24, 2006 - "Under the Tuscan Sun" (photography workshop)

Ciao!! I hope everyone is doing well!! I just completed the photography workshop (aptly named, "Under the Tuscan Sun") with photographer, Elizabeth Opalenik (http://www.opalenik.com) from San Francisco. I have to say this experience was incredible!!! For the past week, 12 of us stayed at the Il Paradiso vineyard (http://www.alparadisodifrassina.it/home.php) (owners are friends of Elizabeth) and toured around the Tuscan landscape and small villages with our cameras, trying to capture the perfect images. This may sound romantic, but it was...

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May 22, 2006 - Siena

Today we headed into Siena to have a look around and to source an internet café to update our blog and sort emails etc. We walked through a beautiful old church in Siena, it is a really pretty city. All in all the computer updating took a good couple of hours; so while Mark was doing that I took the kids for a walk and came back with a great pair of jeans and the kids got a crepe each filled with chocolate. Yummy!! They were in heaven!! Our plan today was to find our next port of call as well, but it's all too hard when you are on holiday....

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May 20, 2006 - Tuscany Week 3 - Sad Girl !!!!!

Friday 19 May - the dreaded day for all has arrived. Arnie and Di fly out from Rome and Florence respectively. We are up at the crack of dawn (yes folks believe it - me up at 7am !!!!!)to get them to Poggibonsi for the 7.45am Sita bus to Florence. I am absolutely wrenched and in tears as we say our goodbyes and then watch as they are whisked away. I pick up groceries at the nearby Coop supermarket (where you have to wear a plastic glove to choose your fruit & veg). As I am barely able to suppress the tears I totally forget about my fear of...

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May 8, 2006 - Siena

Started out today to go to the hill town of San Gimignano, but ended up in Siena instead. We left Civitella via a backroad that we hoped would take us there, but after an hour of up and down and wind around the mountain, we decided to get back to the highway. If we had gone on the highway to start, we would have been at our destination. When we got back to the highway, we found we were still very near our own town! So we went to Siena because it was closer. We wandered about the windy streets, explored a beautiful church, spent some time at...

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May 6, 2006 - Casina Di Rosa

Drove back to Gaeta to get Jo's passport. Only a slight detour. We stopped at a lido (beach) to walk in the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful blue sea, soft sand. Got lost again trying to find the road to Grosseto. Finally found the Autostrada and went north to find our little town of Civitella Maritimma. There are tolls on the Autostrada, but we didn't know exactly how to work the automatic machines. So we took a ticket and sped away!! Ends up we did the right thing. You take a ticket when you get on, and pay when you get off. Drove most of the...

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May 5, 2006 - Back to Tuscany with Mom

After enjoying the Amalfi Coast, mom and I headed back to Siena so she could experience Tuscany. From Sorrento we hired a car to drive us to Naples. We had heard lots of stories (and even read in travel books) about the pick-pocketing and crime in Naples. There is a little local train that runs between Sorrento and the Naples train station, but we read that the most pick-pocketing is done on this train. So we opted for a car ride to take us straight to the train, where the driver even helps you on with your bags. So we rode with Lorenzo...

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