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Mar 25, 2009 - We arrived in Israel!

It was a long and tiring trip but we arrived here on time today and no luggage was lost! Most of the group was able to get a fews hours of sleep during the 7,000 mile journey but after dinner this evening, it was straight to bed! We are thrilled to have an amazing tour guide here. His name is Mike (Mikahla). He is facinating us with his level of knowledge. The Sea of Galilee is right outside our hotel window but we arrived after dark so look forward to the first light of morning! Wake up call is 6 AM tomorrow, so Shalom for now!

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Mar 11, 2008 - A Less Frenzied Report from Israel - Day One

After taking about a half hour to upload the photos I want to share with you and, considering the cost of online time from here, I'll tell you all about the first day . . . and will get as much online as possible from here. Whatever I don't get to will be finished when we get back. Fair nuff??? Our plane took off around 3:00 on Sunday, March 9th. It was a direct flight to Tel Aviv on El Al and I think you could say that Bill (it was his first trip to Israel!) was just a tad bit excited. Because we were flying with 40 other people from our...

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Jul 27, 2007 - Akko (antigua Acre)

Un dia me fui a Akko, la antigua Acre de los Cruzados. Fue un parto llegar, porque fui durante el Sabbath, que es cuando los judios no mueven ni un dedo (literalmente, no pueden ni prender un foco!). Pero por fin llegue. Era el principal puerto de los Cruzados en la Tierra Santa, el sitio a donde llego Marco Polo en el Levante (Palestina) antes de empezar su viaje hacia el Khitai (Imperio Mongol), y la ultima ciudad en caer a los musulmanes (mamelucos) en su reconquista del Medio Oriente. Aun se ve la ciudad amurallada con varios de los...

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