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May 22, 2019 - One day in Florence

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 Venice to Florence, Italy We woke up early today, packed our bags then down to breakfast in the hotel. We only had to walk about 5 minutes to the Venice Central Railway Station where we had to catch the train at 9:25am for Florence about 2 hours away. It was a very quick journey passing through green Italy. We arrived in Florence just after 11:30am and walked about 400 metres to our “hotel” on the 5th floor of an apartment building, called Nancy House. This appeared to be an apartment with about 4 rooms and a...

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Oct 14, 2018 - Florence to Munich and then home to Canada

Buongiorno, Friday was our last full day in Florence. After breakfast we made our way to the Mercato Centrale Market and checked out the vendors and their products. So many different cheeses, meats, fish, produce and more. Italy really is all about food and enjoying life! The rest of the day we explored more of Florence, packed up our stuff and ended the night with one last pasta dinner and a final close up look of the incredible detail on the exterior of The Duomo. On Saturday after a light breakfast at a cafe near our apartment, we...

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Oct 11, 2018 - Florence

Buonasera, Yesterday we had a great day! We went on a day trip to Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa. It was another very long day but it was a good tour. Standing in the main square of Siena, our guide told us about the Palio. The Palio is the most important event in Siena, taking place on July 2 and August 16 every year. In the Palio, the various Sienese "contrade", or areas in which the city is divided, challenge each other in a passionate horse race in the heart of the city in the Piazza del Campo. Next we walked up the hill to the Siena...

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Oct 9, 2018 - Florence

Buonasera from Florence, On Monday, we went on an excursion to Cinque Terre which is a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera. It is in the region Liguria, in the northwest of Italy, to the west of the city of La Spezia, and comprises five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a very long day (checked in with our tour group at 6:45 am and...

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Oct 7, 2018 - Rome to Florence

Buonasera, Saturday was rainy so it was a good day for traveling. In the morning we took a taxi to the train station. We waited at the departures board for our track number to be posted. Finally it was updated to say track 11, so off we went. As the train was coming in, some people started to leave the platform. We thought it was strange but we waited for passengers to get off so we could get on. Once on-board we realized something wasn’t right...there were only a couple other people in our car. Apparently they discontinued the train at...

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Sep 24, 2018 - Day 11 - Florence - walking tour

The kids had a nice lie in this morning. We are doing a walking tour in Florence that doesn't start until 10:00am so a good opportunity for a bit of catch up for them. We had breakfast at home....toast and butter and Sarah had some yoghurt. I'm pleased I brought tea bags from home because between the 3 of us, we've been drinking quite a lot. We headed out the door with plenty of time to meet our guide Nora for the free walking tour. The tour covered the main square and the sculptures displayed there, a walk past the Uffizi Gallery, followed...

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Sep 23, 2018 - Day 10 - Siena, San Giamgnano, Pisa

Big day today. I think I may have said that a few times. We are doing our tour to Siena, San Giamgnano and Pisa so a very full day. We leave at 8:30 and return about 8:30 in the evening. It's also a big day cos it's Pete's birthday. I sent him a happy birthday message when I woke and hope to call later in the day. Woke the kids about 7 so they had time to eat something, dress and head off so we were at the train station at 8:15. Our walk over was very pleasant, the river was like a mirror so I snapped a few photos on the way. Our apartment...

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Sep 22, 2018 - Day 9 - Cinque Terre and train to Florence

Our last day on the Cinque Terre with our train to Florence leaving at 3:00pm. Valerio said he would drive us down town and then meet us at the station at 2:45 with our bags. Sounded like a good plan so we wouldn't have to worry about our bags. We decided to catch the train up and down the Cinque Terre and visit all the villages. We bought our all-day train tickets and set off for Riomaggiore, the furtherest village and decided we would work back from there. The kids didn't have breakfast before we left Valerio's so we stopped at a cafe....

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Sep 12, 2018 - Florence Day 2

Today was our big tour day in Florence. Cathy had pre-arranged for a six hour walking tour. Our tour guide Eliza, was delightful. She gave us an overview of the city, and showed us some of the significant historical places. The Florence Cathedral, with over 4 million bricks, weighing over 40,000 tons, almost the size of half a football field across at the base, and standing over 10 stories high, it is the largest masonry structure in the world. It took 140 years to complete the building in the 1400s. It took that long because no one had...

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Sep 11, 2018 - Florence Day 1

Woke up this morning to another beautiful day. Every Tuesday is my arthritis meds day. I take methotrexate. When I go to get my pills, I realize I brought the wrong bottle. I have two bottles of prednisone and no methotrexate. Instantly panic sets in! Glenna and I visit a pharmacy down the street. We explain our situation. Luckily the pharmacist spoke English. He sent us to a FirstAid clinic in Saint Marcos Square. Using a computer to translate, the doctor prescribed me my methotrexate. For a total amount of € 11.00, I am back in...

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Sep 10, 2018 - Florence

Our next stop is Florence it was a VERY long bus ride from the Sorrento Coast. To break up the ride, we had a couple stops. The first was a cameo studio. Did you know that cameos are carved from shells? I didn’t know that. The shell has two layers of color and the cameo color comes from carving the shell. We saw a woman doing the carving and it sure looks difficult but the results are beautiful! We then drove a while and stopped for lunch at one of the rest stops on the toll road. Just like the other ones, the food was great. Sure wish our...

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Sep 5, 2018 - Arrived in Italy....Fiiiiinallllly...!

We departed Newcastle Tues 4 Sept. 2 trains - 2 planes - 1 airport bus on tarmac - 1 shuttle and 1 fast train later, We arrived at our hotel in Florence, Wednesday 5 Sept about 12pm. Literally dropped our bags in our room & headed out to sight see. Gorgeous weather - sunburnt already. Jet lagged due to economy travel. Something we are seriously reviewing for further travels. Thursday we depart Florence for our art retreat. Again this will be another 2 trains & a car trip. We are both needing a holiday just to get over the travelling lol.

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