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Jul 14, 2006 - Kolkata. Out with a bang.

Hello everyone! Ok so im not even going to attempt to make my last entry about India....from India....on my last day in India. No way that's happening. The train was just dandy. Much to do today though so definitely check back for the final words before they switch to being about Thailand, from Thailand, if I have Thaim(...) Love Mark

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Jul 5, 2006 - Farewell India

HB: Next stop was Bikaner famed for its rat temple. It made my stomach turn seeing the diseased-ridden, ugly, smelly things scampering around the temple but enough about Mark's feet.. It is quite extraordinary the lengths some Hindus will go to for a bit of luck. Apparantly spotting a white rat at the temple or having one scuttle over your feet is good luck as is eating the food left out for the rats which is covered in their 'lucky' saliva. Just in case any of these or other fool-proof methods should fail a savvy Hindu will routinely bribe...

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Jun 30, 2006 - Kolkata

Landing in India is something everyone should do at least once. you can take your pickl of places to start, delhi, bombay, kolkata, etc. We chose to start on Kolkata because it's the cheapest form thailand and wow it's was an eye opening expereince from the first second. We breezed through cutsom and immigration and straight into the indian sun. holy hot! after getting settled in our guest house with new friends from the plane we took to the street and started exploring. one of the first things you notice is the noise. the horns on the...

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Jun 12, 2006 - Goodbye Kalimpong!!

So I said my final farewell to Kalimpong yesterday.....it was REALLY strange as we came down the hill and I realized that it was the last time I'd see that place for....who knows how long(I do plan to go back one day though). Fairly emotional goodbye to Piyush, as he was basically my best friend the whole time I was there. But anyways...we've all experienced sad goodbyes. Annoyingly, I'm back in Kolkata. We never got the tickets to Bangalore with such short notice and we were told that if we went to New Jalpaiguri that we would be able to...

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May 19, 2006 - Home sweet home...weird

Okie doke so im back in Kalimpong now. Feels nice to be out of that stinky heat. The best way to describe the heat after Charmaine left is that it was like breathing in steam......very polluted steam....so polluted that one could not even get sunburned through the cloud of car fumes and garbage fire smokes. I sent out a few postcards and described it the same way in those.....so don't think I'm being repetitive. My last few days in Kolkata were quite eventful. I went to see "four brothers" with Arpit.....normally not something that would...

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May 7, 2006 - The eagle is about to land in my bonnet.

allllllright! Back in Kolkata now. Feels nice to be back in the big city I must say....although I seemed to have forgotten how many beggars and hawkers there were...oh well....for some reason it's totally different this time. Now that I'm more used to India it seems far less intense. Even something like taking the train was a breeze when I remember thinking after my first one a few months ago.... "wow that was stressful". I've come to realize that generally, most people here are fairly approachable....and almost everyone will help you if...

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Apr 7, 2006 - Kolkata (Calcutta) - Arsenic in the water

Note: As part of the renaming movement, Calcutta is now known as Kolkata. There are no direct flights between Ahmedabad and Kolkata, so we took two flights on Jet Airways and had a brief layover in Mumbai. Jet provides snacks before takeoff, good food, and super friendly service. Before I left on my trip, I asked an Indian friend if he had any travel tips for me. His only advice was, "Fly Jet". That man knew what he was talking about. We arrived in Kolkata late Thursday, checked in to our hotel, and grabbed a quick bite to eat before...

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Gregg in India

Mar 27, 2006 - Darjeeling!

OK before I say anything about my weekend, I forgot to say one of the most important pieces of trivia that I have discovered in my time here. Kristin Meier.....the rival school to my school is THE boarding school in India that we spoke of that Freddie Mercury went to as a child. To anyone who is not a Queen fan, Freddie Mercury was possibly the greatest musician who ever wore spandex or not. The deceased front man for Queen was a born half-Indian and actually attended the English-medium school, Dr. Graham's homes, in Kalimpong when he was...

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Mar 3, 2006 - KALIMPONG!

Argh I just spent like 2 hours trying to upload the last of the Kolkata photos and some new ones from Kalimpong....and then the power went out and ALL was lost. Luckily I had been typing my entry in Word and saved it. heres what I wrote yesterday: Ok so I've FINALLY arrived in Kalimpong. It's a totally different India up here. I never really realized before how high in the Himilayas it really is. We're talking HIGH. The town is literally built on the side of a mountain....i don't understand how the houses haven't fallen down the side yet....

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Feb 26, 2006 - Stinkin' hot!

"Stinking hot" .....together or separate, the two best words to describe Kolkata. Their summer is just starting to kick in and I think its like 35 C. and HUMID.....but not clean humid....dirty humid. Blowing one's nose is a real challenge because all the pollution gets so built up and when it actually comes out it's completely black. Theres like 10 of us in this internet cafe right now just so we can cool off. But im gonna get off and sit by the fan now! 13 hour train right tonight and I'll be in Kalimpong in the morning! Woohoo! smell ya

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Feb 24, 2006 - KOLKATA!!

All I have to say about this country so far is "whoa." From the SECOND I walked out of the airport 3 nights ago I was entranced. my initial impression was that it was 1000 times what I had been picturing for the last year in every possible way. Like, you guys see my pictures and they look a certain way, but even for me when I look back at those photos I am kinda like "thats not really how it looked to me at that moment"....I've only been here for 3 full days now and I already feel at home. At first everything is a little bit...

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Feb 9, 2006 - Flying out of India

We are in Calcutta, our last stop in India. We didn't see or do much here other than fly out of the airport. The air here is pure smog. You can actually feel it attacking your throat and eyes during the day. Good thing we stayed here only long enough to do some business and eat a real pizza at Pizza Hut. Ah!! So tasty after all the Indian food! Our last hotel in Calcutta was a hole, and an expensive one. The best thing here was the sign in the train station which said, "Beware of RAT." It's been, to say the least, a roller coaster ride....

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