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Mar 8, 2019 - Newgrange, Knowth, and Dowth: March 8

This was another fieldtrip for another one of my Irish Cultural classes. The three places we went were ancient burial sites built thousands of years ago. The first place we went was Newgrange which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is this burial site with a big white wall around it made of quartz stone. When the monument was built there is no way that would have happened and the stones would have most likely been like a carpet around the entire thing. There are kerb stones around the whole monument and some are carved and decorated. It...

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Oct 7, 2016 - Valley of the Boyne

This morning we were in no rush and enjoyed exploring the castle and its grounds. We have a light day as this is our last day as a group. We are going to the Valley of the Boyne an area that has had humans living in it for thousands of years. They have left behind temple and burial mounds not unlike the indian mounds we find here along the Mississippi River. Before we go we gather for that group photo, and what a pretty place to do it. We load up for a short trip to the Boyne Valley Visitors Center. We tour the exhibits then have some time...

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May 1, 2016 - Newgrange

The passage mounds are older than pyramids or stone hedge. The stones around base and in passage are several tons in weight and come from an area 80 km.away. How did they do it?? There is a third area of mounds called Dowth the passage in all of them are aligned so that the sun enters them during Equinox or Soltice. Sunlight doesn't come in through entrance doorway but through a special opening called a light box above the doorway. Many smaller mounds surround the main large ones. The excavation and restoration and reconstruction has taken...

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Ireland 2016

Sep 21, 2014 - Day 33 - Rush to Newgrange

Bit of a mixed bag today. I got up about 7.45 (I'd been awake for a couple of hours) and went for a nice walk. It was a beautiful morning and the sea looked lovely. Chatted to Dermot when I got home and he cooked me breakfast..scrambled eggs (from his chickens), bacon (from his pigs), sausages (not sure of their provenance), potato bread (shop bought and a new experience for me) and chilli jam (made by Dermot). Delicious and I won't need to eat for the rest of the day. Dermot was expecting two other visitors last night who were going to...

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Nov 4, 2013 - The Oldest Building in Europe

So much has been written about Stonehenge, it's alignment etc. But did you know that Newgrange (in the centre of Ireland) was built 600 years earlier than Stonehenge (3200 BC cf 2600 BC)? It is structured so that sun only enters the inner compound on the Winter Solstice. Those ancient celts were great engineers over 2 millennia before Romulus was building and 600 years before Pharaohs started building tombs with rocks in a triangular shape. Why then is Newgrange not as famous as Stonehenge or the Roman Pyramids?

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May 21, 2012 - The Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange

Our trip started off with a drive by tour of Bram Stoker's home just outside of Dublin. I was very excited to get to see where he lived given my huge vampire obsession! We continued to Howth, which looks so different on a bright sunny day! You can see a lot of the pictures are a repeat from my previous trip out there but I just couldn't help it. The sun really makes a difference to these small villages and towns. We walked around the pier and discovered a couple having picnic in the car park. I was pretty surprised since there was so much...

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Aug 29, 2011 - Bru Na Boine, Ireland

The next leg of our journey was to drive from Belfast to Dublin, where we would return our rental car and head home to the USA. Along the way, we visited Brú na Bóinne - the largest and one of the most important prehistoric megalithic sites in Europe. It is a complex of Neolithic chamber tombs, standing stones, henges and other prehistoric enclosures, dating back to the Stone Age. The area consists of many different sites, with the three principal passage tombs being Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. We started our visit at the Bru Na Boine...

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May 11, 2011 - Ireland's Stonehenge, Newgrange

We’ve talked many times about going to Newgrange; but, since it’s on the north side of Dublin, an overnight stay is almost required. We hate to spend too much time away from Mom but we decided to do the trip this time. The weather hasn’t been great so we’ve spent a fair amount of time at home. The improved roads in Ireland make the trip fairly painless. The super slab is called the dual carriage-way….meaning lanes of traffic going both directions and sometimes more than 2 lanes each way. We made terrific time and Esther whipped us around...

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Sep 19, 2010 - Newgrange

@@@@@@@ BACKGROUND The Celts claimed that the legendary kings of Tara were buried here, but Newgrange was built around 3200 BC on a bend north of the river Boyne. Invaders left the grave untouched until it was rediscovered in AD 1699. It was built by clever people without the use of wheels to move the massive stones or metal tools to aid in carving them. Loose stones were transported to build the cairn, a huge mound meant to protect the passage tomb. When the site was excavated in the 1960s, it was discovered that the rays of the sun would...

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Sep 4, 2008 - Back to the Stoneage

After breakfast we set of north west to see the prehistoric site known as Newgrange. Newgrange is actually several sites. Newgrange itself, Knowth and Douth. Each is a “Passage tomb”, so named due to the design of the large building with a narrow passage and a central room in which have been found human remains. Douth is not part of the tour and has lost most of its artifacts over the centuries. We did not visit it. We arrived at the site and were greeted by a lady who gave us stickers with the times of the tours to which we were allocated....

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Jul 3, 2007 - Magic!

Today we visited Newgrange monument. This place is amazing! It dates back to 3200 BC. The structure is out of this world. Neolithic peoples were incredibly intelligent - although they forgot to leave notes on what the heck this structure is about! There are three monuments in the area - we chose to only visit one. Newgrange contains the famous spiral entrance stone. it is also the one that on the winter solstice at 9 am the sun shines directly into the chamber and lights up an entirely dark chamber. I can't describe to you what this is...

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Jul 2, 2007 - Life's lessons

Well today was suppose to be a travel day combined with a trip to Newgrange. However, the hotel we checked out of kept my credit card in error and we spent about 3 hours trying to find it and then trying to convince them that they had it. In the end I gave them where we were staying in the Dublin area this night and took off down the road thinking how I can do the rest of the trip on cash, considering the bank machines only let me take out about 200 Euros a day. It will take planning! Aghhhhhhh! Anyways, we drove forever towards Dublin and...

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