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Jul 14, 2012 - Our last full day in Chianti

Yesterday we got up super early and went to a village called San Gimignano. It is famous for it's towers. We have copied some information about it from wikepedia to tell you something about it..... San Gimignano was founded as a small village in the 3rd century BC by the Etruscans. Historical records begin in the 10th century, when it adopted the name of the bishop Saint Geminianus, who had defended it from Attila's Huns. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance era, it was a stopping point for Catholic pilgrims on their way to Rome and the...

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Jul 13, 2012 - A quiet day

Today we had a slow day. We began with taking a long walk through the vineyard and then down a track to the village. We joked about the possibility  of seeing a wild boar and little did we know that the people in the apartment next to us saw one this morning grazing outside their window!  Later on we went back to Radda to have ice cream and look through the shops and play in the playground.  Archie and Dad went for another walk on the property to the river and came back full of scratches!  Archie taught the boy next door how to kick the...

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Jul 12, 2012 - Horse riding Tuscan style

Today we went horse riding. Edward's horse was the leader,  then mum, dad, then Archie. dad's horse kept kicking Archie's horse and mum's horse was trying to stick its head into Edward's horse's butt! Mum pulled it back but then got into trouble for being too slow. We went along country lanes then a huge harvester came along the path so we had to take a detour through steep prickly bushes. Mum and Dad have massive scratches on their legs. The horses didn't like it either. On the way back, mum's horse lost its footing and nearly fell over-...

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Jul 11, 2012 - Driving in Tuscany

Yesterday we drove to Sienna. Mum did an excellent job driving, Dad was an excellent backseat driver. It looks like a lovely town but as we couldn't find a place to park the car, we couldn't stop. We decided that this part of our holiday was going to be more about exploring the small villages rather than the big towns, so we weren't too worried and mum was over it completely. We drove to a small town called Radda. It is a medieval town and very beautiful. On top of every hill are beautiful houses and buildings. Just like the postcards....

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Jul 11, 2012 - Chianti villages

Yesterday we went touring. We went to a beautiful village called Radda. It is just like our village but a little bigger. We also went to a shop in another village calked Greve in Chianti that sold prosciutto and salami. It had been in business since 1729! That was even before Australia was settled. They hung the prosciutto from the ceiling. There must have been over 100 prosciutto legs over our heads! The boys loved the wild boar out the front of the shop. Of course we went swimming and we had dinner at the hotel. Best pasta ever! Mum had...

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Jul 10, 2012 - On the road

Yesterday we packed our bags to catch the crappy train back to Napoli. We then got a fast train to Florence. Funny, the train stopped in Rome, so our Trevi fountain wish came true! When we arrived we had a hard time finding the car rental place but got there eventually, then waited and waited until our turn to get the car. We got a brand new Vovlo-imagine that! We drove from Florence to our Villa in Castellini in Chianti. Mum called it our white knuckle drive. The Villa is surrounded by grape vines and the main house is like a museum. The...

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Jul 10, 2012 - Happy Birthday Grandad

Dear Grandad, Happy birthday. Because we are not there to celebrate with you we have organized a mass to be held in your name at the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica in Rome. To find out more about this amazing church in Rome, click on the link or copy and paste it into the address bar. We almost didn't go into this church but Mum made us go in...and we were all in silence over how beautiful and huge it was. Just below the altar the floor opens up and you look below onto the...

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May 22, 2009 - Castellina in Chianti Environs by Foot

Hike # 6 Andrea told us that today would be our longest hike, and that we were to bring plenty of water. She was right! At 9:15 we left Villa Caslalta and took our now familiar 20 minute walk into Castellina in Chianti. Castellina in Chianti is set on a ridge, but not as high as most other medieval towns in Tuscany; and it is just across a lower valley from our villa home. Civilization in this area dates to pre-Roman days when the Etruscans lived here between 700 and 280 BC. The Roman civilzation reigned in this area until the fall of...

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