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Apr 14, 2016 - Milan

The rest of the trip to Milan was long and tiring, but we managed to get a few hours of sleep. We got our car, a small Alfa Romeo, and jerked along as Jim got used to the stick shift. We parked in a garage in a suburb north of the city and took the Metro to the center. The beautiful cathedral was our first sight. We joined the crowd in the bustling plaza. The line to go inside the huge church was so long that we did not get to go inside. We decided that we were not energetic enough to do the city tour, so we enjoyed people watching while...

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Oct 24, 2015 - Florence to Milan

Riding the train first class from Florence to Milan was super. It was the first time we were able to go first class. Arriving in Milan was great until we had to wait over an hour for the shuttle to the hotel. We were told by several people including the rude people at the information desk to wait in the wrong area. We ended up watching our bus come and go many times before someone felt sorry for me and showed us the correct place to wait. The hotel was in the boonies and we tried to go out to eat something to eat because we starving by that...

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Oct 4, 2015 - Milano

Well here we are sitting in Milan airport waiting for our flight to Portugal. We had a long day yesterday travelling by train from the coast of Italy to Milan. We know now how important booking first class seats is! We had no booking because we changed our plans. We found seats only to be turfed out 3 times by people who had booked the seats we had occupied. The last time we decided to sit on the fold down seats in the passageway, unfortunately outside a compartment where a lady had her Dobermann sitting on the seat next to her playing with...

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Sep 26, 2015 - Milan, Italy

Today, we found out there was a outlet mall right outside Brescia where we were staying. Mom told me that I could get her Prada sandals for a lot less at these places. So, we headed to the mall only to find out that Prada is way to high end for an outlet mall!!! Everyone still found something they wanted to buy. Terry and I found 2 kinds of Italian chocolate! Then, we headed to Milan the fashion capitol of the world! The GPS was being difficult and got us off track, but we finally arrived about 2pm and checked into the Marriott hotel. We...

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Aug 11, 2015 - Last Update Milan

This will be our last update from Milan. We enjoyed this awesome city very much. Our apartment was located right in the middle of blocks of restaurants and shops. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony and just watching all the people below, our apartment is on the third floor. Yesterday we bought all day tickets and rode the cable car all over this city. We have been doing most of our transportation by subway, this time we wanted to see everything and take pictures. It was only 4.50 euros each. We had a great time riding all over Milan. We...

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Jul 16, 2015 - Tour of Milan

We took the “Explore Milan” tour today. With this double decker ticket you can hop-on and hop-off the buses at any of the stops throughout Milan, giving you the freedom and flexibility to explore, sight see or visit attractions before boarding the next bus to continue your tour. The cost was $22 each, we highly recommend it to all our readers. It is a 75 minute tour that shows you all the top highlights of Milan. Milan is the Italian capital of fashion and much more. This beautiful city has so much to offer—from history to shopping to...

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Jul 15, 2015 - Day Two: Milan

Having done some research yesterday when we finally had access to wifi we realised we were not staying in the heart of Milan where all the main attractions are. We worked out the direction towards the city and walked in. It was probably about a 30 minute walk before we hit the shops. We decided to find a cafeteria for breakfast and then start our day in Milan. Before breakfast we found H&M, but to our surprise it was still closed. Around the corner we found a cafe, where we ordered ham and cheese croissants. After breakfast we returned to...

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Jul 14, 2015 - Day One: Milan

Yesterday Clare and I started our adventure. We arrived at the airport at 3pm, thankfully the airport was not busy and we quickly checked in and cleared customs. I was very surprised that I didn't have any extra checks, if you've ever travelled with me before I'm the person who always gets their bag searched. We killed time by wandering through the shops and enjoying a nice cold cider. The time went quickly and soon it was time to board the plane. The 8 hour plane ride seemed to drag on as I tried my hardest to stay awake through the night....

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Jul 12, 2015 - Milan, Italy

This is a quick update to let everyone know we have safely arrived in Milan. It was a long day with bus transfers to Frankfurt for the flight plus a taxi to the apartment. The apartment is even better than expected, we have not been disappointed with Airbnb.com. We will be here for the next month exploring the area along with parts of Switzerland and the Milan Expo. I am adding a few pictures of the apartment, it is perfectly located with shops and restaurants all around us. Let the fun begin. :-)

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Jun 17, 2015 - Day 23 Milan

Day 23 Wednesday 17 June 15 Had a slow start to the day and missed breakfast at the hotel accordingly. Once sorted we headed off on a mission! A suitcase full of washing and a vague idea of where we may find a laundromat. After a three hour stroll around Milan we returned to our room with dirty clothes and filled out a laundry slip! It cost us nearly 150€ but worth it! We washed our delicates ourselves cos they wanted €4 per item! The laundromat we were headed for had closed down, so the suitcase got a free walk around town for no result!...

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Jun 16, 2015 - Day 22 - Milan

Day 22 Tuesday 16 June 2015 Up and at em early today...with a 7am start, with several trips down to the car with our bags, shopping, shopping, shopping, and shopping. Into the hotel for a bacon (sort of) and eggs (sort of) breakfast. Cerys has the lurch locked into her at the moment but had a relatively good sleep due to the cold and flu tabs she bought yesterday. Checked ou at then on the road by 9! The drive was on a multi-laned freeway which was largely a 130km limit. It was great fun! The drive was so scenic...even before the alps...

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Jun 15, 2015 - Milano Centrale Railway Station - reflections

Reflections on Milano Centrale railway station Someone should do a documentary on this microcosm of a place. We had a couple of hours to while away, so we entered the Bistrot Centrale, before our train to Cinque Terre. All manner of sumptuous deli delights including parmigiano Reggiano, lasagne Caprese, fresh pasta and crusty bread rolls filled with mozzarella di buffala and fresh tomatoes - how could we say no? It was a wonderful place to people watch for a time. A lady brought in her pampered Pomeranian - ushered to his own chair. In...

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