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Dec 5, 2009 - Slow boat to Luang Prabang

Our journey to Luang Prabang begins this morning at 8:00 when we are picked up in the mini van for the 8 hour drive to Chong Kiang. This is not an entirely all-inclusive journey, but for tonight our accommodation, and meals are paid for. We met Jack on the trip. Jack is a very fit, young looking 60 something year old from Hawaii. We enjoyed dinner with him and a young Korean couple on their honeymoon. The Korean immediately recognized their connection to Canada through their Olympic hopeful figure skater Yunha Kim who is coached by Canadian...

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Dec 4, 2009 - Chiang Mai

Well it is hard to believe that we spent 12 days in Chiang Mai. There certainly seems to be a difference in the different areas of Thailand. I saw more older travellers here than in any other part of Thailand. It seems there is a huge community of ex-pats from all over the world. It is no wonder because Thailand is an extremely inexpensive country, and Chiang Mai is certainly the least expensive area we found. I heard Cory and Elaine talking, and if they booked a guesthouse for a month, and ate quite simply with fruit for breakfast, and a...

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Dec 21, 2008 - Strategy Planning in Candi Dasa

While Frank, Jen and I headed to Candi Dasa for a strategy retreat at Aquaria (a familiar resting venue from last year’s trip), some team members headed to Ubud, and others convened in Sanur to consider their own personal options for staying in Bali or returning home early. Over the weekend, we placed phone calls back and forth with Yayasan leaders and determined what additional paperwork was required by the Health Minister. Although considered a long-shot, we wanted to see if there was any possible way to resume our outreach activities....

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Jan 6, 2008 - A Day Off in Candi Dasa

Frank, Jen and I took a much-needed rest by taking Sunday off in Candi Dasa, a small seaside village south of Tulamben in East Bali. We stayed at a hotel called Aquaria ..."a calm oasis by the sea". Jen had a great idea to rent a small sailboat so the three of us took off (with the captain) near sunset and sailed around for a bit. We all even took a nice dive into the water, which was incredibly refreshing.

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