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Nov 16, 2004 - ITALY - ROME!!

Well, I absolutely loved ROME and Italy for that matter! Everyone seriously needs to travel to Italy. There is SO much to see and do there! You could easily spend a few weeks just traveling around Italy and not see everything you wanted to see. I was in Rome for basically four days and didn't come close to seeing everything I wanted. It was so great because when I left Prague it was 30 deg. and when I got to Rome it was 65-70deg. It was bright and sunny the whole time. I thought I walked a lot in Berlin but Berlin doesn't hold a candle to...

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Nov 15, 2004 - ROME (italy)

Just one night and one full day to explore this massive historical metropolis. Pops having visited here 6 years ago, planned an itinery for the young Andy so he could see the main bits without rushing everywhere (yes she is a teacher and so yes she does like to plan). After booking into Gullivers House, the homely hostel pops stayed in last time, we walked thru the streets of Rome until we 'stumbled' across the Trevi fountain, a popular place best seen in the twilight hours. Round the corner was the Panthenon but in the dark one can only...

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Nov 12, 2004 - The Eternal City

Well, as the saying goes I guess it is inevitable that the road would lead me to Rome. I have been to some pretty impressive cities in Europe... Krakow, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, but Rome has to definitely be the new number one. I don't know what I was expecting but it is bigger, grander, more awe inspiring than I imagined. It feels like it is a massive movie set created to film gladiator movies; ancient ruins still mostly intact enveloped by a modern city buzzing with Vespa motor scooters, Lamborghinis and fashionable Italians....

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Nov 5, 2004 - Rome, Italy

I'm glad I took the Siena break because it recharged me for Rome. The bus ride from Siena was through Tuscany where every hill has a farmhouse or villa stuck on top. I wish that I had worked a little more on spending some time in the country when I saw this area from the bus. I think I've got the Italian way of crossing the street just about down. In a nutshell: Step right into the traffic and it will stop for you. After spending way too long at the curb while people pass by me and cross the street while I wait for a break in the traffic,...

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Oct 30, 2004 - Rome

I quickly ran out of class to catch the train to Stuttgart so that night I could catch a night train to Rome. I grabbed all of my things that I had packed the night before and off the bus stop I went. Although the bus was late, I made with plenty of time to the train station where I took the short trip to Stuttgart and got on a train headed for Munich, which is where the night train to Rome started from. On the train to Munich I sat next to a nice german girl who could speak English and we talked for the 2 hour train ride about all sorts of...

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Oct 18, 2004 - Bella Roma

Honestly, two entries in one day. Someone definitely has too much time on his hands!! I am safely in Rome, and the weather has definitely improved (sod's law though as I have spent the best two days weather-wise so far on trains). Still, it is great to be back in Rome and I am just about to go for a stroll down to the Colosseum (I think that's how it is spelt) and the Trevi Fountain (doubt I'll see Anita Ekberg enjoying La Dolce Vita, but you never know my luck). Still, the legend is true, because I threw a coin in last year, and I have now...

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Oct 13, 2004 - Building an Arc - Rome

It was always going to happen, the rain had finally caught up with us and how. The last couple of days in Florence were very wet and the rain had followed us down the A1 to Rome. Entering Rome wasn`t as difficult as we first thought however after missing the worlds most hidden campsite entrance we were coasting down the via Flamino into centro roma. It is at this point the drivers turned on us and the skys really opened up. We skirted around central Rome, through some strange woodlands and two hours skirting round the borders of the...

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Sep 19, 2004 - Report on 2nd day Roma

Hello everyone, here is an update of our journey. Today Aldo our bus driver took us to the Colossuem where Maritsa our tour co-ordinator in Italy introduced us to Ned our the local tour specialist. The Colosseum as we call it is absolutely fantastic considering it was built in the 7th century. By the way it was built by tradesman and when in its pristine state could hold 50,000 Geelong supporters. The floor was covered with a wooden floor then covered in sand, thus in the old days it was called the Arena which means sand(just a bit of...

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Sep 17, 2004 - Rome

Spent the last few days in Roma. Saw the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Captial Hill, the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters. All the places were unbelievable with St. Peters absolutly the most amazing building so far. We experienced the White Night last night and it was out of control. MTv started at 12:00 with six DJs till 5:00 in the morning. Two million people were estimated to be on the streets last night. All of Rome was open for 24 hours and most things were free to see like the museums and churches.

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Sep 6, 2004 - Roma

Hello from Rome! Here is where our paths diverge a bit. Brenden is off to Southern Italy for his third workcamp followed by more time in Germany and I am spending the next two weeks traveling in Italy followed by a ten day silent meditation retreat in France. Hope this finds everyone well! I will take the huge responsibility of having a bit of gelato (Italian ice cream!!) for each of you. Rome is incredible! (We still have many more photos from India. Hopefully time will allow us to put them up soon.)

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Sep 4, 2004 - Florence - Rome - Day 13

We had an early start to get to Rome this morning to get into the Vatician City and Sistine Chapel as they only sell tickets until midday. When we got to Rome we caught the underground train into the centre of the city. What an experience!!! There was this gypsy on the cabin we got into... He was sitting there with his dog and looked so filthy and drunk... Anyway no one went near him we all stood even though he had seats all around him. He then started mouthing off in another language, all I picked up was tourists and you should be dead. He...

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Trip Journal

Laurel's 2004 OE

Sep 4, 2004 - The Eternal City

Wednesday September 1 must have been the start of the hunting season in Italy as we woke to the sound of gunshots. Duck shooters were shooting by the river (as they were every morning). Anyway it ensured an early start and we headed into Rome and started at the Pantheon which was pretty incredible especially as it is over 2000 year old. Then on to the Chiesa di Santa Maris Supra Minerva to see a couple of Michelangelo sculptures. Piazza Navona followed and we enjoyed a delicious panini each as we sat by the Fontana del Quattro Flumi. We...

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