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Jul 4, 2007 - Euro 1 - On the farm and Venice

Day one Kait got to our house at about 11:00 and five hours later the limo came to pick us up and take us to the airport. When we arrived at the airport, we were surprised to see his size of the line to check our baggage. Luckily, the man in front of us had a wife who found a way around the line and so we followed them and got through the line in just a few minutes. Once we checked our baggage, we headed off to the duty free shopping center. There we looked at sunglasses, purses, makeup and candy bars. Once we bought a couple things for the...

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Apr 15, 2007 - Rome

Rome was a very different city compared to Florence and Venice, it was gritty and real. There was graffiti everywhere on everything - some of it was real art but the tagging was crap as always. The various roman ruins were incredible - they find them everywhere as each generation would just build on top of whatever structure was left standing. When they go to rebuild or renovate they find ruins everywhere. We are on a internet cafe site so cannot upload photos - we will do that soon. On our first night we were wandering around looking for...

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Sep 5, 2005 - Avezzano, for which we are still here and lovin' it

We are still in beautiful Avezzano and today is the first day that it has rained and a little bit cooler than normal, well okay - cold! The onset of winter is not far away but their is still warm weather on the way. We went for a MTV style road trip with Michele's cousin and his girlfriend. 160 km's along the autostrata and two hours later we arrived at Pompei, thanks to another uncle of Michele's, accommodation was free and it was very nice - especially with Japino, the basset hound. The ruins of Pompei was for Michele, the same fucking...

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Apr 9, 2005 - All roads (& Flight CX293) lead to Rome

After 14 hour flight we finally arrive in Rome. Catch train into city. Book our train ticket to Florence, and then walk in the rain to find our hostel. Book into hostel and then go for a walk around the local streets. It is quite cold and wet. The hostel we are staying at not only includes breakfast, but also free pasta each night and free beer and wine. Quite a good atmosphere here.

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Sep 19, 2004 - Report from Roma

Hi everyone from lovely Roma WE ARRIVED HERE AT 12.05PM Rome time 8.30pm Australian time for those interested. The flights were very long especially since we were late leaving approximately 35 minutes before boarding. Then it was 7 hours to Singapore with our stop over of 1.5 hours again the flight was delayed by another 30 minutes, then off to Dubai another 7 hour flight. From Dudai we had a 2.5 hour stop over which grew to nearly 3.5 hours and after another 6 hour flight we arrived in sunny Rome. The weather was warm and then we had to...

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