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Jul 25, 2009 - A casual stroll up a Volcano

So after the last blog and the end of diving school we had one day to chill out before embarking on our little hike! We spent the day bumming around Gili T, hired bikes and headed north around the island to Coral Beach. Everybody seemed to be going around on bikes...easy we though. ha...turns out most of the pathway is not a path but sand, and funnily enough bike wheels don't move too well when they're not on a solid surface. Needless to say there was much cursing, screaming and laughing, which culminated in Jess skidding one way and then...

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Aug 1, 2006 - Volcano Bound!

We managed a morning swim down at the beach after breakfast before setting off for the volcano (Gunung Rinjani) at midday. While we were waiting for Vic and Rich to check out Matt started an impromptu game of keepy-uppy (with his Malay wicker football) with the local guys at the hotel.. We had spectacular scenery again as we went up the east coast of Lombok. We had a slight moment of worry as Rich went down a one way street the wrong way and we were pulled up by a policeman. If Matt was fined for not turning on a red light surely Rich was...

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Jan 2, 2006 - Lombok

Similar to Bali in size and population, Lombok is a beautiful island that is relatively untouched by tourism. Primarily Muslim, this island also differs from the Hindu Bali and helps to make up the 90% of Indonesia that is Muslim (of note: Indonesia contains the largest concentration of Muslim people, and is the fourth most populated country in the world). With a one night stopover in Lombok, we had the great pleasure of meeting with Posan's (our Indonesian guide) family in a somewhat remote village and having a proper Indonesian meal....

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Jul 20, 2005 - Indonesia - Lombok - Gunung Rinjani

Selamat Siang!!! Three-day trekking to get to the summit of the Gunung Rinjani, the second highest peak in Indonesia. DAY 1 We leave at 6.30am. This looks more like an expedition than a trek, judging by the number of porters and guides. We carry a tent, rubber mats, sleeping bags, plenty of food and water and winter clothes. After five hours uphill, we stop for lunch at an altitude of 1950m. We are surrounded by monkeys and become witnesses to the cycle of life and death when they cut the throat of a chicken right there, by our side. There...

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