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Jul 15, 2012 - Sumatra - Days 26 - 28 - Paradise, Aquarium Snorkeling

Pulau Weh, WOW what an amazing place. It’s so beautiful on this island. This is exactly what we both needed, some rest, relaxation, snorkeling and diving. We would highly recommend this wonderful gem, we found a place called ‘Yulia’s’, right on the waterfront, small treetop bungalows at a very reasonable price ($9 Canadian per night), very basic but wonderful. Our tree house is a little crooked, it happens to lean backwards a bit, when you are in bed you feel like all the blood rushes to your head. LOL You don’t dare make too much movement...

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Jan 3, 2008 - Weh - The North end of Indonesia

Lumba Lumba, the dive center on Gapang Beach on Pulau Weh, is run by a Dutch couple and several locals and has dive books donated by divers who survived the tsunami. Like most places in this area, everyone has a story, and some will tell it. Gapang Beach is just a narrow strand at the roots of wrinkled trees, with wooden-hulled dive boats moored just offshore. There are six or seven restaurants in the guidebook along the beach, and two hotels, but appearances can be deceiving. The restaurants were usually just mie goreng/nasi goreng shops...

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