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May 1, 2013 - Old Jaffa

Wednesday 1st May Today we drove into the centre of the old town of Jaffa. First we got an audio tour tape from the information centre which directed us around the historic site with accompanying explanations. A quick meal and ice cream for lunch and then a continuation of the tour into an underground museum. This was where considerable excavation had taken place to show the historic background to Jaffa and its original importance as a port. Excellent tour and a couple of explanatory films as well.

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Apr 30, 2013 - Jerusalem and Raanana

Sunday 28th April In the afternoon we went in to Jerusalem to the Machane Yehuda street market in one of the older parts of the town. Machane Yehuda was one of the first Jewish settlements outside the old walled city. There we bought some fruit and vegetables and also had excellent light dinner in one of the cafes. Monday 29th April Went to visit my nephew Daniel, his wife and four children in Raanana. Had a very pleasant time with them all.

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Apr 27, 2013 - Our first few days in Israel

Wednesday 24th April. Got up early so as to drive to Heathrow and hopefully miss the traffic. Fat chance, the M25 lived up to its reputation as the largest parking lot in the world! Anyway, we got to Heathrow to find out our plane was late! Had a nice flight to Ben-Gurion airport in Tel Aviv where we were met by my brother Gordon. Picked up our rental car from Hertz and drove to Gordon’s apartment. Thursday 25th April Basically did nothing during the day other than a short walk. In the evening I went to what I thought was a local amateur...

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Jul 26, 2012 - Shalom v' L'hitraot

Our taxi driver to Ben Gurion this morning was Amos Levy. The ride from the Dan Hotel to Ben Gurion airport early on a Thursday morning with a taxi driver who knows where he's going takes about 30 minutes and cost 150 shekels. This ride may have been the most important we have ever taken in Israel. No, I'm certain it was. Amos was interested to hear that Debbie lived in Washington DC as he very much hopes to go there one day to visit the National Holocaust Memorial. You see, there is a tribute there to his daughter, Rachel Levy. Rachel was...

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Jul 25, 2012 - Neve Tzedek

In 1840 Aharon Chelouche arrived in Jaffa with his parents from Algiers. He made a fortune in just about every way you can think of and by 1886 he was ready to expand his land speculation business outside the walls of Jaffa. In those days, the traditional way to measure land was based upon the distance one could throw a rock and Chelouche apparently had a great arm. Presumably he could nail a runner headed for home from deep centre field. I will propose an amendment to our Land Titles registration system and then get Ari to stake out some...

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Jul 24, 2012 - Nahalat Binyamin - "Hello Howie Darling!"

During my second year of law school I shared an apartment for the winter semester with Richard ("Ree-shard") Frenette after Norm left me for another woman and married Janet during the winter holiday break, leaving me in need of someone to share the rent. I found him from a note I posted on the Students Union bulletin board to which he responded. Where the hell was the Internet when I needed it? Richard was from La Belle Province. Richard's English and my French merged into a mélange language called Frenglish. His major weekly pronouncement...

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Jul 23, 2012 - Yafo Yafeh

Even Israeli’s think that the breakfast at the Dan hotel is pretty, pretty good. For me, anyplace that serves 5 kinds of halvah for breakfast is at the top of the list, for sure. Confirmation of the extra special aura that surrounds the breakfast room and it’s fixings came from Yizhar Hess later this afternoon. Yizhar met me for a drink in the magnificent lobby bar that overlooks the ocean to discuss some ideas for invigorating the Masorti movement’s profile and fundraising in Canada. After the meeting, we went next door to look at the...

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Jul 10, 2012 - So that's what "Family Style" means...

Definition of whirlwind: Calgary Stampede Parade on Friday; Sulfur Mountain Gondola on Saturday; Wedding at Banff Springs Hotel on Sunday; nearly throw up outside Wetaskiwin on Monday; dinner in Jamaica (New York) on Tuesday; off to Israel on Wednesday. I fell asleep watching the MLB All-Star Game last night. Baseball can do that to you. Especially when it's 8-0 in the 7th inning and the pitchers are all whizzing fastballs past batters at 101 mph. More likely, though, I was tired. As we prepare to board the one-way Aliyah flight to Israel...

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Jul 9, 2012 - Why is this ticket only one way?

This journey to Israel came up suddenly and unexpectedly in mid-June. A summer that was supposed to be uneventful has turned into... event full, indeed! Part of my portfolio as an International Vice-President of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) includes connections between Israel and North American Conservative congregations. To other people this sounds interesting (sometimes). To my family, it just makes me a shul nerd. The shul nerd business has paid off, in spades. Nefesh B'Nefesh ("soul to soul") is the agency that...

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Feb 9, 2012 - A quickie to Tel Aviv and our Goodbye Dinner!

So... the dreaded day arrived - my last full day in Israel. Also of some dread was the inescapable fact of my nasty cold, aching back (old age and trying to keep up with the Boy on our many excursions). So, we slept in but then decided that we would take a quick trip into Tel Aviv to go to the shuk. There were one or two people for whom I had not yet bought a gift, so we decided to go. The shuk was an entirely different kind of place than it was on the afternoon before the Sabbath! No artisans were set up, and there were a fraction of the...

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Feb 3, 2012 - Our Day in Tel Aviv

So, after sleeping a full 8-hour night on Thursday night, I woke up and got ready to take my first excursion with the Boy. The kibbutz has cars that are communally available for the use of all kibbutz members, but we found out that they have a per-mile charge, so we decided we would go with Budget Rent-a-Car. We went back to the airport to get a car, and got a Ford Fiesta - appropo for our family! (My stepfather worked at Ford for more than 40 years). Then we went back to the kibbutz to get Galya (Ari's girlfriend), and two other girls,...

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Jan 1, 2012 - Caesarea Philippi

Jacob shared of a timeHesbola shot 8000 rockets into Israel. Because of the number of bomb shelters there were only 39 casualties. He spoke much of the termoil and Hesbola's hatred. They deny Israel even by not marking it on the map and denying there was a temple here. Jacob, who is not a believer in Christ, says it is too complicated. "There will NEVER be a time of peace others speak of. There is no easy solution or even no solution it is too complex." Reading Jordan comment quoted from Mark Twain's book from when he traveled to the Holy...

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