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Feb 10, 2018 - Moneglia

After a great 5 hour drive we picked up our door keys and almost immediately our unit was made homely, clothes hanging, kitchen sorted and washing underway. Gilli was on a roll. Thankfully the vacuum stayed in its cupboard. An afternoon walk-around got our bearings sorted and allowed us to appreciate how nice this small village was. Quaint, colourful, peaceful and seaside. Perfecto. Moneglia was well placed on the Mediterranean shoreline between Genoa to the north and Livorno to the south and served our purposes well. First up was the...

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Jul 20, 2009 - The Italian Riviera.

Moneglia, Italy, is located on the Mediterranean Ocean just below the French Riviera. The weather is balmy and the ocean is warm and crystal clear. I enjoyed a swim in the warm, clean waters. The music festival, Zephyr, finishes its tour by coming here and playing a concert in the courtyard of an antique church. The acoustics are wonderful. The residents of this small town are very appreciative of the entertainment and we are treated to wonderful dinners of fresh sea food and local olives and wine. Next to Moneglia are the famous Cinqua...

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