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Oct 19, 2018 - Diano Marina, Italy: A Quiet Seaside Town

Diano Marina was recommended to me by one of my friends in Mondovi because I wanted to experience the Italian Riviera. Where San Remo was a sophisticated city, Diano Marino isn’t much but a seaside town. And since it is mid October it is pretty deserted. All the beach rental chairs are gone and almost all the beach cafes are closed. At the Hotel Tina where I stayed, I swear I was the only person there. It was a small boutique hotel, and I never saw or heard another person, except the totally non English speaking hosts who were only there...

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Oct 18, 2018 - Leaving San Remo and on to Diano Marina, Italy

Yesterday afternoon Shelia and I departed by train from San Remo. I traveled only about 15 minutes back east to Diano Marina, a small seaside town. My new hotel Tina is right across a single lane road from the beach. Shelia continued on back home to Mondovi. Now I am solo again, with my very limited Italian. And my new Hotel speaks not a single word of English. The beach s beautiful and now I wish I had brought a swimsuit. Humm, wondering if black underware would do?

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Jun 23, 2013 - We LOVE Italy!!!

We were greeted upon arrival with bread, Prosecco and water to keep us until the next day. Andrea was awake to see us even though it was so late and we toasted being reunited once again with the Prosecco. We fell asleep that night in disbelief of the view we had even in the dark. Uwe’s home is on a hill so you can see all of the lights from the city. In the morning Andrea hung a bag of pastry on our door and we stumbled out (after nearly 10 hours of sleep!) and found that we had landed in paradise. Even with a bit of rainy weather the first...

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Attraversiamo 2013

May 10, 2007 - 10 May 2007

Well, as the saying goes, the grass is greener on the other side. Well it is true literally - I think we have managed a few days now when it doesn't rain, but half the mountain behind me is missing so I am assuming that the rain isn't too far away. The boat is coming along slowly - I am learning charades at a fast pace. With an Italian made boat, moored in Monaco and trying to explain to the lackeys on the dock (which are Spanish) what needs to be done, I am nearly wearing out my hat patting it in frustration. Ahahhh but at least the boat...

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Jul 18, 2006 - Pisa, o erro que deu certo.

Nosso depoimento sobre Pisa vai ser curto como nossa passagem pela cidade. Antes de seguirmos viagem para Roma, pegamos um trem para Pisa e passamos algumas horas na cidade. Junto conosco uma multidão sempre segue para ver o erro mais famoso do mundo. Segundo um guia local, ninguém sabe explicar ao certo a razão da torre tombar e não cair. A teoria atual é que o Zidane tenha dado uma cabeçada que entortou a torre. Quem sabe? Duas suprpresas para nós: a torre é pequena. São oito andares que abrigam um sino (que hoje só bate em ocasi_es...

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