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Jul 10, 2012 - Italy - Reggio Calabria

22nd June – 23rd June 2012 (Bed 49) Today we arrived in Reggio Calabria which is only 12 km away from where we will be catching the ferry to Sicily on our way to Malta. To our surprise, it was a very trendy and lively place. You are not going to believe this, but Arthur suggested that we spend 2 days here and do some clothes shopping. Yes, you read right, CLOTHES SHOPPING. Three months of wearing and washing the same clothes has taken its toll on them. Who am I to argue! We struck it lucky with our hotel which was located only a street away...

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Mar 6, 2012 - Crotone

Wiki Info Crotone Today was the first day I've opened the dry milk I carry to put on my cereal which I also carry. Until now breakfast (such as it is - usually tea, jam bread & butter) has been included in our cost of O.N.s! Bon & Mari feel no need to eat early, however, I have to eat w/in an hour of rising or I get crabby sooner, ha! Also, I really miss my granola! Everywhere on the eastern side of the boot of Italy in the S. where the land is flat along the mediterranean are plots of oranges grapes olives produce even small fields of...

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Jun 15, 2011 - Partay time!

Wednesday was our day at sea so there was absolutely no option but to stay on board and relax the day away. I did my best. As a treat we started yoga a bit later – 7:15 vs. 7 am (I know, it was a bit wild and crazy of us) and the usual gym trip and walk set me up nicely for the day. I had a spa treatment of reflexology and acupuncture at 11am, which was very interesting (no bad news diagnosed). The doctor of acupuncture was a lovely young man in his late 20’s and clearly very committed to his profession, however his nails were a bit too...

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Aug 11, 2009 - Nutz’s ( Frank’s Grandpa) Birthplace

This is the day we took a Journey to the birthplace of Franks Grandpa. We had trouble finding a car to rent, and finally the evening before we made an arrangement. So off we went with a Google map and directions in Italian from the hotel desk. The map said it was 303km and approximately 4 hours, the only piece we could really read was the number of km’s to the next turn. The majority of the drive was on the autostadda 3, that BC highways could learn from as we went through 51 tunnels, and at least over double that many bridges in each...

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Nov 3, 2008 - At Sea

Well not much to say today. Had the day at sea and just sat around talking to people we have met. We did wake up sitting just of the island of Sicily with a staff member talking on his cellfone on the top deck and waving to his either girlfriend or wife. We know this because we whipped upstairs to see where we were and saw him. Funny!!!!! Went throught the gap between Sicily and Italy which is big enough to get through and the captain went full speed we think because of the amount of water rushing through the gap. A couple of hours later we...

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