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Jun 5, 2014 - A Balinese Feast

Today we took a couple of boats out to Menjangan Island for a snorkeling trip. Pilau menjangan is part of west Bali's National park, established in 1947. A 25 minute boat ride from the shore, this pristine island is renowned for the best coral reef amid marine life in Baii. The area is most famed for huge gorgonians ( sea fans) that can be found clinging to the coral crevices. Pygmy seahorses and morays are often seen in the cracks as well as many other types of marine life: parrot fish ( my favorite), batfish, Titan triggerfish, butterfly...

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Oct 27, 2012 - Lovina

Gede Homestay Bungalows Lovina Beach - Singaraja We did as the gal in the restaurant suggested the night before, sure enough almost on the dot red bus/van pulled up. Since there were almost no passengers along the way it took only 3 hours, however... When we arrived in Lovina Beach area the driver tried to charge the hired car rate even though he was a bemo. We insisted it was $5 US which he finally accepted. Checked out both LP suggested places but ended up at Gede Homestay, on the ocean, nice view, patio restaurant, friendly people plus a...

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Nov 20, 2011 - Indonesia - Bali - Day 10 - Rest & Catch-up day

Had another awesome breakfast with my favorite....Mango juice smoothie. They want us to stay here so they offered us a deal for another two nights. We were supposed to check out today but we made a deal for one more day. We finally got to skype on a decent connection. We have not been able to find one here in Bali yet. We called my sister Holly and had a great chat with her and the kids. Unfortunately towards the end of the conversation our connection went hay wire and we had to end our call. We didn’t get to connect with anyone else. Maybe...

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Nov 19, 2011 - Bali - Day 9 - Attended a village Ceremonial Prayer

We were both so tired from our day of diving yesterday we decided to sleep in this morning. Woke up to a bright and beautiful day here in the village of Pemuteran. We had an awesome breakfast which is included in our room price, of course we each get something different so we can share. Fresh cup of Balinese coffee, fresh Mango juice (my absolute favorite), fresh fruit platters for both of us and a main breakfast plate of our choosing. Crazy right, this is fabulous. Why anyone wouldn’t want to come and live here and stay in places like this...

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Nov 18, 2011 - Bali - Day 8 - Scuba diving off Menjangan Island

We got up at 5:45am to go catch a small fishing boat with the “Captain” to go watch the sunrise with the Dolphins out on the ocean. The journey took about half an hour to get out to where the Dolphins are seen everyday at sunrise. There were many Dolphins out in the ocean however there were so many other tour boats looking for the same experience that it was basically a ‘chase them down’ type of operation. We felt bad about this however the Dolphins must be used to this by now, the tour operators have been doing it for years and Dolphins...

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Nov 17, 2011 - Bali - Day 7 - Lovina Beach

We decided to move to another hotel near Lovina beach. Last night we were inundated with mosquitoes, we have never been exposed to so many. We ended up getting a smoke coil from the front desk and smoked ourselves and the mosquitoes out of our room. We slept inside our sleeping bag snuggies and covered our heads up so we wouldn’t get bitten overnight. We had walked down a ways on the beach looking for a better deal or a better place to stay. We went back to the room, I packed up our stuff getting ready for check out while Jason ran back...

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Nov 16, 2011 - Bali - Day 6 - Famous Rice Terrace & Mount Batur Volcano

Another jam packed day with sights and travel. We booked a car with a driver/guide for the day for $35 Canadian dollars. We made our way up to Lovina where we will spend the next few days. First stop was Tegalalang to see the famous rice terraces seen in magazines regarding Bali. A beautiful view welcomed us with lush green jungle surrounding the rice terraces. We could see a group of women working in the fields, cutting the rice down, heaving it over their shoulders and smacking it off into a large canvas bag where the rice buds fall off...

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Apr 29, 2011 - North Bali

Hi all, Selemat Sian from Lovina. Well they did say that Lovina is a very mellow and laid back place. That's putting it mildly. Our resort would have about 65 rooms or so, I think only about 20 are occupied. This morning Tom and I were the only ones around the pool...love that. Our journey up here from Nusa Dua, without stopping, would typcially take about 3.5 hours. Our trip was about 5.5 hours. Our driver Kadek, took us to a number of sights along the way. We traveled through the mountains. The highest point was about 2300metres. The...

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Feb 14, 2011 - Lovina, Bali

Wow!! That was the day that was! I thought we had seen Bali on our previous visits many years ago now but again we found places today we had never heard of. The morning started with the usual light breakfast of toast & fruit, supplemented by scrambled eggs on toast for an extra 20,000 rupiahs (about £1.50) each. Then we were picked up by our guide & driver at 10 am & off we went for a three hour trek to see some waterfalls up in the mountains. Well, trek was right, we drove up into the mountains in our 4 wheel drive vehicle for nearly an...

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Feb 13, 2011 - OFF ON BALI TOUR

Packed our suitcases yet again & checked out of our hotel ready for our tour of Bali. Melky turned up at 8am as promised with our car, driver Michael & our young guide Muud so all our cases & bags were loaded up & off we went. The whole trip was to prove great, I thought we had been to most of the main tourist places but was to find out that there were a lot we hadn’t known about. We headed North & our first stop was at the royal temple at Taman Ayun, one of the many Hindu temples that abound in Bali. They really take their religion...

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Jun 29, 2010 - Lovina, Bali

as the immigration centre in kuta was very crowded and accomodation is not very cheap in the high season, i decided to go to lovina in the north... to get an extension for your visa in lovina you obviously need a sponsor (which you don't need in kuta *weird*)...what a mess! thank god, that was not the only reason i came here...there is still the dolphin watching!!! which was absolutely awesome (will put up the video!) met a nice dutch girl as well and we spend our meals together and watched the worldcup-matches!

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Mar 25, 2010 - Back to the Southern hemisphere

Thursday March 25th It is a fright to realise that it is over a week since I last put finger to keyboard - once you get out of the habit it really goes! Overall, I think that we are just coming out of a recovery period after the perpetual motion of our time in Indochina. We are now in Bali, which we saw as a bridge between the “adventure” part of our trip and the “roadtrip” part, but it has taken us some time to settle, due to a number of things, not least the intense heat and humidity of our first few days here. After our flight from Laos...

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