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Jun 21, 2015 - Day 27 Manorola, venazza, Monterosso

Day 27 Manorola 21 June 2015 off to Monterosso, venazza, and riomaggiore Had a long sleep. Until. About 10am when the neo ours started thumping around. We have been quite exhausted the last few day squeezing every last drop out of our holidays. Today we got up, paid our accommodation and then decided to jump on a train for venazza to the west. However the double decker trains were so packed that we decided to head east to riomagiore. Cit was a good move. The train East was empty and the town I was small and pretty. We headed for a small...

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Jun 20, 2015 - Day 26 Manorola

Day 26 Manorala, cinque Terre Saturday 20 June 2015 late night last night, early start today! Woke up at 5.30 and dived into the shower before driving the hire car to Lenate airport for return. Cerys had a bad night, so she tried to get some more rest before giving up and starting to get ready for departure. The drive to the airport was uneventful. Arrived at the airport just before 7 after fuelling up at a nearby station. Avis was closed, so I had a coffee to pass time to 7. When no one showed, I dropped the keys in the early return slot...

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Oct 14, 2014 - Manarola

Today we went to Manarola by train. The boats have been a bit iffy since Sunday because of the afternoon storms coming through. Luckily we did the nice boat ride on Sunday back from Riomaggiore past all the towns. From the station there is a 200 yard long tunnel to the town. These tunnels in the towns were used as air raid shelters during WW2. The town itself fills a ravine, bookended by its wild little harbour to the west and a diminutive church square to the east. It is a very pretty little town. We walked up through the town to have...

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Jun 26, 2014 - Day 11

Have breakfast at La Cantina: Approximately $100 Hike through Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza: Free Have lunch at Trattoria Dal Billy: Approximately $50 Finish hiking through Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore: Free Have dinner at Aristide: Approximately $60 Total cost of day: $210

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May 12, 2013 - Day 5 - Pisa to Manarola (Cinque Terre)

Some places we visit are so interesting....so different...so fantastic...that you sometimes actually consider that it might be worth changing your life and moving there. Manarola is certainly one of those. After a quick breakfast at the Hotel Leonardo...we packed our bags and headed to Viareggio about a half hour away. We found a spot behind the train station where we could park the car for free. Train fare to La Spezia was only about €5 each. In La Spezia we boarded a local train to Manarola. We decided to stay in Manarola after reading...

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Apr 14, 2013 - Vernazza and Manarola

We LOVE Cinque Terre! Awoke to church bells and a rooster this morning. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today...blue sky, no wind, and quite warm. I even got a bit of colour today. We hopped on the train to Vernazza which costs €1.80/person each way and only takes 5 minutes. Each of the towns is only about 5 minutes apart by train, so if you don't want to do a hike, it's cheap and convenient. We grabbed a bite to eat and a cappucino at an outdoor cafe on the waterfront. Talk about ambiance. Stefano actually works at this cafe (which we...

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Jul 4, 2012 - Cinque Terre

Jour 9 et 10 3 et 4 juillet 2012 Nous prenons le train de 9hres 20 de Gênes. J'ouvre une parenthèse car j'ai omis de mentionner que le Pesto provenant de Gênes est très populaire de par l'abondance de basilic dans cette région. Le Pesto est utilisé dans plusieurs plats comme une lasagne avec béchamel et Pesto (délicieux) ou tout simplement une quiche d'épinards et Pesto, fin de la parenthèse. Nous revenons vers Manarola dans le Cinque Terre qui est un Parc National qui regroupe 5 villages. Le trajet est d'une durée de 2 heures...à la...

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Mar 21, 2012 - Cinque Terre

So we woke up in our “very small” classic room and breakfast was brought to us at 9…as requested…and was served on the terrace. It was, in a word, idyllic. The café latte was fantastic and was served with bread, pate, croissants, toast, muffins, jam, nutella and yogurt. All this while looking out over the vineyards and the sea…pretty spectacular. But were weren’t alone…we had our friend Stan looking for a handout. Stan is a seagull and was always with us…usually on the roof right next to our terrace. I liked him…but I didn’t feed...

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Sep 26, 2011 - Cinque Terre

“Hey Rita, what does this hike remind you of?” I asked. “The Camino de Santiago”, she replied. Due to a landslide on the main route we were walking one of the inland routes between Manarola and Corniglia in Cinque Terre in Italy. The stone walkways, vineyards and remote villages brought back those fond memories of hiking in Spain in June. The villages of Cinque Terre are wonderful between 6:00 pm and 10:00 am as they are quaint and quiet but at 10:00 am the tour busses and the trains from Pisa and Livorno fill the streets with way too many...

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Sep 9, 2009 - Hiking near Riomaggiorie and Manarola

We decided to take the "botanical" hike up to the WWII bunkers. It was good practice for what was coming the next day - our planned hike of the whole Cinque Terre pass. We took a side tour down to the water and then marched up to the bar at the top. The thoughtful Italians seem to have a bar strategically placed where you need it the most. We enjoyed a cold ice tea, our first limoncello and the views. That evening Lori decided we were going to walk to Manarola on the walk del Amore. We arrived to find a wedding reception with family from...

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Jun 17, 2008 - Hike Corniglia to Manarola

Continued on from Corniglia to Manarola. Quite a contrast in that the way paralleled the train tracks and was just straight along the coastline. Reached beautiful Manarola but we were feeling pretty tired so we decided to leave this town for snooping on another day and grabbed the train back to Vernazza. Funny how 2 hours of hiking takes about 5 minutes on the train! In the evening we dined at a great terrace in the main seaside square of Vernazza. We sat next to a Scottish-Irish couple and had some nice conversation. The guy was in...

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Sep 10, 2007 - Cinque Terre - Wow! Wow! & Wow!

Hi everyone! We just spent the week in the most awesome part of Italy. The "Cinque Terre" (five hamlets) is located on the West coast of Italy north of Roma. The five hamlets are Monterosso (a true tourist town), Vernazza, Corniglia (pronounced Corenia as the person who wrote the town name down for the official record misspelled the name but the people refused to change how it was pronounced) Manarola (where we had a lovely apartment)and Riomarriore. All the towns are small (biggest about 2,600 locals) Manarola about 1,500. No cars are...

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