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Nov 8, 2007 - Roma (ITALIA)

Regrese a Roma por unos dias. Hice el turismo que me faltaba, incluyendo las excavaciones debajo de la Basilica di San Pietro donde se encontro lo que se cree es la tumba de San Pedro. Se necesita reservar con anticipacion para entrar, pero vale la pena, es una parte de San Pietro que no mucha gente ve, y es muy interesante. Tambien vi las tumbas de los papas, inc. Juan Pablo II. Hay miles de gente, y se siente una cierta energia... Otros sites fueron las Termas de Caracalla, las Catacumbas de San Sebastiano, San Crispino una vez mas, etc.

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Oct 31, 2007 - Return to Rome

We returned to Rome to fly out. We missed the last entry for Vatican by 15 minutes, which really sucked. We decided to make it up to ourselves by eating lasagna out. We chose the restaurant with the most attractive host and best price. Our waiter/host did not speak very good English, so we switched over to Spanish and Italian mix, which was fun. He was very attentive and taught us a few phrases. I had previously learned the way to ask for the check, which impressed him. After he brought the check he brought us limoncello on the house, which...

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Oct 31, 2007 - Roma (ITALIA)

Llegue a Roma a quedarme un mes para aprender italiano. El primer hostal en que me quede fue un desastre, se estaba como sardinas, asi que al 3er dia me cambie a uno mucho mejor. Sin embargo, esta en pleno distrito de puro imigrante (al sur de la estacion Termini), asi que no te sientes en Roma. Todas las tiendas en 5 cuadras a la redonda son de chinos, y ademas hay indios, negros, latinos y miles de peruanos! Roma es la ciudad mas espectacular de Europa. Por donde mires hay ruinas, edificios historicos, palacios bonitos, gelaterias...

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Oct 30, 2007 - Rome

So Rome is/was AMAZING!!! The first thing that happened to me when I got off the plane was a German lady came up to me and started speaking German, then gave me a metro pass. I'm guessing she didn't use it all up before she left, so she looked for a fellow German to give it to, and I am blonde, so that was good enough for her. Actually, I was addressed in German a couple of times. Next I got on the bus and I thought I was going to die, it was scary. The drivers here are crazy. I would sooner have a blind person drive me around, as long as...

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Oct 30, 2007 - Rome continued

Hello again from Rome, While it is pouring rain and about 15 degrees outside right now it has been about 25 and sunny every day here so Jesse and I have some amazing pictures to show you of this town filled with ancient ruins everywhere you look. We started our second day in Rome by walking to the Colosseum and taking a tour inside of its remarkably preserved walls. We walked through the first and second levels of the structure, seeing original Roman brickwork and stairs dating back two thousand years. The size of the place is hard to...

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Oct 28, 2007 - Roma

Ciao We hit the roads in the afternoon, not quite sure how far we would be able to travel, but hoping we would make it to Rome tonight. We stopped in Pisa to see the famous leaning tower. And thats all they have there! Beautiful inside the walled area around the tower, but grotty outside it. And full of hustlers, selling their cheap knockoffs! You imagine it is going to be a beautiful little town, but no!! The entry is free to view the tower, and you wonder if they should charge a $1 just so they have money to scrub up the town. The tower...

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Oct 28, 2007 - Rome, Italy (Updated - Photos)

Bonjourno from Roma! Jesse and I got into Rome yesterday at about 3:30pm after a slightly uncomfortable train ride as we were in a car full of people the entire trip. Luckily the view of the Italian countryside made up for the cramped quarters. When we arrived at the station we bought a map of the city, then walked the few blocks to our hotel before taking a walk through town to take some pictures. Our first stop on our walk was the Colosseum and the many nearby ruins. We got some excellent pictures of the area while walking along the wall...

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Oct 23, 2007 - Roma

We had only two days in Rome and with so much to see, we had to dominate as much as possible. We met Mark and Trish at our hotel, and grabbed a quick bite before making it to the Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain before it got too dark. I then got us lost and we ended up walking home which took over an hour. (I thought it was a nice experience) A few drinks on our hotel terrace and then dinner at a family run place nearby. The bus boy, roughly 120 years old, gave us all a hard time for using a knife with our pasta. More grunting and pointing...

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Oct 18, 2007 - pre-italy departure

So I won't really have access to a computer for the next week or so, unless I go to an internet cafe, but that costs. It's pre-italy, and I am so excited I've had to pee like every hour. I get to go to the place I want to go to most. After this I'll have to find someplace new... weird. Anyway, I'll keep a handwritten journal, anything interesting I'll write up here later, along with photos, though I do have a 60 picture limit per month. Luckily I have 40 left for this month. Anyway, yay! I'm going to plot myself in Italy now because I won't...

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Oct 17, 2007 - 1 bus 2 trams, 2 bottles of vino, and Naples and Tivoli

Hello, thanks to all who have responded by telling us they are alive are glad we are having a great time (no we are not drunk alll theee Time!!!) Sun. We went to go to the markets but unfortunately got lost somewhere trying to find local markets, but found Trevi again and more shops, so not all was bad. Also found the forum and panpipes, which lyn did buy 2 cds. Kept wondering until deciding to catch a bus, followed by 2 trams which we hoped knew where they were going because after the bus we had no idea as we were still looking for the...

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Oct 13, 2007 - Arrividerci Firenze Bonjourno Roma - vino rosso & more protests

Hi all, Where are you all - we'd love some feedback from someone!!!!!! Since our last update we have managed a very interesting nighttime tour of Florence on a bus. Not a planned tour but some how we managed to miss our stop twice!!!! This meant that not only did we do the circuit- ending up 500 mts from our start but we also managed to meet Florence's own transvesite bag lady and have to catch a taxi home!!! Certainly a night to remember. The next day up early to catch the train to Cortona. WOW what a fantastic place and the countryside to...

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Oct 12, 2007 - San Gimignano to Roma !

Well today we leave here. I cant believe a weeks passed already. It went so fast. This morning we packed our suitcases and locked up the apartment. The car was packed but I had to just have one last good bye. So We had a coffee up in the Piazza Cisterna and sat in the sun just people watching for half an hour then it was time to hit the road. The drive to Roma was pretty easy. Once you get on the right autostrada its go, go ,go. Cars flying past you at 150klms hour. I drove about half the way then Joe took over for the trek into Romes...

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