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Dec 4, 2011 - Genoa

We got into Genoa late on December 3rd. Of course again we were overcharged for the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. It was very interesting that if you speak Italian, you can get a 50% discount on taxis. The hotel was very nice for a European hotel. Of course the bathroom was very small. When you drop the roll of paper and lean down to pick it up, you will hit your head on the sink! However, I only did that once. Our two days in Genoa were very nice. We had some fabulous food and beautiful scenery. Although the food is excellent in...

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The Adairs in Europe

Sep 14, 2011 - La Spezia - sit around the pool day

Change of plans for today - decided that it is just too perfect here at the hotel not to sit around the pool and relax all day! Wonderful views from everywhere, perfect weather and everyone else seing the sights (which we'll do tomorrow) so we have the place to ourselves! Wish you were all here!

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Sep 29, 2009 - Musica and Fantasia

Musica What a wonderful experience we had on this cruise ship..we met some wonderful people, enjoyed the variety of food and liked that we had a room to escape to when need be. A great way to see many different cities and countries without the worry of travelling during the day and settling into accommodation of a night. Staff on the Musica were very charming and always wanting to please. The people we met made the trip oh so enjoyable.. Fantasia Although more glamourous and we were given an upgrade with a cabin with a balcony which was...

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Sep 27, 2009 - Genoa (Italy)

The final part of our trip. Another beautiful city with old and new mixed. We stayed in a wonderful 'olde worlde'hotel The Bristol and enjoyed the spacious room with its ornate ceilings, large sash windows and the warmth of the antiquity of it. Arrive very early in the morning so crashed for awhile and decided to take a stroll around looking somewhere to eat. Surprised to find nothing open! Returned to our room after admiring the alleys, the big city square surrounded by the theatre, museum and water fountain. Later in the afternoon we were...

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Sep 21, 2009 - Naples, Italy

Naples is the capital of the Campania region and has over 1 million population. It is the 3rd larges Italian city. Although it is crowded and dirty it is fascinating with its cobblestone roads and little narrow laneways-and lack of road rules! 'Rafferty's rules' reigns with drivers loving the sound of their horns! We walked down a few of the alleys with reservation, but it was good to get a 'feel' of the place. We were warned by our waiter Christian (from Naples) not to wear any jewellery and to keep a tight grip on our money! There doesn't...

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Sep 20, 2009 - Genoa

Bus trip from Venice to Genoa. A long trip of approximately 5 hours through some of the Italian countryside-wineries, maize fields, tomatoes. We have not seen a lot of animal stock in Italy or Greece and were excited to see three sheep in one of the little villas in the hills about an hour out of Genoa. These villas were very pretty in this hilly countryside.

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May 24, 2009 - Day trip to Portofino

Sun 24th May---Weather:-Nice and sunny We had a little look today at the place where it all started---La Dolce Vita (the good life) or should I say---the good and expensive life? Here, on the Italian Riviera, in a little bay sits the little hamlet known as Portofino. This was THE place where Old Hollywood actors would go on vacation; actors such as Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart & Tyrone Power. With its dramatic tree-lined cliffs, ocean views and warm weather this quaint little fishing town has become the darling of the rich...

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May 23, 2009 - Genoa on foot

Sat 23rd May---Weather:-Sunny/25degrees Famous natives of Genoa include the Italian freedom fighter and revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-72), the national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-82), Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) the discoverer of America, and the great virtuoso of the violin Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840). Today we were lucky enough to be able to roam around the city. Instead of catching a bus we decided to follow the port around to get to the older part (centro storico) of the city--it was a lot closer than it looks—only...

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May 22, 2009 - Cortona to Genoa

Fri 22nd May---Weather:-Overcast/24 at destination Cortona to Genoa (350km) (3:20h) A funny night was had by us last night. We now realize that the residents of Via il Guelfa, the little street that we were living in, in Cortona do not have to go and visit each other. We had noticed them during the day time hanging out of windows and talking to each other but last night because it was so hot everybody including us had every window and door open to try to pick up any little breeze that was about. All the windows are double glazed and the...

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May 18, 2009 - An open letter to Italy

Dear Italy: You stink...I havent had a breath of fresh air since 2 days ago (in france), your cities may not have a crapload of people in them, but they sure as hell sound like they do. Your commuters wont stop honking, people spit everywhere, people yell and scream at each other like ive never heard before. Youre alnnoying noisy kids are 5 times noisier than the most annoying noisy kid Ive ever heard. Smog destroys the nice views of the hills that your cities are built in, youre muggy and clammy (and not in that good-for-your-skin tropical...

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May 9, 2009 - Italian Riviera

ITALIAN RIVIERA (Travel Tips are bolded) Chaos ensued immediately upon entering Italy! We were looking forward to seeing the gardens at Villa Hanbury in Ventimiglia, “one of the most impressive botanical gardens in Italy”. Upon entering Ventimiglia, just across the border from France, we were directed to a detour unlike anything we have ever experienced. The detour took us through the most derelict of “streets”, if you can call them that, so narrow we at times had to pull in our mirrors, with turns every 20 yards. If anyone was behind us...

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Aug 17, 2008 - Paradise Along the Coast of the Italian Riviera

Paradise. We moved to our next city in Italy - Camogli. I'm sitting in one of our two balconies and staring into our view. I'll describe it, but without doing justice. We sit in a horseshoe with the villa sitting at the bottom. On the left, right and behind us are lush green mountains. We stare out into these mountains on the side of us and the beautiful town of Camogli which is located on the bottom of the mountain. Beyond the town is the majestic aqua blue Mediterranean Sea. In the morning we eat our cereal and drink our tea and get lost...

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