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Dec 30, 2016 - Mighty Mt Bromo

Final port before home: Probolinggo, which is in Java. Mostly Hindu ... and farmers. The star of the show is the volcano, or several volcanos, most predominant, and active is Bromo. Getting there is part of the challenge. And since we don't pay ship tour prices, a Google drive-by turns up Bromo tours which can do everything and more than the ship tour can and for way less. So we hope, but reviews tend to tell the tale, so we can generally tell when something will work, will generally work, should work or will most likely work. This one...

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Christmas in Indo

May 26, 2014 - The Coffee Lady

We left at 9am for a 3 hour walking tour of the farms and villages. We walked through the rice patty fields which was absolutely beautiful. We reached a stream of water that wrapped around the base of a mountain and took in all the greenery and teared rice pattys. We walked through the village and visited the eldest lady there known as the "coffee lady". She was amazing! At ninety three she still sits on the ground and grinds the coffee beans for her special coffee. She has a one room hut that operates as her tiny business. She brewed the...

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Nov 23, 2011 - Java - Day 13 - 3am Sunrise climb on Mount Pananjakan

We woke up at 3am, gathered ourselves and started our journey down the road to climb to the viewing point on Pananjakan mountain to see the sunrise. The sky was clear, you could see the stars shining above and all you could hear were the hooves of the horses passing by, loud engines from both the motorcycles and the 4x4 jeeps gracing the air with petrol fumes. As they pass by they ask you if you want to take the horse or motorcycle up the mountain rather than walk, of course we always decline. It was so dark to begin with that we could not...

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Nov 22, 2011 - Java - Day 12 - Climbing Mount Bromo

Woke up, checked out of our hotel and made our way to the main street to catch a yellow mini bus. The yellow mini bus goes extensively throughout Probolinggo, where we were 'dumped' off last night. Generally, a cost of $3,000 rupees per each person is required. As we flagged down the bus and asked him to take us to the local bus station the driver of course tried to rip us off but Jason said no, $3,000 and started to walk away...of course the driver then agreed to take us to the terminal. As we are driving he asked us if we were going to...

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Nov 21, 2011 - Bali- Day 11 - Sad goodbye to Bali, Rude Welcome to Java!

We had one last delicious Mango smoothie with breakfast and made our way to the street side to take a mini bus ($2.40 each) to West Bali, where we took the ferry to East Java (Ketapang). It was rather sad/difficult for us to leave Bali. The people are extremely friendly and seem to go out of their way to help however they can. We quickly discovered that this does not seem to be the same in Java. Even before boarding the boat, we had security trying to get us to buy our bus tickets from an overpriced vendor for our trip onward from Ketapang...

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Jun 30, 2008 - Java

Hello, We have arrived in Java!!! The trip across from Bali was ok apart from the ferry crossing which had S looking to the horizon due to the pretty sizable swell. Our first stop in Java was a place called Banyuwangi which is roughly where the port is. Due to the fact that the Lonely Planet had neglected to mention anything about this place we turned up and did not have a clue which way was which. We stayed in a rather basic 'hotel' the city for one night in a cockroach (blooming big ones!) infested room which had the feel of Horfield...

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