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Oct 5, 2008 - Bari, Italy

By 10:30 pm Saturday Brian and I had gotten off the ship and found ourselves on the windy and surprisingly cold streets of Bari, Italy. With our pack in tow we searched for the nearest open restaurant before settling on a place to stay for the night. We found a great family run pizza shop that took us in and served us a great pizza and tow Peroni beers each. We then struggled into a 5 star hotel to get the expected news of 250 euro a night. We were set to leave for Patra, Greece the next morning and could not justify the cost despite the...

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Jun 3, 2008 - Bari

Arrived in Bari via EasyJet this morning and took the shuttle to the central station. Got info from a local on a backpackers hostel by the port of Bari. After an hour and a half of walking around through the old narrow streets with no signs of street names, a friendly local from a bar walked me to where the hostel was and booked for the next two nights.

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May 21, 2008 - Bari (Italy) - For mapping.

Just doing this so the map will update. Not sure how to update it without making an entry!! Here in Bari now. Got the boat at 6pm last night and arrived here at 10am this morning. I was spewing I didn't get a room as I thought it wasn't that long a trip. I only had deck ticket, el cheapo! And when I asked the officer where I should go he pointed up some stairs then showed me out a door and I was literally on the deck!! I stayed there till we got moving and then went downstairs to find the pullman chairs and got comfy on one of those for the...

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Apr 28, 2008 - The Italian Port of Bari.

Today we had a late morning arrival in the Port of Bari. We elected to explore ourselves rather than do a shore excursion. Southern Italy is noticeably different to Rome & Northern Italy although it is still unique & attractive in its own right. This afternoon we set sail for Katalon, Greece, and Olympia the home of the Olympic Games.

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Dec 11, 2007 - Bari

I have a great dislike of ports and border towns, they are almost without exception dumps. Bari is one of the exceptions, I realy expected an awful town like Patras and to want to get out as quickly as possible. First indications weren't good, walked off the end of the ferry to nothing - no terminal, no signs, no maps just lots of tarmac and big lorries. My fellow 10 or so foot passengers all milled around looking at eachother for inspiration, I spotted one pair in the distance heading away and guessed that they knew what they were doing so...

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Nov 2, 2006 - Alberobello

Alberobello, the Trulli capital, is a fairy-tale city. Fanciful hex signs adorning each home add magic to the already bewitching setting. These gleaming houses (whitewashed each year) are curious, rounded structures with gray, stone, cone-shaped roofs. They are trulli, common in the province of Bari and Taranto. A large number of trulli are found in the town of Alberobello. The town's historical center is on a hilltop, amid the scent of almond and olive trees, and has been declared an International Human Resource by UNESCO. It is made up of...

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Oct 24, 2006 - Bari

What a night! After spending the majority of the day hanging out at the hostel without a room I caught the bus back to the ferry port. Once there I had no clue where to go so i walked around and found myself in a deserted building that turned out to be for cruise ship people. A guard stopped me and wante to see my ticket. He helped me find where to go. Waited there for what felt like forever before some other people showed up. The ferry was schedualed to stop there at 10:30pm. 10:30 came and went and still no ferry. I ended up meeting 4...

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Oct 8, 2006 - Bari, Italy

We went to the train station today to have an outing. We wanted to go to a nearby place, Martina Franca, but we were told that the trains do not run there on a Sunday sop we went to Bari, on the other side of Italy, (the back of the ankle) where people go to get a ferry to Greece. There were endless olive and fruit farms on the way, all nice neat trees, oranges too, until we got to the port of Bari. It was a nicer town than Taranto, better gardens and parks, and the old town had been done up. We had a nice lunch sitting alfresco in a...

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Aug 26, 2006 - Bari

Along with 50,000 other bastards and their luggage we crammed on to the only bus going to the ferry terminal. Not unexpectedly we had to pay an extra €40 each for our ferry ticket to Patras even when we were told by the woman on the phone the passage was free. F**king thieves! They can do it too, as they pretty much have a monopoly on that trip. Superfast and Blue Star ferries turn out to be the same bloody company. On board, it is the lap of luxury. Everything is set up so that you're likely to spend as much money again on board as you...

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May 9, 2006 - Alive in Italy

Wow...how time flies. It has been about 10 days since I updated the blog. I have been keeping a journal on my PDA...can write at anytime and keep notes instead of retrieving my thoughts and experiences from memory..where am I??? What day is this???...LOL I have been unable to upload any pictures or transfer my journal entries from the phone to the blog since we left Croatia...none of the internet access points we have run across have a usb port...ugh!! I will try to find an upload port in the next couple of days. I have journals on our...

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May 9, 2006 - The mishaps of Jay & Kristi

I wanted to take a brief moment to share some side notes...funny and aggravating experiences. Toilets - I never realized how many different ways there are to pee..lol Bathrooms in Europe are a crapshoot...no pun intended. So far on this trip, I have spent close to €40 in tolls to pee. Most of the toilets here do not have seats or lids...I have also learned how to pee standing up...yup, just a hole in the ground with a place to put your feet on either side. Figuring out the dozens of different ways to flush has also been a fun game...a few...

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Apr 7, 2006 - Back on the Mediterranean

Caught another ferry today, this time from Patras to Bari. Then on to Rome and my farm stay. Funniest thing, I was on the train to Patras, slightly drifting off, and I raised my head... and actually saw a giraffe. It was on a billboard, cartoonish-like. How weird is that. Started laughing my face off like a howler monkey. Everyone in earshot gave me a look, but it was just too funny. I hope you're reading this Helen. Made a new friend on that train ride too. Her name is Ji Eun, a cute little girl from Korea. We kep eachother company on the...

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