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May 31, 2019 - Day 17 - Sirmione

Day 17 - Friday 31 May 19 - Sirmione. Early rise at 0515 hrs , sun and clear sky flooding our room - partly refreshed. A leisurely start as breakfast in our B&B did not start until 0830hrs. The offerings of our hostess for the three groups staying were generous and the coffee in particular was probably the best we have had to date. At 0900 hrs, we set off to explore the four villages to the South East of the Lake. We drove first to the township of Garda at 36 kms and as we entered the village we could see that it was market day and traffic...

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May 30, 2019 - Day 16 - Sirmione

Day 16 - Thursday 30 May 19 - Sirmione Our trip plan for Op Europe 19 included stays on the northern and southern ends of Lake Garda to achieve our objective of seeing all the major lakes in Northern Italy and today we drove to Sirmione the prominent peninsula to the south. The plan was to drive the western side of the lake ( 73 km) and visit several sites of interest. Following breakfast in the hotel and discussions to visit Lago Di Tenno, a site recommended by Nicole for it’s greenish water we set off just after 0900 hrs. After a last...

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Sep 22, 2016 - Lake Garda

Tuesday 20th Sept. Left the lovely campsite at Venice mid morning, heading for Lake Garda. Traffic very heavy on the toll road, which was in a dreadful state, thankfully the charge was very low too. When we got to the area at the South of the Lake, the traffic and multitude of people was worse than Skeggy on a Bank Holiday. By then we were both tired so drove on until we saw Lidl, where we parked,I got lunch while Roy shopped. Refreshed we drove on about a mile, to camp Tiglio, which Roy had chosen. Another good choice. Right by the water,...

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Jun 26, 2013 - Driving around Lake Garda

Day 7 Letizia: ciao la mia famiglia e gli amici ! As you can see we have picked up some Italian in the last few days ! Our day began with another delicious spread of fine Italian delicacies and some of the best coffee on the planet. Our goal for the day: traverse around (all the way around) Lago Garda (164 kilometers). Musketeer/Chauffeur Ignacio safely navigated our chariot down the winding and very narrow roads of Sirmione, and we were off. Musketeer/Co-Chauffeur Luigi set Samantha (navigation system) with our first destination of S....

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Jun 25, 2013 - Sirmione de Garda

Day 6 Ignacio: The day started sunny side up. Our host Don Giulio (Mr Execentrico) and his wife had a most grandeur breakfast spread laid out for us. An assorted selection of cakes and salumi our choice of uova (eggs)and fantastic coffee. We went out for a morning of shopping with the girls . The four Musketeers( our new nick names, graciously named by Luigies cousin Hectopio) trekked down to pillage the village shops in search of our bounty ( Nonni , Letty is on a mission for Mila wears) Our quick walk was intercepted by the vicious Lui...

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Jun 24, 2013 - Driving towards Lake Garda

Day 5 Luis: Finally got to sleep a bit. Woke up at close to 9 am and met the Borbolla's for a wonderful breakfast. After breakfast, Iggy and I set out to find a bank to change Euro's. Iggy is anti ATM's and likes to personally change his monies. I think he still lives in the Stone Age and we took over a hour to change his Dollars into Euros. When we returned Any and Letty had finished packing the bags and we departed Deiva Marina headed towards Lake Garda. Now this part of our trip is not planned. I mean, we have no idea where we are...

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Jun 11, 2012 - From Rimini to Padova June 1st-10th

So I slept in Rimini last night and today I'm going to bike to Cesenatico which is a small town not to far from Rimini ( about 20 km). The ride there was nice and along the beach. There was a lot of people unlike my last experience by the sea when I was just getting into Italy. When I got to Cesenatico I met my host Francesco who right away seemed cool. Within 10 minutes we were at the beach laying in the sun. I then went into the water and swam for the first time on my trip. The water was finally warm enough to get in and I loved it. I...

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Sep 23, 2011 - Day #7 - Ditching the Tour Group

The optional excursion that was advertised had been changed so I told the tour guide Alessandro that I was going off to do my own thing for the day. Hopped on a bus (which was not as easy as it seems in Italy) got off on the wrong stop a mile & a half from where I needed to be. Walked along some very treacherous stretch of road to make it to the port at Gardone Riviera. I hopped on the overly expensive ferry to go back to Sirmione. * Spent the day climbing about the Ruins of Cartolla, getting “lost” in Sirmione and cruising along Lake...

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Sep 19, 2011 - Verona to Sirmione, Italy

September 19: From Verona, we travelled to the town of Sirmione at the south end of beautiful Lake Garda. Lake Garda is a beautiful resort area nestled between two mountain ranges. Again, the access roads through the mountains are insane, narrow and poorly marked, but the end result is very much worth the stress of getting there.

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