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Jun 25, 2004 - Bali bound again, and joined by friends!

We were more than ready to get off the Island of Lombok and head back to Bali. In the end, we decided to catch a flight as to get back to Kuta to meet up with our friends Chris and Sheila that were flying in to meet us from Austin, it would have taken about 10 hours by boat-bus-boat-bus! So, after paying a whopping $22 per ticket, we took a taxi to the airport in Mattaram, about 25 minutes away. we boarded the plane (if you can call it that) and they had the cockpit door open. Lots of puzzled looks from the pilot & navigator. Then some...

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Jun 7, 2004 - Padangbai, Bali --- relaxation :)

The last few days here in Padangbai have been absolutely lovely! It is exactly what we were hoping it would be...relaxation. Aaahh!! Yesterday we did our first scuba dive. It was northeast on the island about an hour away. We dove on US shipwreck from WWII sunk by the Japanese. It was actually quite eery despite the beautiful fish. Saw lots of species I'd never seen before so I was very excited...though our divemaster (our diving guide) kept prodding and poking at the rarer creatures to point them out (Scorpion fish and Nudibranches). It...

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Jun 4, 2004 - Off to Indonesia!

Greetings from Bali! We arrived here yesterday evening and slept for 12 hours straight! The flights here were good on Singapore Airlines...best service we've ever had by far. We are currently in the Kuta area of Bali, but will be escaping within the next day or so. It is extremely touristy here and we are harassed every second to buy this or that. We had a little run-in with some money changers earlier who tried to rip us off by shoveling some money back into a drawer when they thought they had successfully distracted us. But, no we had...

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Apr 10, 2004 - 5am The Limo arrives and the adventure begins

An early start as the Limo arrives with my partners in crime for the first adventure of many. The uni boys and I head to Bali for Easter and a well overdue holiday after enduring 3 years of Curtin Joondalup! We stayed at the Bounty Hotel and went whitewater rafting, surfing, shopping and saw a little bit of the nightlife as well.

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Jun 15, 2003 - Ubud & Kintamani, Bali

15 JUN 2003 ( KUTA - UBUD - KINTAMANI -KUTA ) 8 am : Selepas breakfast kat hotel. Kami terus menyaksikan acara kebudayaan pagi iaitu 'Tarian Barong' dan 'Tarian Keris'. Persembahan yang dilakukan adalah dalam bentuk pemujaan. Sekarang barulah kami tahu, kenapa kebudayaan di Bali sangat berjaya.Ini adalah kerana kebudayaan masyarakat Bali adalah amalan setiap hari, dan bukannya lakonan atau aktiviti perlancongan seperti masyarakat di negara lain. Jadi apa yang kita saksikan adalah amalan sebenar setiap hari. Fuyooo... !!! Tarian Barong :...

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Jun 14, 2003 - Denpasar & Kuta, Bali.

14 JUN 2003 ( KUALA LUMPUR - DENPASAR ) 8 am : Kami ketinggalan kapal terbang kat KLIA, so naik flight jam 1pm. 4 pm : Alhamdulillah, selamat tiba di Denpasar dan terus ke Hotel Ramada Bintang Bali, Kuta. 8 pm : Kami ronda-ronda di persekitaran hotel dan bersantai di Pantai Kuta sampai lewat malam. (* Kat sini cepat gelap. 1 jam awal dari KL ). NOTA : OUR FIRST IMPRESSION Bandar : Bali ni hampir sama macam Melaka. Dengan deretan kedai lama yang sempit. Dengan sibuk dia orang pun macam kat Bandar Melaka, sampai larut malam. Apa yang menarik...

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